Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Rich Get Richer" Democrat/Liberal Chant Untrue!

For decades the Democrats have insisted the rich get richer, and the poor worker has no chance. Their chant has helped them gather votes from minorities, and others. Much like their story of GOP attacks on Social Security (most of the SS money-gathering from the fund has been accomplished by Democrats in times they controlled the Congress....a proven fact), they continue the chant.

Before you buy into the Democrat story line, Read this from John Tamny at Real Clear Politics....

Don't you just love it when a long-held myth is exploded by F-A-C-T-S?

Neat things, facts......not those made up and chanted by Democrats, but those produced by actual investigation!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Jail Home To Blacks & Latinos! - This'll Spark A Liberal Furor!

The report is just out......

3 times as many blacks in Jail as in college dorms! Oh & 2.7 Times as many Latinos!

Probably not enough entitlement programs......Quick check with Hildabeast! She must have a plan.....Perhaps a $5,000 check for each as they check out of she has proposed already for EVERY newborn child in the nation!

Is there no end to idiocy by the leftist liberals?


p.s. just as a fact, we'd be talking tens of BILLIONS annually for the baby check gimick she spouted at a black conference, and has no plans to actually pursue.

OOPS! Another Ozone Report Had Bad Data!

Seems these come out daily. I still stand by my statement made often here.....we have no actual proof mankind is doing much of anything to the global warming situation....creation or correction wise.

Ron Bailey reports!

We collectively do not know what is causing this global may, in fact, be completely normal. "Why fix it if it ain't broke?"


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clintons - "We Are The President!" +

What an ignorant attitude by the "Elitist" Clintons.....

"Our Daughter cannot be pictured!"

These folks are ignorant of the folks who make up this country....and they find themselves beyond any form of comparison.......

FOX has the story!

YOU, my friends, have the details.....

The Clintons are "too good" to be pictured with a restaurant-owner......

These elitist folks are so sure of their superiority that they cannot be pictured with a commoner!

I just love it when a Liberal us the ammunition to know they are not of the "common folk"....

Hildabeast at her normal attitude.....Bill in complicity!

Ha Ha

Most folks of any level love to be pictured in a restaurant....the notice of fame is wonderful! But the know....the "common" folk....are ready and willing to fight over a picture of their daughter with a restaurant owner.....

In my day, to have your pic in a public place....given it's civility....was GOOD!

These Clintons are NOT PART OF US know, the US of the common folk!

By the way, the Clintons have lost the vote of the restaurant-owner and probably his family.

Nice touch are "of the people" alright!

The elitist folks....NOT the voters of the USA!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hillary Digging Fast - Not Fast Enough!


The Hildabeast is trying, trying, trying to distance herself from any connection with Mr. Hsu......


Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters reports how the thing is expanding to a network from hell working to supply dollars for Hillary!

She'll work, as the Clintons always have, to avoid contamination, but this one is sear-e-us!!!!

My advice to the Hillary......If the Hsu fits, wear it! Come clean, and admit your wrong.....OH wait! NO Clinton EVER does that.....not til someone defines "it"!!!!!

(Sorry, I could NOT resist!)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

87 Million & Still Growing!

Back in 2004 (June) when I 1st set up Pekin Prattles I was apparently one of about 4 million folks who were bloggers. Today the number is 87 million, with hundreds to thousands more added each day.

In the Process Atlas gets Mugged! The link is a really fine read about the development of media in the USA. Writer Ed Driscoll sets it all out and shows the tremendous impact bloggers have had and continue to have on media.

We, as bloggers, need to stay aware of just what we are and where we are going.


Monday, September 24, 2007

"Rope=A=Dope"....Dean Bollinger, I Salute You!

After four or five days of assailing the Dean of Columbia, we need now to salute his questions of the idiot Ahmadinajad.......

WOW! I never thought my comments would include these words.....

You M-U-S-T READ THIS!!!!!

Of course, the idiot was any meaningful way......

BUT....Educational integrity takes a huge OK from me on this.....

Thanks Bollinger for restoring some of my trust in the educators of today....Liberals all....


Ahmadinajad Speaks....We Recognize PR Spin!


The things expressed so far by this Iranian President/idiot, have been mostly along his...and the Democrat line!

Think I am kidding?


This Iranian idiot has managed to absorb ALL the triggers sent him by the Democrat majority....the KOS Kids, and anyone else expounding upon the Liberal Left's theme.

Our Democrat opponents have given the Iranian every argument he needs.

Is that a shame?....Of Course!


ARCTIC ICE SHRINKS! - (Ignore the "other" thing)!

The "Other Thing" is the Antarctic Ice is GROWING!

OOPS....ignore it and it will go away......

Just go and R-E-A-D!

We, unlike the GW scream and shout crowd, tell the full story!

Man, am I tired of this faux GW "truth".....

Man, is also tired of the effort of the liberal/socialist/communists to make the USA the prime bad guy!


THIS is What's Missing In Iraq!!!!!

Follow the reporting of WWII, Korea, know, the folks in the trenches with the GIs....gave details about what was going on and what was going with the soldiers!

