Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is It Just Me??????

Am I the only one hearing a really loud and clear "MAY DAY, MAY DAY" call from the DEMs?

I think not!

The facts are, the euphoria of "The One!" has worn itself out!

Obama is bankrupt in terms of ideas, control, and force! He quickly exhausted his creds as the "New Prez" in the passage of the "(UN)Stimulus Bill!"

He then engaged in the idiocy of healthcare (ObamaCare) NO details; NO plans; NO idea of what he proposed....just the message "PASS IT!" wE'LL DO THE DETAILS, $, ETC. LATER!

The man is a sham. His plan is a sham. He still believes Chicago political efforts work in THE USA as a whole! WRONG!

Obama has exhausted his Chicago options, and NOTHING is working, and he has no idea what to do,,,,so he still "CAMPAIGNS!!!".....Full time/Every Time.

His answers are gone.

He is bankrupt!


Please ALLOW ME!....Let Me Be Among The 1st To Expose Obama As A FAKE!!!!

This President has so far managed to screw up every thing he has addressed!

He is diving in the polls.....both those personal popularity, and those which address the issues. He is NOT doing well in ANY POLL!

He still soldiers on as a "CANDIDATE" for office. he knows nothing else.

He cannot control a budget...he cannot decide anything other than where and when his next speech will be.

This man is in a doomsday dive to obscurity.

2012 is his death-knell....unless he finds a magic-elixir!

I do not believe said and same exists....and I believe he has exhausted his creds coming into office to the point where he has nothing left to spend in his favor!

Mr. President; you are DEAD-IN-THE-WATER!


"The Ambivalent One".......Mr. Obama


I am tired of offering more....BE AWAKE PEOPLE!!!!


Ayers Ghost Writer Of Obama's Book?????

YIKES....The terrorist...the one who bombed, and later said he did not do enough?

He was the ghost-writer of Obama's book "Dreams of My Father!"


HughS at Wizbang has details.....

The mask is slipping.....

I begin to think of Obama as the Wicked Witch of The West....."I am Melting!"

He He


Saturn Autos Are History!

Let me see.....what could the reason be?

Perhaps the failed deal with Penske....?

Read 1st FOXNews report!

Perhaps the fact that Saturns were produced at plants that were NON-UNION?

Of course not....a little thing like union involvement would have NOTHING to do with GUM (That's Government/Union Motors) running things.

Good bye Saturn......once again the unions are saved by the DEMs. Give-em a LOT of money and let them assume control of the auto manufacturers, and we'll see what happens.....

Rosy skies, glorious songs of "Dear Leader" in schools, and probably in our auto factories....and
MORE BAILOUTS as the auto manufacturers cannot compete with the rest of the world.

DEMs will provide.....they NEED your union votes!


Gallop: 61% Of Americans Believe Healthcare is Personal Responsibility!


Time to drag this thing down in speed....the way the polls are collapsing around Govt. doing ANYTHING, the DEMs know if they don't act NOW, they'll never get this passed.

Thus their denial of a 72 hour availability of the actual bill to the public before passage. Congress needs to keep in mind the hundreds of thousands who chanted "Read-The-Bill!" in thousands of US cities, and en-mass in Washington, D.C. Remember 2010 is approaching, and this opposition to government in our lives will not be forgotten.

What the members of Congress do on this bill WILL be remembered in November 2010. Trust me on that!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welll Whoopi Goldberg KNOWS When 13 Year Olds Can Be RAPED.....

What an asshat!

This speaks to the entire facts of what is and what should be.

THE GIRL WAS 13!!!! Nuff said!

Whoopi, you suck as a person, and a human being!

Man what a sad statement on her ideas of people and their lives.

This woman is black....not in skin....but in S-O-U-L!!!!!


OFF to Copenhagen...."The One" Finds merit in Chicago for the Olympics.....BUT

Meanwhile.....Chicago students D-I-E at the hands of thugs....

W-O-W....what a neat place to have an Olympics!

Maybe KILL-OR-BE-KILLED should be a new Olympic sport in honor of Chicago as a host city!

Violence in Chicago is pandemic!

"The One" does not wish this to be exposed.


I Hates When Global Warming Occurs!!!!


Guess there will be NO GW this year in the NE USA!

Imagine that.

The AlGore's next tirade....Global Cooling...a repeat of the 1980s argument!

These creatures NEVER stop....they celebrate the "Cause-of-the-moment"....Facts be damned!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama....I am In Touch!


He is not listening; he is not in touch; he does not wish to know....

Obama hates any form of accountability.!!!!!


Obama Is 'In Touch!" - ER NOT...He has Spoken ONCE With Afghan Commander!

A Leader Stays In Touch.......

Well, except when you are "THE ONE!"

Then not so much!

WELL, we are in charge...just not-in-touch!

Obama Strike # 320......


The "SHAM-WOW" of Politics/Obama-Style!

I got your Health Care right is the balm of resolution of all your ills....the elixir of health and long-life (well, life at least...long may be sacrificed)....

NEXT: I got your Cap & Trade (TAX) right is the solution to all our trade problems. We will find the other countries trying to return the favor by KILLING us financially, but we ARE protecting our own!

THEN: I am into the STIMULUS! It is the crux of our recover the economy program. Of course it has NOT produced any jobs; of course it has failed by all the measures of any economic model yet seen, BUT Joe Biden likes it, and feels it is a success, so it must be!

NOW: I am off to bid for SH-CAW-GAH as the site for a future Olympics. Cause I can!
I am THE ONE....THE OBAMA.....

Given my preferences I am sure I can be the next leader to over-ride such hindrances as the "two-term" limit for Presidents......and make myself "Imperial Leader, Extraordinaire!"

Yassir, Yassir!


WHY? - Iran

What is Iran trying to accomplish?

I am mystified. At every turn this backwards, financially-challenged country chooses to both oppose and antagonize all who try to make peace.

When dialogue is suggested...they ignore. When threats are issued, they fire rockets, deny any problems and move in to rough waters. When sanctions are given by UN/US/Others as the primary option, they fire more rockets.

Are they: 1) Dumber than rocks
2) Smart as a Fox
3) Playing to the crowd

I have not a clue. But, they seem to avoid all the options which most see as their ONLY alternative.

They certainly are effective at keeping the UN and US off-their-game.

What's next?

