Thursday, September 20, 2007

#1 & Trying Harder All The Time!

Congress has a new (as of last year) Democrat majority.

They also have set a record for the lowest approval rating for a body which has always held a low rating. An 11% approval rating.

The Congress makes George Bush look positively wonderful!

We (collective, as in ALL voters) have elected the Democrat majority, and now we find NOTHING being done, except a near-obsessive effort to pass something, ANYTHING which will in some form impede the war effort. Well, that and trying to legitimize 11+ million illegals as part of our country despite their passion for crime, illegal entry, absorption of all the tax dollars the Democrats can muster through services of all kinds.

We really, really need to look back at a GOP which has indeed hurt us with their own spending. However, they at least support the USA instead of demonizing it at every possible point.