Friday, September 14, 2007

Cleared of Spamming!

Suddenly a few days ago I noticed when I wrote a post for this blog I had one of the "type these letters exactly as they appear" lines below the post. Usually it took two or three tries to clear the thing and complete my post.

The same was not true at one of my other blogs including: & Then I Bought An RV!

Checking into the small print on the bottom of my page I found that a blogspot beta version spammer-hunter had identified my blog as a potential spammer. I have no idea why, and they cheerfully admit in their own words that the beta version has flaws.

A quick entry from me, a review by them of my site, and the thing is supposedly gone..
I guess I'll know as soon as I post this.....


UPDATE: Gone! Guess I am not a spammer after all.

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