Got me!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry PrezBO, But You're Leaving Out The YOUNG!

DEAD END KIDS as youngsters!!!!

Obama (The ONE) has not an indication of the results of HIS (NOT Bush's) efforts.

WE, however, do have an inkling....could 2010 be a debacle of the 1st water for Obama & his DEMs?????

Hope so!


Dave Barry Weighs In On Campus PCness!!!!

Yes, THE Dave Barry....

Too much, and TOO true!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kelo Decision Looking Really Stupid!

You remember the story....a local government wanted to allow "developers" to take some folks land and homes.....some of the homes decades old and lived in by families for that long. The government declared condemnation on the owner's property to allow the developers to "create jobs and taxes".....

It went on in the courts for years and the US Supreme Court decided, by a narrow margin, that the government could take your land for developmental purposes.

The city took the property(s) involved, and tore the homes down. Yes, the owners were paid $ for their property....but still forced to sell and move.

Guess what? As reported at Riehl World View...nothing EVER got built & now the property is sitting there empty!!!!

Make you want to go be sick all over your friendly local/state/federal elected officials & judges? It does me!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ruh Roh.......GOP Out Fundraises DEMs....

Must be all the successes of a DEM Congress & DEM President....

The worm is turning folks!


From The Tin-Foil-Hat Brigade of Obama's Favorite Despots!

I cannot even find a way to describe it....but some how Hot Air's Ed Morrissey does!


& Little men are climbing in and out of my ears at night!

Obama Hearts this idiot!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O-M-G....This Is Unique! - A Movement to Have Legislators READ THE BILLS BEFORE PASSING THEM!

I have a TINGLE DOWN MY LEG!!!!!!


I can only hope.....but then "Hope & Change" is NOT something DEMs sign on to!

He He!


Debt? - I Got Your Debt!...Well, Actually We ALL Have It!


Don't you feel comfortable now facing votes by a DEM Congress on DEM proposals for Healthcare (1 Trillion $), Cap & Tax (Trade) (Who knows how many BILLIONS/TRILLIONS), Union "Card Check", etc.

Go could single-handidly bankrupt the most mighty nation on the face of the Earth in just a few short years (1 Term!)....

WOW Your are "The One"......Just the WRONG ONE!!!

For me it is of small consequence I likely won't be here in 20 years.....BUT I am one of those who worry about my children and grandkids.....They face almost-certain bankruptcy for the US of A UNLESS we stop this idiocy NOW and reverse much of what the DEMs, and "The One" have already foisted upon us!


ObaCarter Is Still Marching to Beat Carter to CowardsVille!

I am just watching as "The One" sends his political capitol into oblivion....and then some.The man is going to make Jimmah Carter into a middle-of-the-road capitalist by the time he is "Unelected" in 2012.

Until then we have to live with him....hopefully on an ever-shortening leash!

Today he blasted Isreal, our ONLY middle-east ally in his speech to the UN parasites!

My God, the man has an ego almost as large as his national-debt creation.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's Serious Default Upon Democracy!

PrezBO has derailed, or tried to, Democracy in Honduras.....


The Prez is ignoring Democracy in favor of helping Leftist idiots like Chavez....

Can we get a clue and reproach the Prez on this????


We Have A Photoshop President!

The LIBs would never agree....however, the PrezBO is simply a cut-out-character of a real live President!

This man is a plastic fellow who knows only one thing......PUBLIC SPEAKING!

He seriously believes his face, his charisma, and his glib comments will carry him through the 4 years of his office.


Mr. have to understand the problems and deal with them.....NOT force your impression of life upon the masses....The masses will NOT accept the delivery. PERIOD!

Nice try though......4 years, my GOD that is a long time......Come on 2010 Votes!


Reid Makes Ready to Commit Political Suicide!....Still Clueless!!!!

Mr. Reid is threatening again the NUCLEAR OPTION

& He has not a clue.....Majority opinion opposes the ObamaCare plan....majority opinion opposes the "spend" part of the current government....majority opinion opposes ANY new government plan to spend anything!

Reid goes along telling it like he was in control.

If he swallows the "poison pill" of nuclear option, he will find himself the minority leaders in 2010! P-E-R-I-O-D !!!!

The DEMs, once in control, cannot relenquish control to the majority of voters...THEY KNOW they are right.....Damn those idiot voters!

Go Harry.....Do your thing, and D-I-E as a political force.


Monday, September 21, 2009

OH NO! Henry Gibson Is Dead!

Most of my readers will not know of him.....Those of my generation will!

Henry was unique....and I, for one, loved his comedy!

RIP Henry!


Obama NEA Conniving Is Unreal!

WH is seeking support and production of pro-Obama items from funded NEA!

Yeppers folks, it just gets betterer and betterer!

He He


I Smell An ACORN Coverup!!!!!


The DOJ is going to investigate ACORN.......WHAT????

They will investigate ONLY if ACORN received DOJ funds!

Let me see.....what about their criminal assistance to folks wishing to break a BUNCH of laws? What about funding for services they never performed.....What about any wrong-doing by ACORN in other areas?

Guess Holder & Company's new motto is "All the crime we cannot see...all the time."

Man Obama and company are still stuck in "public=stupid" mode.

Love it....

& The walls come a tumbling down!


Obama May Know, But He Will NOT Tell!


Nope, Nada, Nothing.....

The man is devoid of any form of reason beyond Chicago Politics and the idea he should be protected for his the government.

OOPS! - This is Washington PrezBO...NOT Shy-Town!

Grow up and realize the process is not YOURS to control.

We are still (barely) a republic....


NEA (National Endowment of The Arts) TANKS for PrezBO!

Breitbart continues the string of exposures of ACORN by showing Obama's WH is in collusion with the NEA......READ IT & KNOW!!!!

There is no end to the shabby deceit of this administration....better known as "Chicago East"....

They deserve all the things they are being handed....They lie, cheat, deny, and still seek to be in control.

This isn't Chicago any more Toto!


Clunkers Clunked As September Sales Crash!

So much for another PrezBO debacle......


Robbing from Peter to Pay Paul NEVER WORKS.....

Thus ends another Obama plan for our country to let government control/run/destroy our economy.....Big Government = Big Headaches!

DEMs....particularly uber-Liberals like Obama never get the message.....They "Know Better"....until the proof of the pudding shows they Do NOT!


