Thursday, September 28, 2006

Notice What Is Happening?

Ah"mad"inajad stop to his "peaceful" exploration and enrichment processes......

Other Islamist leaders are espousing taking of captives to free terrorists in custody in the USA!

We have now the responsibility of evading the PC idiotarions and their "placate-at-all-costs" menu and find a means of telling these idiots that we WILL NOT give in to their threats.

Time for Realists!!!!!! to step forward and tell them that if they continue, we will kill every last one of them, and stop their terrorist members from killing us.

They will NOT respond to PC placation.....only to strong stands of; "If you come to my house, you will be killed"......

How long before we realize this as the ONLY option? I hope not too long, and TOO LATE!


Perspective on Iraq!

Time for us to get our heads out of the MSM sand, and take a real look at the facts about US image and favorable/unfavorable opinion in Iraq!

Let us examine the steps to Iraqi independence......

1. We win "War" for Iraq, and drop the Saddam Hussein leadership into a hole....sorry for the pun.

2. We help the Iraqi people sdet up an interim government, and establish the 1st-in recent history- vote by the "people"!

3. We help train Iraqi soldiers, and military in general.

4. We watch as the Iraqi people vote again for their new official government!

5. The Iraqi government takes control of one province by themselves, with US in advisory capacity.

6. The Iraqi folks begin to feel strong control tendencies for themselves.

7. Feelings of the populace move in direct proportion to their effectiveness in governing/controlling from wanting US there to beginning to want US out of there.

What is wrong with this folks? NOTHING!

If we had a fledgling government which now was flexing muscle and feeling more in control, and we had a supervisory group (read US) helping us, then as soon as we felt we had control of the situation at home we would WANT the supervisory folks to let go and go home.


The MSM again wants to believe they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Perspective is what it is all about, and in-depth analytical reporting of these facts is amazingly missing!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CITGO-Go-Going-Gone at 7-11

Mr. Chavez has opened his mouth a bit too loudly.

Now his state-owned oil company, CITGO has lost 2,100 7-11 service stations' business. While the shot is a great public relations thing for 7-11, and I endorse it, the fact is it is small potatoes for CITGO.

There may be some CITGO layoffs over this, something I referenced in my EARLIER POST ON THIS!


Put the Shoe on The Other Foot!

Captain Ed covers a trail-setting piece by Max Boot in which Boot says basically it is time for the Muslims to speak up against and rein in the Islamists or to find themselves lumped into a group of non-peacefuls.

Ed and Max provide a great read!

This theme needs to be followed and made much more clear as a statement from all the West and most particularly the I am sure the MSM will find it nothing to which they'd subscribe.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time to See What the NIE Report Really Says!

Time Indeed.

Shooting fish in a barrel....the usual NYT-LAT methods.

CIA insiders, opposed to Bush, leak selective parts of a report and the MSM fall all over themselves, sans facts, to publish as if it were with footnotes!

Robert Kagan at RCP tells the true tale.

Read it, and then think straight.

Why, o why do not the Bushies go after the leakers full tilt?


Rich Carry Poor in Taxes!

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

In the USA the rich are paying the taxes of the a wide margin. So much for the Democratic mantra of the rich not paying their share....

Just read the article to understand.

It is long past time for reality to address the issue of who pays what in this country.

Of course, the Dems will have 999 arguments about why this is not true. After all, it is their voting base which must buy this idiocy in order to continue to support them!


Bill Gets a Trip to The Woodpile!

Go Condi!

Never one to shirk her beliefs, Condi Rice stepped forward yesterday to refute "Wet Willie" Clinton in his (I believe) staged attack on FOX....and his lying ways about what his administration did.

The story is completely covered by The Captain!

Why-O-Why will this delightful, intelligent, educated, rational person NOT run for Pres in 2008.....?????


Monday, September 25, 2006

You Gotta Love Them Dems!

I have been friends for several years with a fellow who is a dyed-in-the-wool Demo. One of the folks who know that anything wrong is due GWB or some other Republican. Anything right is due the Democrats.

I had to laugh out loud at him today.

For months he has been touting the robber barons title for the GOP over gas prices. Now the prices are sinking as a surplus has built up. Argument today; the GOP is forcing their cronies to drop the price til after the elections so the GOP can retain control.

Of course the one major hole in his argument is that no one party controls the oil in this country. The GOP might sit in more board rooms. However, the prices are not lower during a Democrat's presidency, nor when the Democrats have control of congress.

I find the entire thing hilarious. I was so entertained that i didn't get to the Clinton bruhaha. That should have had him up in arms.


Don't Be Distracted By Bill!

President Clinton, interviewed by Fox's Chris Wallace, suddenly went ballistic when asked about why his administration didn't do more about Bin Laden.