Today the "reporters" sit in the Green Zone, and ask questionable sources what is going on!......EXCEPT for "The Few, The Proud, The Traditional Reporters"....The bloggers! They are WITH the troops, and they see the war thru the eyes of the soldiers....not thru the eyes of the bias the Main Stream Media presents. You know, the story of how many bodies today....nothing contact with real people, no involvement in the lives of the citizens, etc.

Michael Totten tells it like it is....not as the biased media would have it!

How refreshing.....


Hand In The Cookie Jar X 2 - Time For CYA!

The tale was told......NYT sold ad to for WAY less than normal....unless the ad was for run-when-there-is-space....however, they also agreed to run the ad on a date specific!

Exposed: And now two things happen. NYT sez, oops....accidental! & pays the regular fee to make it all kosher!

The game is called CYA for those not very experienced in politics.

Covering your butt does not right the wrong, it just blurs it a bit and gives the offender something to say. Sort of like a robber giving back the money.....makes it alright in their mind, but the offense is still there.

I guess, following this logic, if I were Senator and took money that was shown to be illegally gathered for me.....and then I returned the money to the donors who were used to bundle the money.....and then I asked those folks to return the money to me yet again to make it "clean" that would then be OK?

WAIT A MINUTE! That is exactly what Hillary has done.

A "new" invention.....a money laundry.

Too Rich for belief......The beat goes on, and the liberal media give Hildabeast and a pass.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Bend Over for Nurse Hillary!"

In order to consider the Hildabeast's healthcare plan, you 1st need to understand the population she claims as uninsured.....Then we can decide if we need to be REQUIRED to have this government-regulated luxury in order to hold a job. Check the Constitution for this one folks.....there is some life-regulation going on that escapes the clauses therein!

Of all the words written so far on this Mark Steyn lays it out most clearly.

There is no "great unwashed uninsured population"!!!!!!

For those who are screaming that government is taking away our need to consider the healthcare thing in that light! If you give up the right to choose to insure or not, and to self-insure or not, then you are allowing government to once again take more of your life and your control of that life.

Remember the Democrat Party and Hillary LOVE to take more of your money and re-distribute it to the general masses...particularly those who wait for it instead of making their own money.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Was For Global Cooling Before I Was For Global Warming!

This is too rich. One of the most outspoken "scientists" on the Global Warming issue is NASA scientist James Hansen. In 1971 James Hansen wrote the computer program that another scientist used to predict Global Cooling.

Details at Investor's Business Daily!

Oh, and did I mention James Hansen....yeppers the same guy....also was the person responsible for the flawed numbers at NASA upon which AlGore based much of his screaming theory of Global know, the NASA numbers since proven wrong and now corrected by NASA!

Yeah, I really, really believe this crap about GW. I guess as soon as the rising seas don't sink the US coast Hansen may do another flip and be back on the Global Cooling bandwagon!


Terrorist Threat at US Airport Ignored By Media!

It happened yesterday at Raleigh-Durham. Two men, apparently of middle-eastern origin, were arrested. Main Stream Media (Antique Media) ignores the story so they can cover Britney's driving without a license & the equally-important barking of dogs in O.J.'s Yard here in Florida!

Little Green Footballs is all over it.

Priority list for MSM:

1. Anything anti-Bush
2. Britney (& other young stars/entertainers)
3. O.J. (Court/Flights/Home/et al)
4. Anything perceived as done wrong by any GOP person

Priority list for MSM: (Things not to cover)

1. Anything good from Iraq
2. Anything having a possible middle-eastern/terror connection in the US
3. Anything positive from Bush
4. Anything positive from Iraq (it is on their list twice, I swear!)

Yes, I know this is a bit chuckle-headed, but just watch for certain stories not covered anywhere but in the blogosphere....and completely non-existent in the MSM.


Friday, September 21, 2007

If Dick Morris Doesn't Like Fred, Then Another Reason I Do!!!

So much for Dick Morris. The clown of the liberal left finds faults with Fred....each and every one of which I find to mean Fred is NOT a Beltway politician. I say MAR-VEL-OUS!

American Thinker (via Real Clear Politics) has details!

Fred is still my man!


Nowhere Will There Be A Bridge to Nowhere!

Finally! Intelligence trumps absolute idiocy!

The infamouse Ted Stevens "Bridge To Nowhere" is outta here.....

Instapundit (& PorkBusters) have the story!

A voice of reason in the silly world of politics and pork!

Blessed be the person(s) who finally put the knife into the heart of this boondoggle!


"Shock Troops"...Investigation Progress?

Noting over at Instapundit the two month anniversary of The New Republic's announced honest investigation into Scott Thomas Beauchamp's article "Shock Troops", I decided to go to the source for an update.....

My email to Franklin Foer:

Attn: Franklin Foer

Just a note of inquiry on the outcome of your honest investigation of the Scott Thomas Beauchamp article "Shock Troops".

It has been two months since announced, and much has been written in the media/blogs/etc. about this report and the man behind it. Has your investigation been completed, and if so, what were the results of said investigation.