Generational Theft? - You Gonna Pay....

So You Wanna Be A College Grad Under Obama.....He He!

You will find the above to be scary....unless you are Liberal to the extreme.


Obama & Hillary Fighting to Overturn Democracy!

"The Supreme Court of Honduras has constitutional and statutory authority to hear cases against the President of the Republic and many other high officers of the State, to adjudicate and enforce judgments, and to request the assistance of the public forces to enforce its rulings."

—Congressional Research Service, August 2009

And, Writer Mary Anastasia O'Grady adds; "In its actions toward Honduras, the Obama administration is demonstrating contempt for the fundamentals of democracy. Legal scholars are clear on this. "Judicial independence is a central component of any democracy and is crucial to separation of powers, the rule of law and human rights," writes Ahron Barak, the former president of the Supreme Court of Israel and a prominent legal scholar, in his compelling 2006 book, "The Judge in a Democracy."

"The purpose of the separation of powers is to strengthen freedom and prevent the concentration of power in the hands of one government actor in a manner likely to harm the freedom of the individual," Mr. Barak explains—almost as if he is writing about Honduras.

He also warns prophetically about the Chávez style of democracy that has destroyed Venezuela and that Hondurans say they were trying to avoid in their own country. "Democracy is entitled to defend itself from those who seek to use it in order to destroy its very existence," he writes. Americans ought to ask themselves why the Obama administration doesn't seem to agree."

Her entire piece POINTEDLY ASKS HOW HILL & PrezBO can continue this charade.

Indeed! Why has no media person asked the question in light of the obvious delusion Obama & his Sec State are trying to present as fact?

Oh right, the media are in the tank for Obama....except now that veil is beginning to lift as the media recognize a slow-motion train wreck when they see it coming. The questions of Obama yesterday took on a more confrontational appearance than was previous heard or seen.


A Tax Is A Tax Is A Tax, Mr. President!

However, if PrezBO says it is NOT a tax, then we are supposed to buy in to his philosophy.

The WSJ disagrees with Mr. President!

If you take money from me, for any purpose, Mr. PrezBO, it IS A TAX!

I seriously doubt yesterday's 5-stop media tour will gain the President any points, nor halt the opposition by a majority to healthcare reform in ANY of the forms currently circulating.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Michelles.....Two Stories.....

The Michelle Obama.....2nd-in-command-messiah is ALMOST impervious to bullets of truth....BUT NOT QUITE!

Michelle Malkin tells the truth!

Yeppers, the Obamas are truth-deficient!


Obama Sees No Problem In ACORN....


This is so laugh-oriented that I am choking on my coffee!

The PREZ-BO is not following closely????

B.S. PREZBO....YOU follow everything closely.

V-E-R-Y Closely!

You do not know anything about avoiding any confrontation. You are born to confront!

Do not L-I-E Mr. Pres.


Democrats? - Hypocrisy???? - You Kiddin Me?

At Real Clear Politics Deborah Saunders offers examples!

Naw, you gotta be kidding....Those upright, full-of-sxxx....transparency folks in the Democrat Party could never do such.

Just ask em.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

OH BOY! Do You Wanna Know What ObamaCare R-E-A-L-L-Y Contains????

I didn't think so....BUT....


The truth is WORSE than we thought!

This HAS TO FAIL.....and hopefully it will!


The New Media!

Breitbart, Giles, O'Keefe......THEY ARE THE NEW MEDIA!

CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, NYT, LAT, WaPo, a bunch of losers tied so tightly to the liberal agenda that "Journalism" has gone out the window in favor of control of the news.

There is NO news coverage....only "News Direction".....Match the story to the agenda.

There will be media.....even if suppressed by the government. They will disseminate news. The Obama folks, and the Antique Media (MSM) just either don't have a clue, or find themselves so terribly committed to the theme they cannot manage to separate fact from the liberal fiction.



"WH The Worst Bunch of Cry Babies In My 30 Years As A Newsman!"

Chris Wallace speaks plainly to O'Reilly....

Does seem that A-N-Y words spoken against an Obama policy instantly gets a major response...always making the speaker into some sort of monster.

Insecurity....lack of maturity....micro-management?


Right-Wing "Crap" Books Lead Best Seller's List

Chris Matthews has his panties in a wad because right wing books are atop the list. HE WHINES IN THIS Kyle Drennen piece.

Talk about a narrow mind. Perhaps what Matthews should as a (ha ha) Journalist be asking is why do the conservatives have more sales when the liberals are supposedly in control...a majority...etc.

I just finished Liberty and Tyranny while on Grand Cayman, and while it makes great pool-side reading, it will leave you scared about the statist successes while we conservatives and libertarians piddle about.

In fact, many of our successes are from DEM/ACORN/OBAMA/PELOSI/REID stumbles!

Now, on to read Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption. Yum...(the book, dummy.) Not that Michelle couldn't stand on her own beauty as well.


Friday, September 18, 2009

"You've Got To Spend Money To Spend Money!

Just had to pick this up from Vodkapundit (Stephen Green)....

"From genuine rocket scientist Ed Lambert:

A vehicle at 15 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 800 gallons a year of gasoline.

A vehicle at 25 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 480 gallons a year.

So, the average “Cash for Clunkers” transaction will reduce US gasoline consumption by 320 gallons per year.

They claim 700,000 vehicles – so that’s 224 million gallons/year.

That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil. 5 million barrels of oil is about ¼ of one day’s US consumption. And, 5 million barrels of oil costs about $350 million dollars at $70/bbl.

We all contributed to spending $3 billion to save $350 million. How good a deal was that ???

They’ll probably do a better job with health care though


I'm thinking that pretty well nails most government programs....oh, and since we are dithering about here on ObamaCare why has he not already begun cutting the HUGE waste from Medicare which PrezBO just knows exists. His efforts to first make the cuts in waste would go a long way toward inducing more supporters for his MONSTER program.

Seems simple to me!


Obama's Halliburton; The Name Is General Electric

Kim Priestap at WizBang Blog has the R-E-A-L story of why Obama dropped the missile shield plans!

And all along YOU thought he just did a dumb thing.....Hell no, he was helping his buds! See the man isn't so stupid as many thought....just using his pull to swing a few gazillion bucks to his supporters!