Don't be confused about the rant, cheap accusations, et al by the fair-haired boy. It was all a game. One he and Hillary play equally well. Whenever either is questioned or taken to task on any topic they know the best defense is indignation and return-accusations. They use it constantly and thus avoid any real discussion of the issue offered by media or anyone else.

The Clinton shell game.....never answer any accusatory statement. Just attack and declare the evil right-wing intentions of the questioner. They have always, and will always utilize the gimic. By now the MSM should be aware of the tactic.


Update: At Real Clear Politics it is "Bill Clinton: Play it As It Lies!" Nice piece by Ronald A. Cass who sees the Clinton tantrum as an attempt to reinvent himself as the defense president!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Keep the thought in mind.

Most attempts at boycots involving petroleum products are futile.....and this one may also be, however, it has more merit.

CITGO is a wholly-controlled company of Hugh Chavez, the despot who denigrated GWB before the United Nations. Chavez, as the leader of his country, has responsibility for many, many acts and statements villifying the USA. His country owns CITGO.

Take such action as you feel necessary to deny them sales and impact Chavez. Yes, this can have a negative impact on local leasees.....however, they have to know for whom they are producing profits to be utilized to support terrorist and Communist regimes around the world.

Michelle Malkin has a neat new logo for CITGO she located.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

35,000 Protest Bush Appearance!

That is what one would expect if GWB made a speech and the protestors came out...which they often do, and then are covered by the MSM....

What actually happened was this......35,000 protestors came to contest the speech by Ahmadinajad at the UN. The coverage by the MSM was......missing????

Yep, it was missing. No AP, No NYT, no LAT, etc......Networks could not find the outside of the UN where this took place. They were too busy pandering to Chavez and Ahmadinajad inside the UN to bother with a measley 35,000 protestors!

Bias.....I don't see no stinking bias!

HT: Instapundit for the link to Merle Yourish and the story!

Sometimes this bias just stinks! Agenda journalism at its finest.


"...Why Are We So Afraid?"

Let that smolder in your mind for a minute.

I am, of course, referring to the current and latest brouhaha over the comments of the Pope by our "Religion of Peace" constituents.

The quote is from a piece by The Reverend John Krenson, a Permanent Ordained Deacon of The Roman Catholic Church.

Krenson continues....

"Culturally and religiously we are on the defensive in this War on Terror. And it makes no sense to me. We accept immoral expressions of outrage by Muslims across the world and yet fail to have any of our own justified moral indignation at their actions. Instead we apologize for causing their reactions. Perhaps I should apologize to my four year old for his little temper tantrum this morning and for the time he slugged his sister in the face with a toy."

he adds....

"We hold the high ground - we believe in individual liberty, we believe in religious tolerance, we believe in women’s rights, we believe in a narrow window for the just use of war - and we should not be afraid to stand tall and to express our outrage at the insane reactions we are seeing across the Muslim world. In fact their actions prove the point made previously in Danish cartoons and the quote from Pope Benedict. It is all well and good to be sensitive but it is quite another thing when Muslims actually manifest what we criticize. It is quite another thing when there is lack of reciprocity in Muslim treatment of Jews and Christians. They have yet to practice what they preach - except for the spread of Islam by the sword and the convert or be killed part.

Go and read the entire thing at One Hand Clapping.

We are WAY beyond the point where such response is merited.....yes, deserved, and even necessary. We are NOT in the wrong, and to allow the apologist liberals/MSM to paint us so is in itself a crime!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WOW! I am A Chavez Favorite!

Guess that may set some to feel they are "there"......perhaps even Noam Chomsky.....How very nice to have Hugo Chavez waving about your book before the UN as he spoke in his usual rhetoric of:

US = Dead; Me = Good Stuff!

He is semi-literate, completely unabashed in his lack of facts, but certainly willing to wave his flag and deny facts!

How nice!

The UN; once again a scene for the completely unhinged!


UPDATE: The funny thing is.......given the current collapse of oil/gas prices (I paid $2.41 today versus $2.98 just 3 weeks ago) this despot in a puddle may find himself unemployed as his country mires in lack-o-funds when oil gets much cheaper. Go Hugo!

Picture This!

What if.....

You saw a riot of Islamic folk who were demonstrating against the words of the Pope.....AND the news covered the "scripted" and "planned" movement and displays by the participants?

What if.....

You were watching the news and a film appeared of the Gaza area wherein a child and several teens lay dead/wounded alongside several adults; and the media reported the Hamas folks involved had endangered their children by keeping them alongside them as they paraded about with weapons/rockets/et al?

What if.....

