Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Insta-Media.....Bloggers are NOT alone!

The events of recent weeks in Lebanon, and involving the Israeli-Hezbollah war, have directed me to a new and unexpected conclusion. The MSM is part of the "Insta-Media" which to this point most of us have conceded to the blogosphere.

Let me explain.

We begin with the blog-attacks on Rather....On Kerry's lies unveiled....And the "fauxtography" of Qana.

These grant to the blogs a certain immediacy....An ability to develop news outside the MSM arena. News which is quick to find the faults, quick to find the inconsistencies, etc.

However, in my opinion, the war (halted, but not ended) between Israel and Hezbollah has unveiled a new immediacy of news. One from the MSM....And it ain't a pretty picture folks!

I have, for the past two years of this blog, often spoken of the major changes in "News" since I was a radio newsman in the late 60s and early 70s. The idea of offering a single-sided, biased news story when I was involved was ludicrous! I'd have been fired for "editorializing" on-the-air.

Today that is commonplace! In the guise of a news story there are presented many stories which are in fact easily perceived as agenda-driven.

Now comes the Israeli-Hezbollah war to point out the extremes of this new "acceptable-bias", as I shall choose to dub it.

We hear lots of the citizens killed in Lebanon by Israel (many of whom we are sure are "plain-clothes" Hezbollah soldiers, simply identified as citizens. We hear little to nothing of the travails of the Israeli citizens. Nothing of their deaths, except a small prattle of the deaths as a result of Hezbollah's rockets.

The stories flow endlessly from Lebanon, complete with photos.....Later proven staged and bogus.....Even as the area is saturated and incommunicado for the mainstream world. Wonder how these folks in that area are getting their reports/photos out. Could it be the Hezbollah are smart enough to know how to manipulate photos, and stories through the compliant MSM?

Of course it is possible, and I strongly suspect it is reality!

The advantage is, the Israelis are hiding their stories and not letting media in as they are open and real, but unwilling to sacrifice their people to the reality of where and what they are doing. Hezbollah, on the other hand, is unafraid as they find any persons killed by attacks of Israel as fodder for more photos/stories.

The MSM complies readily. They don't even have to have reporters and photographers. The Hezbollah have many and they are readily available. The nice thing for Hezbollah is that these reporters/photographers (fauxtographers?) are in the pay of the MSM!

It is sickening but true. MSM are now a PR arm of Hezbollah with no credible reporters. The only good coverage I found in the war was by FOX (go figure!), and that was quite limited because Hezbollah would not allow "independent" reporters in....Just those Reuters/MSM idiots who are actually Hezbollah PR pros.

Is it possible?

Of course it is, and of course it is unprovable, but reasonable in the face of the demonstrated fake photos....And biased stories of the same woman walking different streets on different days and losing her home each time! Man, she must have bad luck!

We are breeding an MSM nightmare for "insta-news." ER-Perhaps I should call it "Insta-PR!"