It gets betterer and betterer!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmah Carter, II - ??????


Folks, we are in for a tough 3.5 years....BUT at least the public is already becoming aware, and 2010 elections loom.


US Public Sez "NO" to HealthCare.....DEMs Ignore Public!

What's New?

WE ARE a large margin....They could care less!

2010 is coming my marvelous about-to-be-ex-CongressCritters!


Is Pelosi Breaking Up????

The woman is not dealing from a full deck, I swear.

She didn't know about ACORN's problems....huh?

Now this display of emotion, and near-loss-of-control.

Do ya suppose she knows the HealthCare fiasco is enroute to a reef-crash?

He He!


DEMs Play Shell Game With ACORN Funding!

You'll read about the vote by the House & Senate to de-fund ACORN....BUT....

Instapundit has links...

Now you see it, now you don't....Besides Pelosi told folks she knew nothing about the ACORN problem, so how could she allow this de-funding to happen.

The interesting thing for the blogosphere to follow will be whether or not either of the bills is passed by the "other" half of Congress....and then even more important will be the reaction of PrezBO if he is presented with a bill...

These DEMs are completely clueless about how aware the public really is. They seem to prefer the "if we say it enough, it will be truth" method of influence.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jon Stewart Climbs MSM Frames......Beautiful

Sayeth Stewart: “Where were the real reporters on this story? You know what, investigative media: Where the hell were you? You know who broke this story? These two. You’re telling me that two kids from the cast of High School Musical 3 can break this story with a video camera and their grandmother’s fake chinchilla coat and you got nothing? They did it for $3,000.00. That’s Blitzer’s monthly beard wetback [?] wet vac budget. It probably cost CNN that much just to turn on their hologram machine. I’m a fake journalist and I’m embarrassed these guys scooped me. Let’s get to work people.”



O M G !!!!! - Proposed Healthcare Bill Will Cost Average Family $717 Per Month!

& That is for minimal coverage!

Ya gotta love the DEMs. They are bent on failure as reported here!

Now not only are the uber-liberal DEMs opposed due lack of "public (lack-of) option", but also GOP folks are uniformly against the who knows how many Blue Dog DEMs are still going to oppose this.

Frankly, I believe when it is all said and done the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate may not have the 51 votes needed for the "nuclear option" which would KILL them in 2010, well, if they are not already dead.

This gets betterer & betterer!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MSM Working Toward Extinction......ACORN Does Not Exist!

The pace of self-destruction among the MSM (Antique Media) is quickening.

Their new motto seems to be "All The News (We want you to hear), All The Time"

ACORN is in really deep doo doo over the unveiling of multiple instances of various offices advising pimps and prostitutes on how to avoid taxes.

ABC & CBS do not even know the story exists....

MSNBC has a short story about the Senate voting 83-7 to disallow funding from HUD for the ACORN operation. They blame the vote on "activists"....

Top story of the week....perhaps of the month....the repercussions could be astounding. The MSM finds it less important than telling about Serena Williams on-court blowup, Patrick Swayze's death, Kanye's award explosion, etc.

The media....Farcical at best.


ACORN Threatens LawSuits.....

The folks at ACORN are grabbing-at-straws currently....their defense is a really, really weak offense.

From this!

The folks at ACORN are completely rudderless, and they are also still awaiting the NEXT shoe to drop....

They have a lot of "Ouch" rhetoric to deal with, and now the folks who produced the three-already-released vids of ACORN folks following an obviously-prescribed agenda have stated tomorrow will be their next BIGGEE!

There are a LOT of ACORN Panties IN-A-Wad tonight...Guaranteed....


Monday, September 14, 2009

The Largest Event Ever Held!

Gosh is it a GOP description of the 9/12 gathering in Washington? NOPE

The conservative view of the Tea Party-Extraordinaire in Washington? NOPE

That description was from the National Parks Service!

They have NO political agenda...they are not GOP nor DEM...nor Obamabots.

The description is of a CROWD OF.....Well, just read it!

The Monday Morning Quarterbacks are attempting to manipulate this every which way. FOX's folks are underestimating....probably to seem less conservative. The MSM (Read: Antique Media) are saying things like tens of thousands....

There were probably at LEAST a million folks in Washington for the "STOP THE SPENDING" rally....for that was their resounding message....NOT Healthcare....NOT Cap & Trade...NOT any of the things on-going.


These folks, plus the multiples of them unable to attend, are going to vote in 2010...The "Spenders" are not going to like the results.



R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze...
He lived, he loved, he lived L-A-R-G-E!!!

He was a man's man!

RIP Patrick.


Gollywood/Musician Once Again Proves They Are Bankrupt Human Beings!

Kanye is an idiot devoid of intelligence, but dipped in delusional fame=importance/relevance!

Gosh, I just hang on every word of these Gollywood "Importants"....Really!!!!!!


Senate Votes Cut for ACORN FUNDS......83-7 WOO HOO!

Ed at Hot Air covers it like a blanket.

ACORN is going down, but the secret is the continuation of the series of "Pimp/Ho" ACORN videos because Ms. Pelosi is so massively deluded as to ignore bringing the same vote to the House floor.

It will happen, and it is another in the LONG-LONG list of Obama-Suicide items.

The amateur is self-destructing.....he cannot help is ALL he knows...and now he is outside Sha-Kaw-Gah!

(Do any of my readers understand the pronunciation of Chicago above??? Thinking about it I guess most of my readers are too young to remember the "Original" Daley who used the particular pronunciation of "The Windy!")


Future Headline: Black Panthers Bite Obama's Axx!

Somewhat cryptic, but developing events indicate within a year...nicely positioned just before the 2010 mid-term elections...there will be much much more about the Holder's DOJ dropping charges against the Black Panther poll harassment.

Jeniffer Rubin details how The U. S. Civil Rights Commission, denied information by the WH/DOJ, is now embarking on a one-year major investigation.

The facts are, in their usual completely arrogant fashion, the Obama/Holder cabal has taken a completely irrational step in dismissing the charges and now is finding they are not in Chicago any more.

Let us hope the Commission follows through, as they are want to do, and that the GOP continues pressure on this absurd dismissal.


Friday, September 11, 2009

O-M-G! 2nd ACORN Office Gives Tax Advise to "Prostitute & Pimp"

Yesterday FOXNews and the blogosphere generally covered this like a blanket. Not so much the Lame Stream Media.....where only ABC had a small article and only AFTER ACORN fired the two women giving tax advise to this pair of undercover folks.