Looking forward to your response.

Duke DeLand

I would hope that Mr. Foer does not go on with a pretense of an investigation; particularly in the face of much directly-contradictory information about the article from numerous sources.....NAMED sources, not those pesky anonymous sources.

You'll be the first to read any answer.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maybe The Canadians Will Build The Northern Wall For Us!

That may be the case.....just so they can keep out OUR ILLEGALS!!!

Just too rich....but, at least that means that may fewer illegals we have to fund. Perhaps we should offer illegals free transit to the Canadian border?


A Welcome?????

Michelle Malkin SEZ: Welcome the Iranian Idiot!

There is much to be said for public opposition to this idiot!


#1 & Trying Harder All The Time!

Congress has a new (as of last year) Democrat majority.

They also have set a record for the lowest approval rating for a body which has always held a low rating. An 11% approval rating.

The Congress makes George Bush look positively wonderful!

We (collective, as in ALL voters) have elected the Democrat majority, and now we find NOTHING being done, except a near-obsessive effort to pass something, ANYTHING which will in some form impede the war effort. Well, that and trying to legitimize 11+ million illegals as part of our country despite their passion for crime, illegal entry, absorption of all the tax dollars the Democrats can muster through services of all kinds.

We really, really need to look back at a GOP which has indeed hurt us with their own spending. However, they at least support the USA instead of demonizing it at every possible point.


"No Way, No How!"

The comments are fast and furious.......The evil idiot in charge of Iran wishes not only to speak to the UN (already set in place), but also to visit the hallowed grounds of Ground Zero.

An editorial at the NYTimes SEZ IT BEST!

They need to have folks 100-deep all around the site Monday morning to insure no visit by this idiot.

ANY visit by him is only for his own self-amusement and to give him yet another chance to issue foaming-mouthed vacuous statements to be spread around the world by a willingly-complicit mass media!


"A Bad Idea Then; A Bad Idea Now!"

Mark Davis: "Anyone may reasonably observe that the U.S. health care system has problems. But most of those problems rest in how health care is paid for, and none of those ills get better with layers of new federal obligations."

His entire article is a worthy read over at Real Clear Politics.

The problem is....there is no problem....or at least not one that can be "fixed" by any form of government intrusion! Name a government program that works and does so without costing us Zillions!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From The "Rather" Too Rich Department!

Dan Rather has apparently filed a $60 MILLION dollar lawsuit against Viacom & CBS for reasons quite various!

What the hell are his reasons?

Who knows?

Not I; and, I find this ludicrous beyond belief!

Rather is Rather is Rather......from bogus reports to undocumented (lying) sources to whatever.....Rather is still the same.

How to take a potential legacy of decades of reporting and turn it into a laughable offense among the cognoscenti.


Tasered Student Planned Confrontation???

Not a stretch from the reports from area folks, and the history of this fellow who seeks publicity, and apparently has given incentive to filmers to follow him!

FOX reports: A Lot Of Info!


O.J. "Skates"......What a Farce!

O.J. gets a "Get-Out-Of-Jail" card for $125,000....?????

On multiple felony charges?????

Whoa here, Lone Arranger!!! What prompted this Judge to be so very, very lenient????

This man is charged with not one, not two, not three, but a WHOLE lot more felonies!

I guess I'd get the same treatment????

Maybe folks, just maybe, the Las Vegas folks are not as "Crime Tough" as they were reported to be!

You can READ FOX for the details....

I am amazed. Is O.J. the "Teflon Don" of the crime set currently?????

Let us see how this plays out in the "Sin City" location!

Hummmmm....I had heard the Las Vegas folks were TOUGH!

We'll see!


Me Thinks The Other "Hsu" is About To Drop.....

Much is being written about the Hsu funding....but a lot more interest is on the SOURCE of the money......

Perhaps the source is not quite so nefarious as we might imagine.....perhaps the source is simple theft of investment funds!

The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Gives a story.NOTE: You get the jist of this from the intro, and need not be a WSJ member!

I am not certain the entire Hsu fiasco is from pilfered US funds....he is, after all, a fellow of oriental origin with a long history of involvement in the politics/funding of the orient!

We'll watch this one develop. I, for one, feel it is a long way from "Ripe"!


Fred on Hillarycare!

My Man Fred!

He cuts through the BS to the core of the Hillary plan....

WATCH THIS short piece!

ANY form of operation BY GOVERNMENT is several things by default: expensive, ineffective, duplicitous, and growing by leaps and bounds employment for a vast jungle of folks...needed or not (usually not!)

This plan would cost many times the price tag Hillary puts on it, and she KNOWS THAT...

Do not be fooled. Government health care fails...always! It only works for those too lazy or stupid to wish to be responsible for themselves. Government does not make this country great.....The people and the business of this country make it great. That is why socialist countries everywhere fail within years to decades. We have 200 plus years of operational success. Try to argue that one folks!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"We Haven't Won In Iraq, But al Qaida Has Lost!"

