Friday, September 07, 2007

Yo, Hussie!.....You Are Too Uncovered!

I will probably offend a few folks here, but...unless I have an answer I will pursue it and leave it....If I get an answer to derail my theory, I shall issue an apology!

This Miss was given shoddy treatment by Southwest Airlines......

Here's the FOX story ON Miss Cupcake!

I'd have loved flying beside her, but would have found nothing in common as I am MUCH older...

However, a telling comment or two in the story indicates a "Male" employee 1st objected, and then a 2nd "employee (unidentified as to gender) also offered an opinion.

Could this have been a gender/orientation thing?

Too much flesh for "the boys"??????

Come on folks, give me the juicy details of the two "employees" who outed this young lady. I cannot, for the life of me, find a reason any ordinary male would find the outfit as pictured to be out-of-line!

Go ahead, label me (it would be wrong) as a stereotypical male who looks of gay problems.

I am not!

Answer me "employees"......