The media covered the latest incursion by the Hezbollah into Israel and their retreat by showing the map indicating the terrorists had utilized UN posts as cover, and then retreated into the citizen-populated areas of the Southern Lebanon terrain?

What if.....

Ah, but then reality strikes.......and we see the usual media circus for all of the above without a 2nd side; without any reason, backup or check of the facts.

Sad.........Just sad!


The Religion of Peace, Part XXXXXX

Here it is folks, laid out by none other than Neal Boortz......

"No, it's not old news. This is THE news. We have to wake up, my friends. We have the leader of the Catholic Church frankly acting like he's afraid of the Muslim world. Perhaps he should be? After all, these wonderful, peace-loving Muslims have already called for his beheading, and they shot a Catholic Nun in the back in Somalia.

Come on, folks. Wake up and smell the cordite.

A Danish newspapers prints a cartoon that depicts Mohammed as violent ... and Muslims erupt in violence.

The Pope quotes the last Byzantine Emperor -- dead for 600 years -- who felt that Islam was a violent religion ... and Muslims erupt in violence.

Is this registering with you?"

Be serious folks! Take a clue......the "Religion of Peace" is NOT THAT! They are the religion of peace, IF YOU ARE PART OF THEIR VIEW OF RELIGION!

If not, then you are subject to DEATH or CONVERSION!!!!!!

There are NO alternatives!

Is that clear enough?

Ask your local Imam......If he will state his position on the record, and see what he sez.... it will be a BIG message of avoidance of the question......Guaranteed!


They Want NO Dialogue!!!!!

The Islamic Fundamalists want NO talk, NO trash, just dead non-Islamists, and conversion for the rest!

That is their view, and they will enforce it at every opportunity.

They will give words of reassurance to the multitudes as they advance, but their Imams, and theological leaders will give voice to the fact that there is ONE religion....Islam! Beyond that there is death or conversion.

Find an Imam who allows for any other possibility!

Please....Find one!

Let me know!



The topic is......Islamic rhetoric......

The words come from the Capt. (Captain's Quarters)......

" was the Pope who demanded that no one criticize the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ, and encouraged their followers to engage in "Days of Anger" over the merest hint of dissent. It was Catholics who rioted worldwide and promised to assassinate the Mufti of Jerusalem at almost every demonstration. Have the Times' editors ever actually read their own newspaper or any newspaper?"

Of course, this is just a wonderful reversal of the the Islamists their view, reversed. Ain't it wonderful?

You have to read the entire post HERE!

It resounds with the facts of what should be, and the abandonment of the PC idiotarian view of things!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Idiotarions Unite!

Yes, we have the conflict of message.......

The media are presenting this story of the Pope and his reference to an aged writing as an affront to Mulsims everywhere. The problem is, the Pope was RIGHT! He referenced a writing, and he let the refernce speak for itself.....


The Islamophobic crowd needs to placate the Terrorists, and all their minions.....Thus the NYT and many other publications damning the Pope....all the while finding no problem with the reaction of killing/burning/ the "Religion of Peace"!

Where the hell is the public outcry for the criminal/terrorists who defy any measure of trying to be "The Religion of Peace" and instead find themselves as the "Religion of Hate and Killing".....

Give me more justification to find therse idiots completely bereft of all reason!



This is a complete and accurate review of the problem of Islamoterrorists...vs the rest of the world!

You just have to take the time and the energy to read it ALL.....Please: It is critical to understanding the events/actions/reticence of the media, etc.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

The "Religion of Peace" Gives a Violent Reply!

The story is just horrible, but detailed well by Michelle Malkin in this piece!

The story ios just a complete expose of the false promise of religion by the Muslims. Until they come to the surface with a denial of such terrorist actions/activities, they remain the "religion of hate/mayhem".....

Any Questions?

p.s. Last time you saw a Catholic/Protestant/American/English person extract violence for a slight by the Muslims demanding we convert/etc.......?????

Nuff said!


Vacation Shudders!!!!!

Gone for a week (no wireless in a quite posh resort!)....and things happen which I cannot address in less than a number of posts.....

Another outrage/killing/burning/shooting from the "religion of peace" following a statement by the Pope which was completely misstated! These guys write their own terrible reviews!

My Bucs lose 27-0 to the Ravens.

My Bucs are losing to Atlanta, a team they owned last year, 14-3 at the half!

The McCain "losers" again trip the GOP and solve nothing. We had better know who we DO NOT want in 2008 folks! Go Home John!!!!

Lots more later from your now retired....


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let Mikey Do It - The A Train Comes Thru for 9/11!

Here in Tampa there will be a very special beginning to the Bucs-Ravens football game this Sunday 9/10; a salute to the firefighters of 9/11 in N.Y.

Its all due a pair of Buccaneers and a local firefighter.