Jack Kelly, at Real Clear Politics gives voice to the impression I have. This impression is held by me in spite of the media efforts to continue painting Iraq as lost.

With the continued erosion of any al Qaida power in Iraq the way toward peace is greatly simplified. That said, there is still the matter of the Iranian support for the many groups, not the least of being Muktada al Sadr's, that still cause so much unrest. However, with al Qaida capable of much less today the way is certainly not only more clear, but also indications of those opposing al Qaida are that there is more unity of the people of Iraq as a nation than the media would like to see.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Healthcare...Hillary Style....

We can have the same coverage/care package as Canada and England!


We can wait MONTHS for simple operations......sometimes a year or more for complicated procedures....and we can enjoy waits of months for simple procedures, and then find the care to be less-than-positive for ANYTHING WE NEED...cause that is what has happened in England....and in Canada....

There is much to this, and there is much for the readers to digest....

I will provide the story....

Just wait and read!

This is medical insanity!

Communism 101!


O J is enough!


The theme is enough!

This guy is toast!


"That's NOT What I Said!" - Greenspan

Once again the Main Stream Media (Antique Media) are WAAAAY out of bounds on comments and reports about Alan Greenspan's new book. The media are screaming "Greenspan sez Bush went to war over oil!"

Greenspan now has set the record straight......

HE was the one supporting a war for oil.....NOT President Bush!

The problem with MSM today is a) they cannot read anything and understand it, or b) They can read and understand, but cannot report without a HUGE spin on the story so it is anti-Bush! Perhaps it is both?


In The Name Of Academic Diversity....

Let's shut up those who do not agree with us!

UC is on a roll. First they deny Chemerinsky the post as Dean of their new law school...then they deny another liberal the right to speak. Funny thing is, when liberal Chemerinsky was "unawarded" the contract, Conservative bloggers across the spectrum rose up creating a loud clamor about such shenanigans. Wonder if the Liberals will do the same for the "diversity" being denied through selection of speakers at UC?

UC perhaps has a new school motto....."Diversity for all; if they agree with us!"



Sunday, September 16, 2007

NOW It s Serious!!!! O.J. May Be Sent Upriver!

This is just too obvious as to be true....

But Wait!!!!!

Maybe N-O-T!!!!!


The O.J. Involvement is just beyond belief.....

This man is so completely involved in himself as to feel he is immune from prosecution!

What an idiot!


UPDATE!!!!: This is Just WON-DER-FUL!

Thus they are portrayed as involved....but O.J. Seems to believe he is invincible!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

"I Would Not, Could Not, Should Not Have Taken Those Items!"

The sad saga of O.J. continues to unroll much like a bad comic strip.

Neely Tucker of the Washington Post tells the tale.



Friday, September 14, 2007

"U.S. being hoodwinked into draconian climate policies!"

Readers know my doubts, oft expressed here, about the truth of Global Warming, and even more the fact of how much of a part humans play in any change.

The drum beat of dissent from the AlGore theory grows ever louder. Today in the Canadian Free Press Dr. Timothy Ball & Tom Harris speak out about the "controlled" information utilized by the Goreites in their arguments.

Let me see, if I am reading this correctly the theory from the GW advocates is, "We know we are right so no one else gets to see the data, nor can anyone else investigate the issue." There is a solid scientific method if ever I saw one!

I still predict within two years, perhaps three the cause will have died a silent death with some excuse offered up by the Goreites, and the "mankind is bad" theme will by then be applied to some new manufactured crisis.


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Cleared of Spamming!

Suddenly a few days ago I noticed when I wrote a post for this blog I had one of the "type these letters exactly as they appear" lines below the post. Usually it took two or three tries to clear the thing and complete my post.

The same was not true at one of my other blogs including: & Then I Bought An RV!

Checking into the small print on the bottom of my page I found that a blogspot beta version spammer-hunter had identified my blog as a potential spammer. I have no idea why, and they cheerfully admit in their own words that the beta version has flaws.

A quick entry from me, a review by them of my site, and the thing is supposedly gone..
I guess I'll know as soon as I post this.....


UPDATE: Gone! Guess I am not a spammer after all.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hillary's Healthcare Plans!!!! - Death Knell of GOOD MEDICINE!

We have problems with the potential future President of the USA's Healthcare Plan!



IF Hildabeast is elected, and if there is a DEM majority in the Congress....we will have a healthcare system like the FAILED systems of Canada and England!


Cause Hillary believes that ONLY the government can provide. The Free Enterprise system is something she HATES! That is really a problem since the Free Enterprise system is what makes this country work!


Fred's Ahead!

Yeppers folks, MY candidate, Fred is ahead.....


This is not a surprise to me.....give Fred enough time and he will win the race....

(My opinion!)


Sandy "Pants" Berger Is Hillary's Guy!!!!!

I guess if I was running for President, I'd not take on-staff a fellow who admitted to stealing documents from the government......but then, that is just me!


If we elect this Hildabeast, we are going to pay in more ways than you can imagine....

The hubris of a person running for the highest office in the land who SEEKS the input of a confessed criminal is beyond compare!


