Sunday, September 06, 2009

If A Soldier Is Kidnapped, We're Right There Reporting; If A NYT Reporter is Kidnapped, NOT SO MUCH!

No, please tell me the stalwart, dedicated, professional, ethic-driven MSM (Lame Stream Media) is NOT basing their reporting upon WHO is kidnapped!

O-M-G!!!!! Alert The Media.....Oh, wait THEY ARE the MEDIA!

READ IT, and expect no less than complete uunethical reporting from "The Grey Lady" (I believe the nick-name now refers to her age, not her seniority!)

These complete imbeciles are still believing they have some force of power in the NEWS field??? They still insist they are better than the BLOGS since they are professional??

Give it up guys, there is a reason the NYT is bankrupt (financially & spiritually)