Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thoughts on The Departure of CZAR Jones...

My 1st thought is perhaps an obvious one to those who read the blogs regularly....Jones was not vetted! He was simply appointed, avoiding the Congressional scrutiny which is automatic with those who must face such Congressional approval and who have been appointed in the normal fashion.

This S-C-R-E-A-M-S for GOP attention long and hard. The point can be hammered home for weeks as we see why people are reviewed by Congress before being given the reins of authority.

Second, is a comparison I saw hinted at this morning...and now apologize as I cannot find the reference to link said and same. The comparison is to PrezBO himself. Jones and Obama, it was pointed out, have the same background of radical connections...and radical actions. The difference: Obama has his background sequestered under a rock somewhere that keeps from the public what he actually did and said in college and since.

Once he entered politics he was obviously very, very good at hiding things, and then there is the fact of the media's HUGE support and commitment to this man. If the media today were the professionals of they would have us believe...they would be looking under the rock. Not gonna happen!

Thus we get Jones "Heavy" as our Prez and no one is the wiser.