Monday, September 03, 2007

You Vill Go To Herr Doctor!

I am just amazed at the comments of Mr. Edwards.....a failing candidate seeking some really-really good hook to revive his candidacy!

Now he wants us to BE FORCED to go to the doctor!

I am serious....This village idiot, off his "I get to have a big home and SUVs cause I worked for it!" rant, is now telling us the government is not only going to offer a health care plan, but you WILL BE REQUIRED to VISIT A DOCTOR!

Seriously, this fellow is so far down the re-election path "written-by-desperation" that he believes folks want a mandatory doctor visit as part of their future.....

This man feels only he can make decisions about life.....NO ONE ELSE can do so, cause.....(All together now!) "HE KNOWS BEST!!!"

After all he is a LAW-YER!!!!

Yeah, that's the key to winning the White House.

Dems, be very, very ashamed! Get this guy out of the picture soon. He is hurting your cause!