Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I love it!

Found it in this piece by Michelle Malkin.

Long has it been fact that "The Religion of Peace" is not.

Now Michelle (did she originate it?) has termed it TRPO (my abbreviation) or, The Religion of Perpetual Outrage!

How very accurate. Let CAIR howl and carry on, and then answer their cries with the facts....all (read each and every one) of the acts of terrorism for the past ten years have been carried out by Islamists. Not Muslims....Islamists.

Given an interpretation of the labels, you have to err on the side of the true Muslim people as non-terrorist. Islamists seem to be labeled as such due the fact they are strict interpreters of the Koran as meaning they, and only they, have the right path; AND any and all who do not so believe are available for any form of attack.

TRPO.....I'll be applying that label often.