Dave Pacheco, a firefighter in nearby Safety Harbor, Florida, approached the Bucs about tickets for seven visiting NYFD firemen. Mike Alstott, the "A Train" and the Bucs all time leading scorer, and Dave Moore, a longtime Buc, love firefighters, and they came through in spectacular fashion. They produced tickets for the NY firemen, and more.

Sunday when the Bucs take the field, Scott Fox, brothers Danny & Bobby Beyar, Dave King, Cosmo DiOrio, Tommy Pair and Woody Forsyth of the NYFD will be leading the run as the Bucs take the field against the Ravens.

A Tampa Salute to the brave firefighters of 9/11.

Thanks Mike and Dave for the stirring tribute bringing to mind for all Tampa Bay fans the events of 9/11, and the heroes of that terrible day.

Let us never forget!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Natural Ice?????

Miller Brewing is lost to this cause.....

I posted before about it: HERE!!!!

Now Michelle Malkin has some "Hot Air" to produce MORE!

This is serious, my friends.....Serious enough that I have switch, as promised.... I am currently drinking "Natural Ice", an Anheuser brew....I shall not stick there as I love the micro-brews.....But I shall not support Miller....



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Retirement; 1st full day; a Reflection!

Tuesday, September 5th.

No alarm. Slept til 7:00am (usually up at 5:00am when working).

The Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Holiday weekend made for a vacation atmosphere. Thus this morning a new routine. Up at 7, coffee, paper (yes, I glance thru the local daily disappointment....), then into the cars. Duchess off to water aerobics followed by a rousing game of water volleyball; myself off to the Elks Lodge to return the dunk tank, moonwalk and pie throwing booths either to the rental agency or to the storage shed. Labor Day weekend is always the Trustee's Bar-B-Q. This was no exception with 70 lbs of pork and 100 plus chicken quarters in our pit behind the lodge. Cooking from 7am til 4pm serving. Tired!

Now it is Tuesday. The Lodge work is done and I am home at 10am. Rested, caught up on emails and watch some TV.

4pm told Duchess, "Well, enough of this retirement stuff and relaxing. Tomorrow it is car washing, mowing (nice to do on a weekday!), and beginning preparation for a true week's vacation next week at the World Golf Resort in St. Augustine.

To do this week: Laptop needs to be set up for remote work at hospital. Check for main seal leak in our "toad" (vehicle behind our motorhome). Pack on Saturday.

So far this is fine, but a bit slow for my normal pace. Guess there will be a bit more blogging coming down....

Have a great one folks!


Monday, September 04, 2006

Miller Time is Past!

Since the inception of the Miller Icehouse beer program, I have been a more-than-willing participant in the swilling of this high-octane brew!

I first had an Icehouse at a local Tampa Pizza Parlor when a Miller rep was shamelessly promoting the brew through the passing around of free suds. Never 0ne to pass up a freebie, I delved deeply into the Icehouse and found it quite tasty.......FOR an American Beer of major brand! I love the imports/microbrews, etc. However, Icehouse became my staple for beer consumption.

Today, I renounce it. I had been quite upset when I heard the 1st reports that Miller Brewing had financially supported an illegal alien program in Chicago. Now they have taken another step and begun to "spin" like a PR machine without control.....

"We did, but we didn't" seems to be the cry from the Miller flaks......

Michelle Malkin has the story in much better detail than I could, go read her entry...

Good bye old Icehouse.....I will miss you, however any brewer who believes they can pander to the illegals while lying about doing so and then expect we will simply ignore it, is going to face my wrath.....Who knows if I am alone or part of the pack in this one.

Guess we'll see how it unfolds.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Re-Tire-Ment....I Don't See no Retirement!

I guess I am just new at this......

The entire premise of retirement is new to me. I just retired Thursday!

I had the celebrations......a lunch last week by my co-workers in my department of a major hospital. Then Wednesday I had a "super lunch-celebration" at the hospital. There was food for probably 500.....maybe 150 showed up......We passed the rest of the food to the nursing stations for their use.

It was a grand event, and I was deeply honored that my Sr. VP, Chief Medical Officer (my boss) , found my contribution to the efforts of the place to be worthy of this fine send-off.

Now I have had the 1st day off.....retired....and I spent most of it working for the Elks Lodge getting ready for our annual Labor Day "Trustee's Bar-B-Q".

Maybe next week when the Labor Day weekend is over, I will feel retired.....for now, I still feel like I had a day off......


WMD, I Don't See no Stinkin WMD!

Guess the Liberals will continue the mantra of "no WMD", but the truth is clear from reality checks such as this from Pajamas Media.

The time for reality is NOW.....but the MSM will drag its feet as long as possible, and perhaps longer.....