Thursday, September 03, 2009

Where's The BEEF?????

Time is now the item.

Obama and crew will obviously give up some items which they dearly wished for in ObamaCare. If not they will L-O-S-E!

The question is....WHAT will they give up?

Probably a "temporary" reprieve from the "Public Option" designed to insure that the insurance companies comply with "Public Option" goals, or....We get "Public Option"!!!!

Olympia Snowe, the infamous RINO, will be coerced to sign-on to the legislation....something not at all beyond her decision-making capability.

We, as the public, would then be allowed to enjoy two years of non-government control before the deadly provisions kick in and we are back where ObamaCare began.....PUBLIC OPTION.

You had better continue your communication to your Senator and Congress-Critter to insure this ruse does not fly! The GOP must grow a backbone....somthing they have not had for years. I am quite skeptical they will be able to muster the strength! I still believe a COMPLETE defeat of all incumbents in 2010 is the only answer....BUT, until then we have to hold the line.