ACORN was all about this was not their doing, and these fired women were not up to their professional standards.


Another ACORN office did the same thing. Film and story this morning ON FOXNEWS!!!

I've already fired off a missive to the Tampa Tribune which used a small excerpt from a blog as their coverage this morning of the 1st film. It'll be a surprise if they use my letter-to-the-editor....and a much bigger surprise if they actually cover the 2nd event.

Part of the fun here is waiting to see how deep the MSM can dig themselves as they "hide" from this story.

Is there a third...or 4th film????

Bet some ACORN high muckty-mucks have their panties in a wad this morning! Wish I could be a fly on the wall as they try to determine if the blood-letting will continue.

Then there is the question of how long law enforcement/district attornies/DOJ can ignore this long list of conspiracy charges which Judge Andrew Nepolitano outlined yesterday on FOX over the 1st instance.

Har Har! Fun indeed.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

EARTH TO DEMs.......Listen UP!

My late, great best friend CC Vans Evers, II, often issued the clarion call to one or the other of his daughters.....usually the youngest......"Earth to Teri!"

His meaning, of course, was this child is NOT in touch with reality. (She was not then, but now is a really responsible adult who is in touch!)

I am reminded of this scenario as the DEMs seem hell-bent upon a self-destruct pattern which allows them to offer fantasy options which we can all find as NOT REAL....

They seem to believe because they are a majority they control the thought-process of the voters. They are finding a different answer.

The DEMs have not a majority on any issue......ObamaCare; Cap & Tax(Trade).....or any other of their issues.

Obama has spent his chits and the public wants retribution, and control of spending.

Will the DEMs see this....of course.....WILL THEY respond to it in a positive fashion? I sincerely doubt it. They will dive into self-destruct mode for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Result....2012 GOP majority....possibly including a Pres!


I L-O-V-E N-U-M-B-E-R-S!!!!!!

From Patterico.....




Yee Haw!


UPDATE: I missed the 09/09/09 - 09hrs...09mins...09seconds thing by a sleepy nod!

Michelle Explains Tom Daschle; The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!

"Tom Daschle is the human toe fungus of Washington – a persistent infection that may disappear from time to time, but always comes back with a vengeance."...Michelle Malkin

The K Street tax cheat who is lobbying to SAVE ObamaCare!!!

The DEMs find another reason to avoid any form of accountability or "transparency" (ONE of their favorite words!)

Gotta Love it!


Absolutely, Positively The BEST Analysis of WHAT TO WATCH FOR IN OBAMA address!

Keith Hennessey is UP FRONT, ON TOP, AND AWARE!

Nuff Said!


11 ACORN Workers Charged....Registered "Paul Newman"...


In my way of thinking, this is the tip of the iceberg.....PrezBO cannot throw this one under the bus....Who else will see to it he is elected for a 2nd term....just prior to his appointment as CZAR-IN-CHARGE?

The Obamassiah is now falling...his free-fall shall continue.

So much for the Chicago beand of control at the national level.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ju Vil Buy Health Insurance!

If this example of the "Gang-of-Six" cooperation is true, then the entire thing is H-O-G-W-A-S-H!!!!

Max Baucus would FINE you $3,800 IF you do not get insurance!

This is NOT a joke is fact.

Do you need any more information about NOT wanting ObamaCare?????


Obama CZARs get NO Vetting!!!!

Well, there you are then....Obama has avoided those pesky Congressional processes, and his "special folk" (The CZARs) get NO vetting!

Reported from Patterico...

Let me see....we can appoint ANYBODY to ANY POST & they can be Communist/Socialist/Criminals/whatever????

That seems to be the SHA-CAW-GAH Boy's (Obama's) theme.

"We don't need no education....we don't need no thought control!"

OOPS we DO need thought control. Do NOT oppose "The One's" ideas!

This gets more and more smelly as we live it folks.

No wonder the middle & many more are jumping ship.....Not just on ObamaCare, but also on ANY additional debt-producing legislation.

WAKE UP CONGRESS! Smell the "anti-spending coffee!"


The Latest Human Rights Watch Bombshell

Noah Pollak, at Commentary Magazine:

"I’m a believer in the truth of O’Sullivan’s First Law, formulated some years ago by the former editor of National Review, John O’Sullivan:

All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing. I cite as supporting evidence the ACLU, the Ford Foundation, and the Episcopal Church. The reason is, of course, that people who staff such bodies tend to be the sort who don’t like private profit, business, making money, the current organization of society, and, by extension, the Western world."


I guess a quick review of the ACLU is all that is needed to test this theory. It is fact. I loved the organization when it was founded, and I was MUCH younger and liberal in my know, before I realized the theories of liberal attitude would kill the economy/country/freedom.

Now the ACLU makes no pretense of being open and listening to any form of "Civil Liberties" violations....They are only interested is LIBERAL/Progressive items are not running well.

Damn the Conservatives and their ideas!


Obama Turns to OBAMA!!!

I am just laughing my ass off.....(LMAO in short-speak for the web) as it becomes clear that in the crucial week of ObamaCare consideration, our marvelous PrezBO, known in liberal circles as "The One", is turning to......CAMPAIGNING!

The Fox headline sez it all: "Obama Turns to Obama on Healthcare"

This man, bereft of any real managerial skills.....excepting thuggery, control, and absolute despotism, is going to still be campaigning as he tries so very hard to pass the "Government-Run/Owned" Healthcare bill.

He is failing. He will fail, and his dogged persistence in trying to cover his Liberal coattails will cost him the same as it did the Clintons....Everything.

The Democrat faithful are jumping ship.

The man knows no shame, and actually believes he can smile, issue dulcet tones and give "that look" and win the battle just as he fooled the voters in November.

The King Has No Clothes!


Yale U. Turns Coward....Cuts Cartoons So As Not To Offend!

Quick, turn your head, don't look at them and maybe they will not hurt us!

Yale University cuts cartoons from a book by Jytte Klausen, Professor at Brandeis University....The book, "The Cartoons That Shook The World", is to be released in the next few days. The cartoons are, of course, the Danish cartoons about Mohamed.

