Friday, September 14, 2007

"U.S. being hoodwinked into draconian climate policies!"

Readers know my doubts, oft expressed here, about the truth of Global Warming, and even more the fact of how much of a part humans play in any change.

The drum beat of dissent from the AlGore theory grows ever louder. Today in the Canadian Free Press Dr. Timothy Ball & Tom Harris speak out about the "controlled" information utilized by the Goreites in their arguments.

Let me see, if I am reading this correctly the theory from the GW advocates is, "We know we are right so no one else gets to see the data, nor can anyone else investigate the issue." There is a solid scientific method if ever I saw one!

I still predict within two years, perhaps three the cause will have died a silent death with some excuse offered up by the Goreites, and the "mankind is bad" theme will by then be applied to some new manufactured crisis.


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