Friday, September 01, 2006

Re-Tire-Ment....I Don't See no Retirement!

I guess I am just new at this......

The entire premise of retirement is new to me. I just retired Thursday!

I had the celebrations......a lunch last week by my co-workers in my department of a major hospital. Then Wednesday I had a "super lunch-celebration" at the hospital. There was food for probably 500.....maybe 150 showed up......We passed the rest of the food to the nursing stations for their use.

It was a grand event, and I was deeply honored that my Sr. VP, Chief Medical Officer (my boss) , found my contribution to the efforts of the place to be worthy of this fine send-off.

Now I have had the 1st day off.....retired....and I spent most of it working for the Elks Lodge getting ready for our annual Labor Day "Trustee's Bar-B-Q".

Maybe next week when the Labor Day weekend is over, I will feel retired.....for now, I still feel like I had a day off......