Friday, August 18, 2006

"Joe-mentum" Real!

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn), has leaped out to a substantive lead in a University-conducted poll. From Yahoo News Details!

Now the rumble is that the Dems, continuing their oft-used gunshot to the foot, are contemplating removal of Lieberman from his seniority place in the party. From "The Hill" comes the story.

As the story details, several Dem Senators have been working to keep support up for Lieberman. I assume the Senators so doing are the ones smart enough to realize Lamont is going to lose....

I wrote on the possibility of both Lieberman winning as an Independent and the possible lessening of his tendency to vote Dem in the face of their obstinance in my post of August 7, just before the election:

"Lieberman sez he'll vote the same if Democrat or Independent....however, the voters may realize not supporting their multi-term Senator through the party will lead to at least the possibility of loss on any close votes as Lieberman may have just a tad less loyalty to the Democrats.

Interesting to watch.

Moving the focus, the KOSkids have, of course, staked a bunch on this move to do away with a pro-war Senator in favor of a really strong Liberal on their side with no platform. If they manage to take the Dem nomination and then Lieberman takes the Fall election as an Independent, the defeat for the KOSkids will be just as bitter."

For my money the possibility of another shoe sole to the face of the KOSkids is MOST enjoyable!