NYT Proves Lefty Bias!!!!!

The New York Times charged the group a paltry $65,000 for the full page ad attacking General Petraeus ......The usual full-page rate is $181,000.....

Gosh could it be there is a bias in the NYT????


What is really interesting is the NYT is LOSING money hand-over-fist.....and discounts must be painful!

Guess they must have a real interest in seeing the story out there.....

Even a call to the NYT gave a price of $167,000 for a full page ad....


No Bias there!

This is just too rich for any form of cover....

Wonder what the NYT will offer as an excuse......N-O-T-H-I-N-G....

Bet Ya!


Bridges, We Don't Need No Repairs....We Got Gardens To Build!!!

This is slime 101........

No small margin either........Dems/GOP....both suck as they vote to NOT repair bridges and instead do some major PORK!!!!!

Just go and

Sad, Sad, Sad......

Do we have a Congress or any part thereof which will "DO-THE-JOB!???"


HT: Instapundit & Captain Ed @ Captain's Quarters


Air Clinton??? - This is TOO GOOD!

Just go and read the next episode in the Clinton funding/support fiasco!

This almost writes itself!

Love It!

People who support the Clintons for another "Tour-In-The-White-House" must be closed minded....they cannot be so stupid as to ignore the obvious....These folks are "bought-and-paid-for" by orientals......Where is the oriental payback?????


Southwest Airlines in Suicide Dive?

This is more than idiocy.....this is lunacy!

Southwest airlines is beginning to censure/control/etc. their passengers' dress.

How can this airline find any justifiable reason to pursue this course?


What harm is a short skirt?????

Do we have an airline driven by guys who do not WISH to see female gams? Do they issue these statements to bolster the fact of "conservative dress?"

YO-----Southwest.....YOU are losing it!!!!!


Someone, somewhere in your corporation is absolutely directing you to destroy an image of the airline which has been, to this point, POSITIVE!

YOU will NOT win this contest. You will lose passengers, by the hundreds!

I will not again fly Southwest as long as you pursue this idiotic line of control of your passengers.



Let ME Understand!

I am having a problem understanding the logic here.

I have money donated by a person who is a felon....on-the-run from the law....and, he has no apparent source for the monies he has filtered through "bundling" to the Democrats.

Democratic Candidate for President Hillary ("The Hildabeast") Clinton has received bundled dollars of about $850,000 total from 260 folks Hsu organized to donate....

Hillary will return the money.....


She will ask the folks who receive the $850, know, the folks who got the money to her as part of the Hsu conspiracy, to "Re-donate" the money through a personal check as soon as they receive the "dirty" money!

Does this slight-of-hand clear the money of its illegality-potential?????

Me thinks NOT!

How does the money become clean when it was already dirty.

This takes Money Laundering to NEW heights!

Will the public accept this boondoggle as OK?

Man, oh man, I sure hope not!

It is time the entire Clinton (Wet Willy & Hildabeast) oriental connection to funding be investigated.....

Something stinks in the Clinton Camp!


Are The Candidates "Tough Enough?"

John McCain, failure for numbers of reasons in my book....gets this one right!


Hillary failed, and so far so have all the others......

This was a repugnant act by that was actually a blessing for the GOP. Such extremism is unacceptable tot he public, no matter your politics, nor your view of the war. Petraeus IS the fellow selected by Bush and ENDORSED by a wide majority by the Senate.

Thanks are making the point forcefully! There is NO depth to which you will not sink to scuttle the war. YOU DO NOT WANT TO WIN! It clashes with your message of Bush failure....

You would rather lose the war and run like a dog with his tails between his legs then to see Bush be right!



"Sicko?" - Yes, That Would Be Michael Moore!

For those who wonder at the tremendous care afforded several people in Cuba when Michael Moore took them there.....just check this site....

& know the truth!

Sad that many folks follow this idiot Moore, and even believe what he produces. Almost as sad as those who believe AlGore!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hillary/Hsu Perspective!

There it is folks......The perspective we all want!

This is getting more and more juicy as it spreads.....

Go Hillary.....bend, fold, spin, mutilate.......

Har Har!


Hillary - Hillary - Hillary!

This, as i earlier stated, is going to get more and more interesting.....

Michelle Malkin has ALL the news....

For those who wish an abbreviated version:

Hillary took muchas moola from Hsu.....

He was a convicted felon.

Her campaign knew he was NOT honest & open.

They tried 1st to return ONLY direct Hsu donations. When that didn't fly they decided to return $850,000 to the folks who had donated it....260 Hsu-gathered folks.

Now the story is out. They are returning the money to the 260 folks....BUT asking those folks to deposit the check and then write Hillary a NEW CHECK!

That won't "clean" this dirty money folks, but is in the tradition of Wet Willy and the Hildabeast!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mission: FAILED!

Osama, while yet not in custody...even thought he might be already enjoying the perpetual-forever-sand-nap as named by Neal Boortz, is the target of reality....


The reality is....despite the spin of Demo folks....The terrorists are cut, bleeding, bereft of any form of success.....and, we are charging forward in Iraq!


