Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ruh Roo! Michigan Primary Moves....Dems Panties In A Wad! GOP Breathing Heavy!

This is going to get "verdi, verdi inter-est-ing" as Artie used to say on Laugh-In.

Michigan has MOVED its primary to earlier than Florida's.

NOTE: Is it not interesting that writer Stephen Ohlemacher addressed the issue with the headline "States Poised to Flout GOP Primary Rules!" ????? Then in the story it becomes clear the moves by various states are attacking BOTH parties. Where is his handle for the discriminatory headline?

The revolt is in full swing folks. If the Dems follow their rules as these changes continue, there may be no voting delegates at their convention. Then what? The GOP could lose half the votes in each state in violation of the rules. Will either have enough votes to constitute a majority for any candidate?

The individual states, in my humble view, are forcing the national parties to address the decrepit old nominating system. Dean and Company (the GOP is not a lot better) are so far behind the curve as to be headed toward absolute irrelevance!

Ya Gotta Love It!