Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WOW! I am A Chavez Favorite!

Guess that may set some to feel they are "there"......perhaps even Noam Chomsky.....How very nice to have Hugo Chavez waving about your book before the UN as he spoke in his usual rhetoric of:

US = Dead; Me = Good Stuff!

He is semi-literate, completely unabashed in his lack of facts, but certainly willing to wave his flag and deny facts!

How nice!

The UN; once again a scene for the completely unhinged!


UPDATE: The funny thing is.......given the current collapse of oil/gas prices (I paid $2.41 today versus $2.98 just 3 weeks ago) this despot in a puddle may find himself unemployed as his country mires in lack-o-funds when oil gets much cheaper. Go Hugo!