Yale Press said they cut the cartoons after terrorism experts said leaving them in the book COULD provoke extremist muslims.

The reverberations are many.....

Ambassador John Bolton, a Yale graduate, "I think it's intellectual cowardice, I think it's very self defeating on Yale's part. To me it's just inexplicable."

Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, wrote that Yale's decision effectively means: "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We just accede to their anticipated demands."

Cowards....shirkers of the 1st amendment....Unbelievable.

Me thinks our university system of elitists has gone so far soft and squishy as to be meaningless in their original stated goals and efforts. Their life revolves around political correctness, and apology....with a dash of socialist rhetoric thrown in.


Obama School Speech - Whose Ox Is Being Gored?

If it's a Republican speaking, as prez, to school kids...

So much for the DEMs outrage at conservative concerns on Obama's speech.



Government Employees Worth $30,000 MORE than Private Employees?

The only job sector growing rapidly is government employment, courtesy of the Obama/DEM administration.

All others are losing employment.....add to that...THIS Instapundit coverage of government pay and benefits!

That should provide some fodder for further tax increases and government-building...N-O-T!!!!


Monday, September 07, 2009

Obama Plan....USA From 1st to 3rd World Power???

Much of the focus of the Tea Party folks, those who are just unsure of Obama, and others is one one, perhaps the stimulus.

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds gathers much more ominous information.

Time to look at the B-I-G picture folks.

The symptoms are there....The entire school bruhaha centers not on the message from Obama but from a) the Sec Ed publication directing teachers and schools, and b) a complete lack-of-trust by a now majority of the public. They simply do not trust him to be talking to their kids.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Do You See A Dog?....

I am once-again reminded of the old commercial....not even sure whose it was (so much for the effectiveness of ads) of a whole "herd" of ducklings trampling all over a dog which just lays there and seems completely out of it.

The cry of the ducklings: "Do you see a dog, I don't see a dog" a classic.

THUS SPAKE THE "Lame Stream Media"

They are NO WHERE to be seen on the issue of Jones and his involvement in government or his CZAR status....

They are absent....out-of-town, etc.

Jones has been appointed, been examined (by the bloggers, primarily), and has departed under a cloud of issues.

The Lame Stream Media seem perplexed that they are once-again out of the loop!

GET A CLUE DO NOT control the news any longer. You are NOT the best, you are NOT the most professional, You are NOT the folks who really know what is happening....

Y-O-U are the folks who espouse control of the news....NOT the reporting of same.

D-I-E MSM (Lame Stream Media) already HAVE, YOU JUST REFUSE TO FALL OVER.



I already posted on it, and now the facts are in....BOTH sides abhor it!!!

READ MY POST....Trigger is for Roy Rogers!

NUFF SAID......It will NOT FLY....ObamaCare is dead....Long Live ObamaCare!

Not really!


Obama School Speech Furor!

If "The One" is actually the man his supporters (well, at least some of them) feel he is, he should be bright enough to get through the chaff of statements by the HUGE NUMBER who have told him they either do not want his message to their children, or they are just opposed to his approach, AND read between the lines.


It is that simple.

You were elected by an electorate who really, really, really wanted change....The hope thing was just a bonus.

YOU FAILED!....You raised lots of warning signs when you announced IF WE DO NOT PASS your stimulus bill, our unemployment could top 8%.......OOPSIE, we DID pass it, and the unemployment is 9.7%....with additional rises anticipated. In addition, those figure do not count those whose unemployment has EXPIRED....we MAY be at 16%!!!!!

You tried to RUSH through, with every pressure you had available, an ObamaCare plan that was.....Not defined nor understood by YOU....not ready for prime-time by any measure!

The Cap & TAX bill languishes as your Congressional folks (THE MAJORITY) know IF they pass it, they will D-I-E at the polls in 2010!

Mr. AMATEUR.....your lack-a-experience is SHOWING!

Will you step back and take a new look, as would have George Bush, NOPE!!!! You will make a brazen appeal to Congress Tuesday....the day after trying to influence/indoctrinate our young...and you will stand there with your boldness showing and proclaim the answer is NOW a bill YOU approve of from your will be the same bill, or a bill with the "TRIGGER".... known in local circles as the "DELAY" bill for public option.

WE ARE AWAKE your highness, and you have NO CLOTHES!


G-U-M Ain't Getting It Folks!

G-U-M (Government-Union-Motors....formerly GM) is NOT getting it done.

JUST GO...READ/CRY/Flail about helplessly....etc.

WE, the taxpayers, will be adding BILLIONS more soon....soon as the GUM failure becomes evident and unavoidable....

ObamaPrez WILL NOT ALLOW GM TO FAIL again.....he will fund them until H-E-L-L freezes over to insure his re-election in 2012. He cannot allow his prime masterpiece of corrupt usurpation of TAX $ to the betterment of UNIONS, and the disadvantage of those of us who invested for our retirement, to fail....OR he fails.

BILLIONS, I tell Ya...BILLIONS will still be spent.


If A Soldier Is Kidnapped, We're Right There Reporting; If A NYT Reporter is Kidnapped, NOT SO MUCH!

No, please tell me the stalwart, dedicated, professional, ethic-driven MSM (Lame Stream Media) is NOT basing their reporting upon WHO is kidnapped!

O-M-G!!!!! Alert The Media.....Oh, wait THEY ARE the MEDIA!

READ IT, and expect no less than complete uunethical reporting from "The Grey Lady" (I believe the nick-name now refers to her age, not her seniority!)

These complete imbeciles are still believing they have some force of power in the NEWS field??? They still insist they are better than the BLOGS since they are professional??

Give it up guys, there is a reason the NYT is bankrupt (financially & spiritually)



Thoughts on The Departure of CZAR Jones...

My 1st thought is perhaps an obvious one to those who read the blogs regularly....Jones was not vetted! He was simply appointed, avoiding the Congressional scrutiny which is automatic with those who must face such Congressional approval and who have been appointed in the normal fashion.

This S-C-R-E-A-M-S for GOP attention long and hard. The point can be hammered home for weeks as we see why people are reviewed by Congress before being given the reins of authority.

Second, is a comparison I saw hinted at this morning...and now apologize as I cannot find the reference to link said and same. The comparison is to PrezBO himself. Jones and Obama, it was pointed out, have the same background of radical connections...and radical actions. The difference: Obama has his background sequestered under a rock somewhere that keeps from the public what he actually did and said in college and since.

