Thursday, August 24, 2006

"You're Dead Meat!"

or....."How to develop a national healthcare plan for all and wind up with NO MEDICAL COVERAGE."

The Liberals long-and-steady cry (oft led by Shrillary Clinton) has continued and will continue, and under a majority Dem congress government healthcare would likely be revived faster than a rate hike under friendly skies!

Before you run off and decide to join the crowd, take a long (25 min.) at
DEAD MEAT! a production on the nearly-failed Canadian system of "FREE" healthcare. Free as long as you don't want this healthcare/surgery within the next few months.....perhaps a year or so, even.

How much longer can the Dems still espouse this in the face of the tragedies that are Canadian and British "free" healthcare? As long as the MSM supports them and finds the idea simply marvelous!

We need some reality here folks, and God Bless the Blogs for giving us, at least on the right side, some reality checks.

Right now the Canadian doctors are endorsing the right to "private" healthcare and medicine. They know the government system has failed. The story is GREAT READING!


HT: for both sites to Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds who is all over this issue, perhaps due his own wife's health problems.