Thursday, August 17, 2006

Linking Al -Qaeda to Foiled British Airliner Plot!

Follow the trail of control from the band of arrested plotters in Britain, and it is becoming apparent the 9/11 plot had the same origin.

Ed, at Captain's Quarters, lays out the trail.

Two things appear proven by such a link to the original Osama efforts....

The plans for such a thing take a very long time, even years, to fruition; and, the efforts by the US and the Coalition have greatly riddled the chain of command making it both likely that there will be an interception of the messages and also that the planning may be faulty.

We are winning the war....Despite our anti-American liberals who continue to blather about police action. This is a war on terrorism, and the enemy is dedicated to it. They are not burglars...They are killers without conscience.