Thursday, September 13, 2007

Let ME Understand!

I am having a problem understanding the logic here.

I have money donated by a person who is a felon....on-the-run from the law....and, he has no apparent source for the monies he has filtered through "bundling" to the Democrats.

Democratic Candidate for President Hillary ("The Hildabeast") Clinton has received bundled dollars of about $850,000 total from 260 folks Hsu organized to donate....

Hillary will return the money.....


She will ask the folks who receive the $850, know, the folks who got the money to her as part of the Hsu conspiracy, to "Re-donate" the money through a personal check as soon as they receive the "dirty" money!

Does this slight-of-hand clear the money of its illegality-potential?????

Me thinks NOT!

How does the money become clean when it was already dirty.

This takes Money Laundering to NEW heights!

Will the public accept this boondoggle as OK?

Man, oh man, I sure hope not!

It is time the entire Clinton (Wet Willy & Hildabeast) oriental connection to funding be investigated.....

Something stinks in the Clinton Camp!