Once he entered politics he was obviously very, very good at hiding things, and then there is the fact of the media's HUGE support and commitment to this man. If the media today were the professionals of they would have us believe...they would be looking under the rock. Not gonna happen!

Thus we get Jones "Heavy" as our Prez and no one is the wiser.


I Could NOT Make This S*** Up Folks!


As I titled it....I COULD NOT make this up!

My God Folks, and they wonder why unions are losing popularity?



If it LOOKS like a DUCK.....

Chris at Day by Day Cartoon is my fave....too bad the Lame Stream Media abhor any conservative cartoons....despite their readership's preference for things middle to right these days.


UPDATE: By the way, I offer apologies that the strip is so difficult to read on this site (see lower right), however Chris adopts a multi-pane cartoon format on Sundays (much to my joy) which does not read well in my scanning strip.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Organize This! - Unions in Dive Mode!

Capt. Ed at Hot Air tells the tale of Slipping Union support!

I understand at least one union exec has now said they don't have to have "card check"... Think they might see the handwriting on the wall?


Friday, September 04, 2009

"CZAR" is to Avoid The Public!

President Bush appointed 1 CZAR.....He was W-R-O-N-G!

Perhaps he was more wrong than we know as PrezBo has decided that to run the country we need LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of know, the folks appointed by the PREZ to work on his agenda....but without the public vetting the usual appointees of the PREZ face.


Cause then the idiots, extremists, etc. have to face NO questions as an appointee.

They can be "Truthers", they can be "tax-dodgers", they can be extremists of all sorts, but they face NOTHING in the way of Congressional exposure. They are appointed, and they are thus magically transported to P-O-W-E-R!!!!

Van Jones is in charge of an 80 MILLION dollar budget....with no Congressional approval.

How much of the PrezBo's entire operation is now in the hands of his 40-50-60 CZARS????

No scrutiny by the Congress...just "friendship" with the PrezBo....

What an extraordinary method of deciding.

Wanna bet what the Lame Stream Media reaction would have been to Bush if he had appointed 40 plus CZARs????

I guess that is easy.



"Trigger" Is For Roy Rogers.....Not My HealthCare!

The DEMs are looking at a sneak attack plan to implement their "Public" choice for healthcare.

They are planning to include a new method of getting what they want....Just allow THEM to decide if the insurance companies are doing what THEY decide is right....if not, then we still get "Public" choice......Wanna bet what the end result will be????


There is NO plan these DEMs will pass that is acceptable. They lie, they cheat, they scheme, they are "empowered"...just ask them.


No Healthcare reform is better than anything they have so far ( and probably will) offer.


"Public Option" By Dems Now To "TRIGGER" When the Insurance Companies DO NOT Comply with The DEMS Rules.....

How to Have a "Public" (Read Government) option without voting them initially! Obamabots.....have a plan and YOU will find in their plan C-O-N-T-R-O-L by the Dems of your healthcare!!!!

They will incrementally increase control.....1st, they go along, but IF THE insurance folk do not agree to THEIR terms they will take control.......The "Public" (Government) Option!

Talk to YOUR CongressCritter......Tell them you wish NO Healthcare as now ordained....


Unemployment is Ignored By ObamaBots!!!! - "Slow Joe Biden" Included

Joe sees magical things......In his mind.....not reality.

He sees Stimulus success...but the unemployment rate is now 9.7%....and that, in government parlance, is a LOT less than the actual.....You see, the unemployment rates DO NOT COUNT those whose unemployment benefits have EXPIRED! (They just disappear from the figures....Must be a government thing)....

IF we include theses folks...the unemployment is 15-17%!!!!!!

Gosh, gee whiz......Obama is in deep doo doo!


Ah, A Mere Mortal!!!! - Obama's Fall From Grace!

Charles Krauthammer exposes Obama's mortality...

Being a "mere mortal" is a death knell for Obama.

I agree with the Krauthammer summation.....the mystique is G-O-N-E!

2012 is going to be in-ter-es-ting!


"Death Pathways" = "Death Panels"....etc.

The ObamaBots have mouthed and exuded total confidence in the "public option"....which really means the "Government control option"....but that phrase sticks in the craw of rightees and MORs. Thus while the ObamaBots fiddle we learn of a similar thing in Jolly Ol England.....

"DEATH PANELS", as named by Sarah Palin here, are now, in England "Death Pathways"....

You see, it is all nomenclature.....Not what IS, but what the ObamaCare folks want you to THINK IS.

Un Huh!

My eyes are open are those of the vast majority of this country. Your ubber-liberal (read socialist) attitudes and attempts at control are really quite transparent!


How to HELP Today's High School Grads...Up Close & Personal!

I just have to tell the story of one method of helping some really-deserving kids get through college. I happen to know of this because it is from a group of graduates of my high school.

Coming out of high school there are some really good students with great plans who have little or no funding. They can borrow heavily and become debtors prior to even entering the work force.

This group of graduates from my high school in Pekin, Illinois (mostly classes of 1958 through about 1964....though they are trying now to tie to younger grads), has established a fund for scholarships. The actual donors do the judging based upon NEED plus the usual criteria of grades, plans, high school activities, etc.

The program is in its 3rd year, and successful.

WHY? Well, 1st of all the donors have the wherewithal to do so in fairly small amounts of $50 to $200 and a few more larger donors. Then, they are interested in the success of the young from "Their" high school.

My thought is....why not such a program by high school grads across the country?

In our case, the primary donors weree brought to the program by the transgressions of a U of Illinois Board which voted out "Chief Illiniwik" as the U of I mascot. This so POed the grads from my high school, many of whom went to Illinois, that they stopped donating to the university, and instead founded the scholarship program.

Let's face it. Many universities are nicely funded already. Kids coming from high school need the help....Many have little to no support, with possibly a small scholarship or two. The added money from the grads fund may just make university a possibility for them.

Give it some thought....AND talk with your high school groups.

Self-help in this country has ALWAYS surpassed any government interference (programs)!


Caption This Photo....Obama at The Grand Canyon

Each week WizBang Blog holds a picture caption contest.....enter HERE AT WIZBANG or just read the suggested titles....