& I am just a "Semper Par" Coastie!


Monday, September 10, 2007

9/11 - Watch This & FEEL The Power!!!!!

This 7 year old kid is amazing........


If this young fellow does not give you cause to be proud of the USA, then you are already officially D-E-A-D!

I've listened to this four times already, and sent the link to the Tampa BUCS with REAL hope they find him and get him for one of our games!

For 9/11 He offers the song we love with a fervor seldom felt!


Where Were You?

R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R !!!!!

I am nearing my mid-60s.

During my lifetime many events have been major;

WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Russia/Berlin Wall Falls, and lots more.

While many folks have spoken of always remembering where they were when a major event occurred, I can truthfully say there have only been two in my life that I shall carry about attached to a place.

1963 - I was an insurance adjuster in Southern Illinois, working out of Mt. Vernon. I was still in my very early 20s, and wet behind the ears. The JFK assassination was indelibly etched in my brain. I had just left the office of one of our company insurance agents in Marion, Illinois when I switched on KXOK-AM in St. Louis. The radio suddenly went from current music to patriotic music, and no announcers. As I headed West out of Marion, bound for Carbondale, Illinois, a deep bass voice came on, Steven B. Stevens. This young man, plucked from the little town of Effingham by the station manager for KXOK, was just into his 20s, and that day he was the ONLY announcer/DJ at KXOK who could talk. He told the facts of the shooting, and then only a short while later announced the death of JFK. I shall always remember that event, and my location on Route 13. I was so shaken I pulled to the side of the road and cried. After about twenty minutes, I turned around and headed home. I'd not work more that day.

9/11 - Working for the Sr. V.P. - Chief Medical Officer of a major hospital in Tampa, I was in my office when someone announced the 1st crash. I rushed to the boss's office where I knew they had a conference room with cable TV. There sat our administrative assistants, and the Assistant Medical Director watching smoke from the tower. As we were glued to the TV we suddenly saw plane #2 enter the picture and slam through the second tower. We were all stunned into speechless staring. "My God" were the only words uttered, and I cannot remember for the life of me who spoke them. We sat there almost in a trance and watched until after the two towers collapsed.

The two times are as clear and etched in my brain as if the events were yesterday.

I understand how much each impacted system of values.

One strange thought to me...almost foreign. The many folks who recall where they were when they heard of the death of Diana. For some reason, grisly as this was, I could never-ever place the event at the level of the two items I do recall. Perhaps/Obviously a lot of people see this event in a much different light. I place it in the category with Jim Morrison, Momma Cass, and others.

Whatever your level of memory about important events....

Remember that 9/11 was the only major event in our modern times wherein a terrorist/extremist group/organization/religious following has attacked our USA....and, our basic system of beliefs. Their goal is our downfall as the most powerful nation in the world, AND the installation of their particular brand of extremist religion over us all.



Saturday, September 08, 2007

Iraq Handover in FIVE Years.......Look At This!

Yes, it is a recommended position and I, for one, believe it is attainable!

You need to READ & DIGEST THIS!

There are precious few solutions with viability.....THIS is one!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Finding A Solution To Missing Child/Bad PR For Portugese!

I am a bit sceptical ..... of this one folks.....(Must be my day for same!)

The missing young girl in Portugal.


Could there possibly be the problem of B-A-D PR for the Police, and now they wish to cancel same by finding reason to go after the parents themselves?

Maybe I am even more cautious when the "blood" samples the police apparently took are from a rental car rented SEVERAL DAYS AFTER the girl went missing!

How do you spell "SMOKE SCREEN?"....Oh yeah, just like that!

One of the reasons I do not wish to travel outside the US except in certain countries I choose to TRUST!


Yo, Hussie!.....You Are Too Uncovered!

I will probably offend a few folks here, but...unless I have an answer I will pursue it and leave it....If I get an answer to derail my theory, I shall issue an apology!

This Miss was given shoddy treatment by Southwest Airlines......

Here's the FOX story ON Miss Cupcake!

I'd have loved flying beside her, but would have found nothing in common as I am MUCH older...

However, a telling comment or two in the story indicates a "Male" employee 1st objected, and then a 2nd "employee (unidentified as to gender) also offered an opinion.

Could this have been a gender/orientation thing?

Too much flesh for "the boys"??????

Come on folks, give me the juicy details of the two "employees" who outed this young lady. I cannot, for the life of me, find a reason any ordinary male would find the outfit as pictured to be out-of-line!

Go ahead, label me (it would be wrong) as a stereotypical male who looks of gay problems.

I am not!

Answer me "employees"......


Are The Hairs On Your Neck Standing Up????

I have this really uncomfortable feeling about the fact that apparently ALL the Islamic web sites around the world have shut down, just after the US announced they were trying to ascertain if the current about-to-be released Osama tape is real/current, etc.

Is there a message in the fact that OBL has a trimmed, dark beard in the video?
Is the black beard a signal to someone or someones?
What of the ominous threat to "give a gift" to Manhattan?
Is it all a charade?

