Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Check this Headline!

"Judge Alito, following ruling he supported favoring the Conservative Union of America in a case, is found to be the Secretary and Trustee of the Union."


That would be a headline rocking through the MSM in seconds, including at least one or two special editions of the NYT & LAT!

However, since the story is about Liberal judge Anna Taylor Diggs who IS Secretary & trustee for a foundation which just gave $45,000 support to the Michigan ACLU, plaintiff with whom she sided in the NSA case, there will be no problem seen!

Read the Gateway Pundit article here.

While many in the blogs feel it is not a definite violation of ethics laws, it so smacks of collusion and/or conflict as to make most blush. I am sure this Carter appointee will find that All Liberals are in tune with her line of thinking.