Monday, August 21, 2006

An Udder Disappointment!

This one floored me.

HOW far can politically correct be carried?

Well, go and see "Barnyard", the cartoon movie and find out.

Male cows (BULLS) have udders! Yessir....they do.....I know so, cause the movie presents all the males that are shown in full-length-shots as equipt with UDDERS!

I kid-you-not!

Here are "Ben" and "Otis" (father and son) and a few more as the "macho" males of the barnyard, and they have UDDERS!

Not only that, but the heroine (if there is such in this cartoon farce) is having a baby, and there is no possible explanation of how that could happen. Where did it originate? Who knows!

It is a de-sexed movie!

The males and females are alike!

Feelings.....male-female (only in a warm and comfortable way) are allowed. The male star, "Otis" gets to be there for the birth of the heroine's baby...(NOT HIS....apparently NOT ANYONE's)

The thought of a male cow named "BEN", and voiced by none other than the super-macho voice of so many movies, Sam Elliott, is just sickening! He has an UDDER!

There are a few shots, in groups always, of what appears to be BULLS.....they are given a nose ring and horns.....but, they are never shown in more than a head shot, and NEVER revealed as more than background!

There is NO SEX, and there is NO Male-Female, except in the broadest terms as "companions". Who the heck made this disaster?????

If your kids go, they will know ALLLLLLL cows have UDDERS!!!!!!

Man this really ate at me!

I liked the film idea, and the ending....good wins over bad.....but the concepts of the film are simply horrendous!!!!!

My God is there no end to Political Correctness!!!!!??????

Nope.....they will neuter us yet!