Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blind Justice.......OR......Maybe Ignoring It All???

There is something deeply troubling about the Hsu case. Well, actually there is a LOT which is troubling about the case! However, has anyone questioned a pattern here discern able by one and all?

1. How many times does the State of California (AG, Courts, etc.) got to be burned by the same person before they respond?

2. How can a convicted felon, already sentenced to a prison term, hide IN PLAIN SITE with the public knowledge of his continued contributions to elected officials and candidates being a matter of public record? Is the AG of California awake?

3. WHY, given the previous flight, and the serious charges possible now, would the AG not speak for revocation of ANY bail?

DID HSU donate to the AG's campaign?

This is way too rich.....there is much more here, but I suspect the Democratic Machine of California/Clinton, will find a way to bury it alongside their many other transgressions which seem always to escape any public attention.

WHY is it the Clintons have, as yet, escaped the same "teflon" charge oft leveled against Ronald Reagan?

Why Indeed!


UPDATE: Suitably Flip takes on a neat comparison to Abramoff vs Hsu YOU NEED TO READ! This is not dead folks!