Monday, September 10, 2007

Where Were You?

R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R !!!!!

I am nearing my mid-60s.

During my lifetime many events have been major;

WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Russia/Berlin Wall Falls, and lots more.

While many folks have spoken of always remembering where they were when a major event occurred, I can truthfully say there have only been two in my life that I shall carry about attached to a place.

1963 - I was an insurance adjuster in Southern Illinois, working out of Mt. Vernon. I was still in my very early 20s, and wet behind the ears. The JFK assassination was indelibly etched in my brain. I had just left the office of one of our company insurance agents in Marion, Illinois when I switched on KXOK-AM in St. Louis. The radio suddenly went from current music to patriotic music, and no announcers. As I headed West out of Marion, bound for Carbondale, Illinois, a deep bass voice came on, Steven B. Stevens. This young man, plucked from the little town of Effingham by the station manager for KXOK, was just into his 20s, and that day he was the ONLY announcer/DJ at KXOK who could talk. He told the facts of the shooting, and then only a short while later announced the death of JFK. I shall always remember that event, and my location on Route 13. I was so shaken I pulled to the side of the road and cried. After about twenty minutes, I turned around and headed home. I'd not work more that day.

9/11 - Working for the Sr. V.P. - Chief Medical Officer of a major hospital in Tampa, I was in my office when someone announced the 1st crash. I rushed to the boss's office where I knew they had a conference room with cable TV. There sat our administrative assistants, and the Assistant Medical Director watching smoke from the tower. As we were glued to the TV we suddenly saw plane #2 enter the picture and slam through the second tower. We were all stunned into speechless staring. "My God" were the only words uttered, and I cannot remember for the life of me who spoke them. We sat there almost in a trance and watched until after the two towers collapsed.

The two times are as clear and etched in my brain as if the events were yesterday.

I understand how much each impacted system of values.

One strange thought to me...almost foreign. The many folks who recall where they were when they heard of the death of Diana. For some reason, grisly as this was, I could never-ever place the event at the level of the two items I do recall. Perhaps/Obviously a lot of people see this event in a much different light. I place it in the category with Jim Morrison, Momma Cass, and others.

Whatever your level of memory about important events....

Remember that 9/11 was the only major event in our modern times wherein a terrorist/extremist group/organization/religious following has attacked our USA....and, our basic system of beliefs. Their goal is our downfall as the most powerful nation in the world, AND the installation of their particular brand of extremist religion over us all.