If there is this much happening, why is it not triggering the USA's vaunted, oft-used heightened terror level?

The US explanation is they have no credible evidence of anything going on. Is that, perhaps because these adaptive little sand-dwelling terrorists have figured out what we track, and developed a better communication below the radar?


Is it all bluff and no blow?

God I hope so!

One troubling question for me over the past many months......Are we really killing/disabling/disconnecting the Al Quaeda all that much that they cannot launch an attack here......OR, are they laying in the weeds while our own Demo politicians fight the good fight to get us out of Iraq? IF that is the case, then the current shift among Dems to "Reconsider" their get-the-hell-out-now routine may be the signal to "resume OPS" and the video may be the trigger!

Am I paranoid? Naw, just wondering what the heck is going on!


Ever Wonder About Rebates????? You Should!!!!!

The rebate thing makes me angry from the start.

Too much work, too many hoops to jump through, too much denial and short-time for filing, etc.

It may be worse than we thought. READ THIS!!!!

Some of the worst offenders in my life are Best Buy and Tiger Direct. That is because i buy from them, often!

Maybe some light needs to be shed on this by others!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred is IN?????

According to FreeMan Hunt....The thing is O-V-E-R!

As an avowed Fred supporter, I can only hope....but I am certain it is NOT that simple!


Name That Party!!!!!

News Media are charged with providing information. COMPLETE information.....

However, in this day of the Liberal-biased media the information is usually incomplete.

N.J. Politicos are charged with crimes......HOWEVER their party is NOT mentioned....


Wanna bet if the group were Republicans their party would be FRONT and CENTER????

Of course it would.


Told Ya!


Blind Justice.......OR......Maybe Ignoring It All???

There is something deeply troubling about the Hsu case. Well, actually there is a LOT which is troubling about the case! However, has anyone questioned a pattern here discern able by one and all?

1. How many times does the State of California (AG, Courts, etc.) got to be burned by the same person before they respond?

2. How can a convicted felon, already sentenced to a prison term, hide IN PLAIN SITE with the public knowledge of his continued contributions to elected officials and candidates being a matter of public record? Is the AG of California awake?

3. WHY, given the previous flight, and the serious charges possible now, would the AG not speak for revocation of ANY bail?

DID HSU donate to the AG's campaign?

This is way too rich.....there is much more here, but I suspect the Democratic Machine of California/Clinton, will find a way to bury it alongside their many other transgressions which seem always to escape any public attention.

WHY is it the Clintons have, as yet, escaped the same "teflon" charge oft leveled against Ronald Reagan?

Why Indeed!


UPDATE: Suitably Flip takes on a neat comparison to Abramoff vs Hsu YOU NEED TO READ! This is not dead folks!


Instapundit offers this in the form of a BOOK REVIEW!

He's right, of course......never in the history of our nation have things been so nit-picked by lawyers. Many of them are simply second-guessing; probably an equal number are seeking their 15 minutes of fame through this process.

How entirely cumbersome, and almost impossible, is operating in this theater?



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Condum (Chinese) Recall!

Don't you just HATE IT when your condom is recalled?

I know I do!

This is real cause for concern......Who shall be responsible for the resuls......AIDS/Pregnancy/Other Diseases!

This is too funny for words when you are part of the "non-participant" group of which I am a charter member!

Then it is REALLY funny!

Sorry folks, but for ME it is funny!


Hillary, Smiling!.....

Hsu is this person about which you inquire?

Hsu is a man, and hsu is he to us?

Hsu is the man, and hsu has a plus....

Hsu is together with $ is Hsu....

We love this Hsu....why don't YOU?

Hillary L-O-V-E-D Hsu...but then media came,

& Hsu was a pariah, and then he F-L-E-D the game...

To Where????

Hsu knows!

God, I love this stuff!


UPDATE: "Who (Hsu) are you!", the Queen song from CSI keeps running thru my mind!
Oh Boy, what a the song will forever denote the Hsu situation!

UPDATE 2: From the comment section Little Duke posts this.....
"Please excuse the Duke for mistaking The Who for Queen, Little Duke is the music man...

I Am Shocked, Shocked I Tell Ya!


This criminal is probably enjoying coffee/something stronger back in "the old country" now with his fellow "outed" donation-professionals.

Hillary.....Do Not be he cannot testify, and there WILL be others to take his place. Only, we'll find out about them about three years after the election.

What a bunch of crooks!

Oh, and by the way.......Your Honor, Mr. Judge......Did it occur to you to inquire about Mr. Hsu's passport, or were you unconscious???? ......Sorry....never mind!


"I Could Get High on This!"

Duchess gave me a present of a flight for two in a hot air balloon....

We fly next Wednesday morning....

I posted the story on my RVing site! RIGHT HERE!


Ruh Roo! Michigan Primary Moves....Dems Panties In A Wad! GOP Breathing Heavy!

This is going to get "verdi, verdi inter-est-ing" as Artie used to say on Laugh-In.

Michigan has MOVED its primary to earlier than Florida's.

