Monday, September 03, 2007

Dog? - What Dog? - Do You See A Dog? - I Don't See No Stinking Dog!

I am reminded of a commercial from years ago.....Cannot remember the product.....where a group of ducklings are climbing about on a large dog lying sad-faced on the floor, and the ducks are wondering aloud about a dog somewhere in their area.

Today Democrats from Wet Willy Clinton to Hillary to numbers of others are suddenly just SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YA! by the funding antics of and the criminal history of Mr. Hsu. Why, never in their wildest dreams did they dream he'd get, that he was a criminal hiding from justice.

Amazing is it not. These folks running for office are so very, very unaware of from whom they are receiving money. They haven't a clue.

Makes me think that any idiot who accepts money for a national office (hell, even for a state or local office) and has not a clue from whom the money comes is either a crook, or an mentioned above!

At the very least I do not need to vote for any person so unaware.....

Wet Willy's shock is even more funny than Hillary's given his previous brushes with Eastern funding folks who were not on the up & up. Guess Bill's exposure, much like that of the experience of being President, was just not noted by Hillary. Aw Shucks!

I am laughing my ass off (that's LMAO for the abbreviation folks among us).