My entry this week: Obama(Kennedy)Care is just across this ditch....we'll build a narrow wooden bridge across....Is that an old Oldsmobile down in the bottom?


Obama Government Opposed to Honduran Democracy!

Let me see.....In Iran an obviously gamed election, frought with decimation of the opposition, and now trials and death for many of the opposition is OKEY DOKEY.....

BUT...Honduran regularly scheduled democratic elections are not something to recognize.

Guess the fact the Hondurans took out a leader trying to take over the government completely....and did so under the complete rule of their just something PrezBo does not want. I mean if he ever tries to completely take over here, under the guise of protecting us from ourselves, of course, he wants nothing similar to occur.

Ya Think????

Just no other reason for such blatant opposition to true democratic activities of one of the FEW democracies in S/C America!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Where's The BEEF?????

Time is now the item.

Obama and crew will obviously give up some items which they dearly wished for in ObamaCare. If not they will L-O-S-E!

The question is....WHAT will they give up?

Probably a "temporary" reprieve from the "Public Option" designed to insure that the insurance companies comply with "Public Option" goals, or....We get "Public Option"!!!!

Olympia Snowe, the infamous RINO, will be coerced to sign-on to the legislation....something not at all beyond her decision-making capability.

We, as the public, would then be allowed to enjoy two years of non-government control before the deadly provisions kick in and we are back where ObamaCare began.....PUBLIC OPTION.

You had better continue your communication to your Senator and Congress-Critter to insure this ruse does not fly! The GOP must grow a backbone....somthing they have not had for years. I am quite skeptical they will be able to muster the strength! I still believe a COMPLETE defeat of all incumbents in 2010 is the only answer....BUT, until then we have to hold the line.


K-I-L-L E-M !!!!!!!!


Can any thinking person possibly find this acceptable?

If so, I doubt their ability to find feeling for lives and people.


Employment To Climb....Higher & Higher! - Obama Plan to Increase Government Employment by 1/3rd!!!


We gonna have more Government increases it's intrusion into our lives. Ain't that just N-E-A-T????

Grow Govt.!

Deplete actual jobs.....What a PLAN!


Obama School-Kid Indoctrination....101

INDOCTRINATION 101...Into Obamaism (Socialism) is on the agenda!

I completely endorse the "SKIP SCHOOL" plan for September 8th.

Are YOU going to act to save your kids????


"Green" Advisor Jones.....OOPSIE X2!!!!

Not only is this man spouting "Assholes" as a description of GOP members, but also he is A TRUTHER espousing the idea that 9/11 was an inside job!

Gosh PrezBo, cannot you find even O-N-E idiot/er....appointee who will be a "REAL person????

Maybe if you just stopped appointing "CZARs"......You know, those leaders of YOUR agenda who are NOT VETTED by the Congress!


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NHS (England's National Health (?) Service)....We Gonna Help You D-I-E!!!

You have a death sentence....and we'll help...A LOT!!!

Yeppers folks, we need government in our healthcare.....They gonna make it alright.... plus much, much easier to die. I mean, given no fluids, etc., you will not last long. Think of the savings!


UH....Hope & Change???? - With Assholes???


Being a "CZAR" is really, really special.....You are one of only 40-50-60-whatever.....All without creds as they need NOT be approved by the Senate.....The Obama version of rope-a-dope!

But then you spew awful things from your "anointed" mouth.....

Things like (GO---Read It!) "ASSHOLES!!!!"

Guess that comes with being a SHA-CAW-GAH person....or at least representing one (Obama)...

Ain't our new "Hope & Change" just marvelous?

Folks have to love it all....

I know I do....

Thanks Obama for your idiocy! Love Ya are the best thing for the GOP since Reagan!



PELOSI....Rangel Can Stay....He Has Not Been Yet Sent To Jail, So He Is A Good Democrat!

Pelosi Offers Another Clear & Transparent Declaration About Open Decisions By Democrats....

Pelosi do you REALLY believe voters are buying this crap??? OR, are you just so tied to having a majority that you just truly do not care?





National Keep Your Kids Out-Of-School Day....Sept. 8th!

Obama wishes to "indoctrinate" your lil-ones with his "organizer rhetoric about healthcare"......WHY would this idiot try this? Cause he thinks "organization is local"....BUT it is his case a national "Uber-Liberal Teach-In" is gonna inflame the already-upset voters even more....He is not going to like the results of his stupid plan!


TAXES Are For The LITTLE People!!!!

Thus demonstrated by a Democrat lawmaker....once again....

MA passed a giant tax hike on alcohol & the taxes on the sale also.....

THIS TAX PROPONENT was caught slipping across state line to stock his liquor a MUCH lower tax rate!

GOLLEE! A Democrat avoiding taxes.....Unheard of.....ER....well, not often heard of....ER....well, they are the norm actually!


"Cash for Clunkers" Still Not Working!

The money has returned at a rate of something in the vicinity of 20%. (HT Instapundit)

The turn around, as the article suggested, was set for 10 days. HAR! As Instapundit sums it, "I’m sure they’ll do better with health care. . . ."



AARP Continues to L-I-E!!!

This morning AARP has the banner at"5 Myths about Healthcare!"

While mouthing phrases indicating they have not taken a position on the ObamaCare issue, their actual ads parrot the lies of Obama....In fact, almost ver batim copying them.

"You can keep your doctor"...Real facts, the ability to keep one's doctor is short term. ; "Healthcare reform is NOT socialized medicine"...Real Fact, it is, as passed in the House of Reps, a complete takeover of your healthcare, and given every bit of available information from existing nationalized medicine, will with-no-doubt lead to cutting back on services (rationing).

Why is it AARP thinks they can continue doublespeak and not lose members?

Why is it AARP still does NOTHING to actually ask its members for their position? If, in fact, they care about their members, I'd think they might conduct a poll of same. A REAL poll with actual verified results.

Their answer; controlled small meetings in a very few locations at which they are only interested in espousing their own statements....not listening to their constituency.

Time for a change at involving the entire leadership. If we are going to pay money for people to represent us do not you think those people should actually LISTEN to US???


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It Ain't Just ObamaCare Dems!

I'm guessing the DEMs do not wish to yet face this.....but they are aware! Health Care is only a part of the unrest in the citizenry....

WSJ Online

I am fairly certain there will not be a lot of activity on the Obama agenda this fall. Just a guess.