Sunday, September 06, 2009

Do You See A Dog?....

I am once-again reminded of the old commercial....not even sure whose it was (so much for the effectiveness of ads) of a whole "herd" of ducklings trampling all over a dog which just lays there and seems completely out of it.

The cry of the ducklings: "Do you see a dog, I don't see a dog" a classic.

THUS SPAKE THE "Lame Stream Media"

They are NO WHERE to be seen on the issue of Jones and his involvement in government or his CZAR status....

They are absent....out-of-town, etc.

Jones has been appointed, been examined (by the bloggers, primarily), and has departed under a cloud of issues.

The Lame Stream Media seem perplexed that they are once-again out of the loop!

GET A CLUE DO NOT control the news any longer. You are NOT the best, you are NOT the most professional, You are NOT the folks who really know what is happening....

Y-O-U are the folks who espouse control of the news....NOT the reporting of same.

D-I-E MSM (Lame Stream Media) already HAVE, YOU JUST REFUSE TO FALL OVER.