Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Resounding Silence vs Yell & Scream!

This was just too obvious for the entire blogosphere to miss.

The current Foley brouhaha is drawing yell and scream....Mostly from Democrats; but also from a few Republicans who fear a backlash hurting them if they are not properly upset by the events.

Behind the scenes the knowledge of Foley and his quirky emails was fairly broad among both parties. I certainly find it disingenuous that the GOP tolerated this knowledge...BUT...I will not be surprised as the pattern is there.

Yell & Scream? - Dems lash out as a GOP Rep. is unveiled to the public as a less-than-savory person.

Resounding Silence? - Neal Boortz has the story on the last time this occured when BOTH a GOP and a DEM were involved....The tale is then much different.

Sez Neal: "Scandals involving pages are not new. Do you remember Gerry Studds? He was a Democrat congressman from Massachusetts In 1983 Studds, and a Republican named Dan Crane were both caught having sexual relations with pages. Crane a 17-year-old female, Studds a 17-year-old male. Both admitted their wrongdoing ... and the House Ethics Committee decided to do nothing more than issue a reprimand to both.

Crane apologized. Studds refused to do so, saying that his sexual encounter with the male page was nobody else's business. You might also be interested to know that Congressman Studds took his 17-year-old boy toy to Morocco for their little sex tryst. Why? So that he wouldn't be violating any laws here at home. Studds was 46 years old at the time. Did Studds' relationship with this boy bother Democrats at home in Massachusetts? Evidently not. He continued to be reelected until he retired in 1996.

One is left to wonder what would have happened in the Democrat-controlled House Ethics Committee if only Crane had been caught. Was the punishment limited to reprimand only because there was also a Democrat involved? .

One thing we do know ... there was no Democrat House leader back then saying that Democrat leaders failed to protect the children in their trust. That was left for Nancy Pelosi in the current scandal. In the Studds matter no Democrat suggested that the Democratic leadership be questioned as to what they knew about Studds' behavior, as Pelosi is doing now.

Trust me on this one. Pelosi's main concern is not protecting "the children." Her main concern now is maximizing the political advantage from this whole sordid mess."

Yeppers, folks....it is quite clear when viewed thru the eyeglasses of historical precedence. It all depends upon who is involved.