Friday, August 31, 2007

Gun Owner - Duke

I last had a gun in high school. It was a 12 gauge pump shotgun. I used it for hunting.

When I graduated and went on to girls/family/kids/work/divorce/et al, I gave up guns. I shot a Ruger rifle "plinking" one or two times in Southern Illinois in the early 60s. Nothing since.

Today I own a new gun.

I bought it in June/July and went through the paperwork, etc. to obtain it.

Purpose: Protection/Deterrence!

The weapon is kept at home, but under a lock.....

It is with us when we board our beloved "Roadhouse" motorcoach. Sometimes we camp remote places.

I wanted a weapon that would stop a dangerous person without (hopefully) killing.

I chose a small shotgun. It is actually an H & R "Tamer".....a pistol grip shotgun of .410 gauge. It is a single shot, but with its simple break-action, it allows quick reloads. The stock has a four-shell carrying rack, and thus one can reload in seconds.

My feeling is, I never want to fire this thing (except at a range).....but, should I need to protect the Duchess and myself, it is available. It would do some serious damage to anything it hits, but should not cause fatal injury. Both Duchess and I are going to shoot the gun at our local range to have a bit of experience with it.

I do not love nor wish to utilize the weapon. It is what I feel is necessary, and given the "feel" of today regarding such things as the Virginia shootings, and huge possession of firearms by criminals, I join the group who feel simple display of a weapon in the face of attack should halt said attack without ever firing the weapon. That is not to say, given the right situation where our lives are threatened I would failt to fire. I know where the trigger is located, and what it is for!

I have heard, but find no data to support the fact that among those who have motorhomes/trailers/etc. there is a 70% possession of some form of firearm.

My advice to criminals is.....DO NOT try to rob, break in to, campers/motorhomes. Your odds are not good.


UPDATE: Forgot to remind you to read the words from Cesare Beccaria located in the right column of this blog. The words have been there for at least a year.