Friday, September 04, 2009

"CZAR" is to Avoid The Public!

President Bush appointed 1 CZAR.....He was W-R-O-N-G!

Perhaps he was more wrong than we know as PrezBo has decided that to run the country we need LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of know, the folks appointed by the PREZ to work on his agenda....but without the public vetting the usual appointees of the PREZ face.


Cause then the idiots, extremists, etc. have to face NO questions as an appointee.

They can be "Truthers", they can be "tax-dodgers", they can be extremists of all sorts, but they face NOTHING in the way of Congressional exposure. They are appointed, and they are thus magically transported to P-O-W-E-R!!!!

Van Jones is in charge of an 80 MILLION dollar budget....with no Congressional approval.

How much of the PrezBo's entire operation is now in the hands of his 40-50-60 CZARS????

No scrutiny by the Congress...just "friendship" with the PrezBo....

What an extraordinary method of deciding.

Wanna bet what the Lame Stream Media reaction would have been to Bush if he had appointed 40 plus CZARs????

I guess that is easy.