Friday, September 07, 2007

Are The Hairs On Your Neck Standing Up????

I have this really uncomfortable feeling about the fact that apparently ALL the Islamic web sites around the world have shut down, just after the US announced they were trying to ascertain if the current about-to-be released Osama tape is real/current, etc.

Is there a message in the fact that OBL has a trimmed, dark beard in the video?
Is the black beard a signal to someone or someones?
What of the ominous threat to "give a gift" to Manhattan?
Is it all a charade?

If there is this much happening, why is it not triggering the USA's vaunted, oft-used heightened terror level?

The US explanation is they have no credible evidence of anything going on. Is that, perhaps because these adaptive little sand-dwelling terrorists have figured out what we track, and developed a better communication below the radar?


Is it all bluff and no blow?

God I hope so!

One troubling question for me over the past many months......Are we really killing/disabling/disconnecting the Al Quaeda all that much that they cannot launch an attack here......OR, are they laying in the weeds while our own Demo politicians fight the good fight to get us out of Iraq? IF that is the case, then the current shift among Dems to "Reconsider" their get-the-hell-out-now routine may be the signal to "resume OPS" and the video may be the trigger!

Am I paranoid? Naw, just wondering what the heck is going on!