Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Re-Tire-Ment; 1 Martini, 2 Martini.....

Yeppers, it is today.....well, officially tomorrow, that I retire from my final posting as "a full-time employee". I shall fade into the shadows of "contract employment".

& My Lovely, always-there wife, the Duchess, made a surprise part of the celebration today at my place of employment......While my Bosses provided a feast for a king in the form of everything from meatballs to eggrolls to wings to crab deviled eggs, small sandwiches, et al.....My bride provided my SON, "Lil Duke" as he is known in these parts....He and fiancee had driven from Jacksonville to Tampa for the festivities.

Meanwhile I enjoyed the visits of many from my hospital....VPs, Directors, Managers, and other folk with whom I often had work....It was wonderful!

Salutes to my boss, the Sr. VP and CMO (Chief Medical Officer) and my Director for the magnificent food and enjoyment.

The visitors were many....the words exchanged were mark to the many workings of 14 years in my current position.

I shall continue as a contract employee, but never again as a full-timer.

My mind has not yet grasped "not getting up" each morning.

More Later as three martinis in celebration have dulled the brain and allowed too much fluidity in my typing and comments!

Here's to Retirement!