Sunday, September 06, 2009

Obama School Speech Furor!

If "The One" is actually the man his supporters (well, at least some of them) feel he is, he should be bright enough to get through the chaff of statements by the HUGE NUMBER who have told him they either do not want his message to their children, or they are just opposed to his approach, AND read between the lines.


It is that simple.

You were elected by an electorate who really, really, really wanted change....The hope thing was just a bonus.

YOU FAILED!....You raised lots of warning signs when you announced IF WE DO NOT PASS your stimulus bill, our unemployment could top 8%.......OOPSIE, we DID pass it, and the unemployment is 9.7%....with additional rises anticipated. In addition, those figure do not count those whose unemployment has EXPIRED....we MAY be at 16%!!!!!

You tried to RUSH through, with every pressure you had available, an ObamaCare plan that was.....Not defined nor understood by YOU....not ready for prime-time by any measure!

The Cap & TAX bill languishes as your Congressional folks (THE MAJORITY) know IF they pass it, they will D-I-E at the polls in 2010!

Mr. AMATEUR.....your lack-a-experience is SHOWING!

Will you step back and take a new look, as would have George Bush, NOPE!!!! You will make a brazen appeal to Congress Tuesday....the day after trying to influence/indoctrinate our young...and you will stand there with your boldness showing and proclaim the answer is NOW a bill YOU approve of from your will be the same bill, or a bill with the "TRIGGER".... known in local circles as the "DELAY" bill for public option.

WE ARE AWAKE your highness, and you have NO CLOTHES!