Friday, September 21, 2007

"Shock Troops"...Investigation Progress?

Noting over at Instapundit the two month anniversary of The New Republic's announced honest investigation into Scott Thomas Beauchamp's article "Shock Troops", I decided to go to the source for an update.....

My email to Franklin Foer:

Attn: Franklin Foer

Just a note of inquiry on the outcome of your honest investigation of the Scott Thomas Beauchamp article "Shock Troops".

It has been two months since announced, and much has been written in the media/blogs/etc. about this report and the man behind it. Has your investigation been completed, and if so, what were the results of said investigation.

Looking forward to your response.

Duke DeLand

I would hope that Mr. Foer does not go on with a pretense of an investigation; particularly in the face of much directly-contradictory information about the article from numerous sources.....NAMED sources, not those pesky anonymous sources.

You'll be the first to read any answer.