Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Paid Blogging!

Well, actually, it ain't so!

I am home as my office was literally flooded this morning. One or two floors above my "inner sanctum" was a bathroom with a burst pipe (clean stuff folks!) and it flooded my office. I found 1-2 inches of water over my carpet when I arrived at work.

My coffee machine table was almost "#2" PC was on the floor and probably destroyed......a laser printer had water pouring into the "in" tray......The mess was compounded by collapsing ceiling tiles.


The bad part is they moved me into this nice larger office (12 by 13 feet) March 2004.... It has had water damage THREE times since, including the day I moved in.

The nice thing.....I am home today as I cannot work there. (Paid Vacation?)

The nicer thing? I am retirement bound in three weeks!

Love it. Now the guy who is partially replacing me ( I will stay on in a "Contractor" role) is not so sure he wants my nice big office. (His is half the size and narrow).....

WOW, what a departure for me.