Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Retirement; 1st full day; a Reflection!

Tuesday, September 5th.

No alarm. Slept til 7:00am (usually up at 5:00am when working).

The Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Holiday weekend made for a vacation atmosphere. Thus this morning a new routine. Up at 7, coffee, paper (yes, I glance thru the local daily disappointment....), then into the cars. Duchess off to water aerobics followed by a rousing game of water volleyball; myself off to the Elks Lodge to return the dunk tank, moonwalk and pie throwing booths either to the rental agency or to the storage shed. Labor Day weekend is always the Trustee's Bar-B-Q. This was no exception with 70 lbs of pork and 100 plus chicken quarters in our pit behind the lodge. Cooking from 7am til 4pm serving. Tired!

Now it is Tuesday. The Lodge work is done and I am home at 10am. Rested, caught up on emails and watch some TV.

4pm told Duchess, "Well, enough of this retirement stuff and relaxing. Tomorrow it is car washing, mowing (nice to do on a weekday!), and beginning preparation for a true week's vacation next week at the World Golf Resort in St. Augustine.

To do this week: Laptop needs to be set up for remote work at hospital. Check for main seal leak in our "toad" (vehicle behind our motorhome). Pack on Saturday.

So far this is fine, but a bit slow for my normal pace. Guess there will be a bit more blogging coming down....

Have a great one folks!