Thursday, September 21, 2006

35,000 Protest Bush Appearance!

That is what one would expect if GWB made a speech and the protestors came out...which they often do, and then are covered by the MSM....

What actually happened was this......35,000 protestors came to contest the speech by Ahmadinajad at the UN. The coverage by the MSM was......missing????

Yep, it was missing. No AP, No NYT, no LAT, etc......Networks could not find the outside of the UN where this took place. They were too busy pandering to Chavez and Ahmadinajad inside the UN to bother with a measley 35,000 protestors!

Bias.....I don't see no stinking bias!

HT: Instapundit for the link to Merle Yourish and the story!

Sometimes this bias just stinks! Agenda journalism at its finest.