Friday, August 31, 2007

Illegal Immigrants......part....uh....Well, You Know!

From Jay Tea at WizBang:

"America is a nation of immigrants. We have the most open, most accepting immigration policy in the world, and that is (and should be) a matter of pride. But no nation should ever surrender its right to determine who can and can not enter its borders, and how they may do so. That is precisely the demands of the "pro-immigrant" crowd, who pervert that term every time they open their mouths and spit on those people who ARE here legally, who have followed all the rules, obeyed all the laws, and in general shown respect for our nation."

He nails the theme to the wall.....

Go and read the ENTIRE PIECE!

The focus of the PC MSM is on how badly we (USA) treat ANY-BODY-ANY-WHERE-ANY-TIME!

Time for us to focus on reality! Thanks Jay Tea!