Sunday, September 06, 2009

G-U-M Ain't Getting It Folks!

G-U-M (Government-Union-Motors....formerly GM) is NOT getting it done.

JUST GO...READ/CRY/Flail about helplessly....etc.

WE, the taxpayers, will be adding BILLIONS more soon....soon as the GUM failure becomes evident and unavoidable....

ObamaPrez WILL NOT ALLOW GM TO FAIL again.....he will fund them until H-E-L-L freezes over to insure his re-election in 2012. He cannot allow his prime masterpiece of corrupt usurpation of TAX $ to the betterment of UNIONS, and the disadvantage of those of us who invested for our retirement, to fail....OR he fails.

BILLIONS, I tell Ya...BILLIONS will still be spent.