NOTE: Is it not interesting that writer Stephen Ohlemacher addressed the issue with the headline "States Poised to Flout GOP Primary Rules!" ????? Then in the story it becomes clear the moves by various states are attacking BOTH parties. Where is his handle for the discriminatory headline?

The revolt is in full swing folks. If the Dems follow their rules as these changes continue, there may be no voting delegates at their convention. Then what? The GOP could lose half the votes in each state in violation of the rules. Will either have enough votes to constitute a majority for any candidate?

The individual states, in my humble view, are forcing the national parties to address the decrepit old nominating system. Dean and Company (the GOP is not a lot better) are so far behind the curve as to be headed toward absolute irrelevance!

Ya Gotta Love It!


Yeah, What He Said!!!!

Neal Boortz tells it like it is:


Ban handguns, and watch the crime rates to up! It's a lesson as old as the idea of gun control, but liberals just seem to be real slow learners.

In 1997 Great Britain instituted a ban on firearms. For those of you relying on the government for your education, that was 10 years ago. So ... that would mean that Britain has just been a perfectly safe place to live for ten years or so ... and getting safer, right.


It would seem that crimes committed with guns have just about doubled since the ownership of these guns was banned. Let's say it again ... ban guns, gun crime doubles.

It doesn't take much more than a room temperature IQ to figure out that when the law says that you can't have a gun, only people who obey the law are likely to get rid of their guns. In the meantime, those who prey on others relax in the knowledge that it is less likely that their victim is going to be armed.

And so it is around the world. Ban guns and gun crimes increase. Legalize guns and crime rates drop. How in the world do we get liberals to understand this?"

The Brady Bunch and lots of others love the campfire sing along version of "if we'd just be nice...."

For those who might have missed it....after more than 40 years i have joined the gunowners of this country....finally convinced that in this day and age a good deterrent is valuable.

Here's my logic on the issue!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Teddy & The Wind Blow....But He Wants NO "Greenstuff!"

Ted Kennedy, the bloated, non-swimmer of the Kennedy Liberals, is now under attack by his OWN supporters.....


He wants to stop the wind-farm off the coast of HIS home.....despite its need/Green opportunities.....

Just go and READ!!!!

How fine... the bloviating Senator of record is being "Outed" by his own ilk cause he has the "I am me, and you are you" mentality!


"Foist upon me own Pitard?"


U.S. Combat Deaths Down - No Media Coverage In Sight!

Memo from the Main Stream Media: "Naw! We are N-O-T biased!"

The story is as plain as your face........combat deaths are down in Iraq! McClatchy has details as written by Nancy A. Youssef. However, the antique media are stone-walling. Their goal is to free up some coverage space when and if the numbers move the other way.

We'll all, meanwhile, remain on the deathwatch for the large papers as they slide on
their way toward absolute irrelevance.


Monday, September 03, 2007

You Vill Go To Herr Doctor!

I am just amazed at the comments of Mr. Edwards.....a failing candidate seeking some really-really good hook to revive his candidacy!

Now he wants us to BE FORCED to go to the doctor!

I am serious....This village idiot, off his "I get to have a big home and SUVs cause I worked for it!" rant, is now telling us the government is not only going to offer a health care plan, but you WILL BE REQUIRED to VISIT A DOCTOR!

Seriously, this fellow is so far down the re-election path "written-by-desperation" that he believes folks want a mandatory doctor visit as part of their future.....

This man feels only he can make decisions about life.....NO ONE ELSE can do so, cause.....(All together now!) "HE KNOWS BEST!!!"

After all he is a LAW-YER!!!!

Yeah, that's the key to winning the White House.

Dems, be very, very ashamed! Get this guy out of the picture soon. He is hurting your cause!


Dog? - What Dog? - Do You See A Dog? - I Don't See No Stinking Dog!

I am reminded of a commercial from years ago.....Cannot remember the product.....where a group of ducklings are climbing about on a large dog lying sad-faced on the floor, and the ducks are wondering aloud about a dog somewhere in their area.

Today Democrats from Wet Willy Clinton to Hillary to numbers of others are suddenly just SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YA! by the funding antics of and the criminal history of Mr. Hsu. Why, never in their wildest dreams did they dream he'd get, that he was a criminal hiding from justice.

Amazing is it not. These folks running for office are so very, very unaware of from whom they are receiving money. They haven't a clue.

Makes me think that any idiot who accepts money for a national office (hell, even for a state or local office) and has not a clue from whom the money comes is either a crook, or an mentioned above!

At the very least I do not need to vote for any person so unaware.....

Wet Willy's shock is even more funny than Hillary's given his previous brushes with Eastern funding folks who were not on the up & up. Guess Bill's exposure, much like that of the experience of being President, was just not noted by Hillary. Aw Shucks!

I am laughing my ass off (that's LMAO for the abbreviation folks among us).


Saturday, September 01, 2007

USF Students - CAIR - Egyptian Arrest????

This just gets more and more interesting, and screams for more media attention that just the blogosphere.....


Is anyone else checking why we are still getting terrorist glimmers from USF? I love the school, but there still seems to be a bit of Al Arian hanging about!