Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kelo Decision Looking Really Stupid!

You remember the story....a local government wanted to allow "developers" to take some folks land and homes.....some of the homes decades old and lived in by families for that long. The government declared condemnation on the owner's property to allow the developers to "create jobs and taxes".....

It went on in the courts for years and the US Supreme Court decided, by a narrow margin, that the government could take your land for developmental purposes.

The city took the property(s) involved, and tore the homes down. Yes, the owners were paid $ for their property....but still forced to sell and move.

Guess what? As reported at Riehl World View...nothing EVER got built & now the property is sitting there empty!!!!

Make you want to go be sick all over your friendly local/state/federal elected officials & judges? It does me!