Thursday, August 03, 2006

It is a Definite "Yeah-No" Situation...White House!

Now here is a conundrum beyond the pale......

What group in this country can speak out of both sides of their mouth at the same time?

Liberals? - Not my target!

Idiotarians of the KOS extreme-Liberal mold? - Neither are they the subject!

The white House....The Administration. I detect some discrimination here.....But not a discrimination which the MSM will expose.....It is up to the Blogosphere......

Read the words of Neal Boortz in his column today:

"With Fidel Castro seemingly on the verge of going tango uniform, the Bush Administration is urging Cubans to stay in Cuba. They don't want some mass exodus from that country to Miami. White House Spokesman Tony Snow said yesterday: "It's also, however, important at this juncture to tell people stay where you are. This is not a time for people to try to be getting in the water and going either way." Interesting. Interesting, and fat chance.

Here we have Cuba, a communist country whose people are truly oppressed, and the administration is telling them not to try and come to the United States. Why? Because they don't want a major American city to have to deal with an enormous influx. They don't want people flooding the waters between Cuba and Florida. Fair enough, but have you noticed something?

On the one hand, we don't want people coming to the United States from Cuba in large quantities, yet for some reason, it's all fine and dandy for millions of illegal Hispanic aliens to stroll right across the border into America. Nobody seems to care about the cities down at the Southern border that are having to deal with a large influx of illegals.

I'll take refugees from Castro's disastrous experiment with Communism before the hoards coming across our border with Mexico any time."

Let me see.....The GWB solution:

Mexican/Illegals = O.K.
Cuban/Illegals = Not O.K.