Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yeah, What He Said!!!!

Neal Boortz tells it like it is:


Ban handguns, and watch the crime rates to up! It's a lesson as old as the idea of gun control, but liberals just seem to be real slow learners.

In 1997 Great Britain instituted a ban on firearms. For those of you relying on the government for your education, that was 10 years ago. So ... that would mean that Britain has just been a perfectly safe place to live for ten years or so ... and getting safer, right.


It would seem that crimes committed with guns have just about doubled since the ownership of these guns was banned. Let's say it again ... ban guns, gun crime doubles.

It doesn't take much more than a room temperature IQ to figure out that when the law says that you can't have a gun, only people who obey the law are likely to get rid of their guns. In the meantime, those who prey on others relax in the knowledge that it is less likely that their victim is going to be armed.

And so it is around the world. Ban guns and gun crimes increase. Legalize guns and crime rates drop. How in the world do we get liberals to understand this?"

The Brady Bunch and lots of others love the campfire sing along version of "if we'd just be nice...."

For those who might have missed it....after more than 40 years i have joined the gunowners of this country....finally convinced that in this day and age a good deterrent is valuable.

Here's my logic on the issue!