Monday, September 28, 2009

The "SHAM-WOW" of Politics/Obama-Style!

I got your Health Care right is the balm of resolution of all your ills....the elixir of health and long-life (well, life at least...long may be sacrificed)....

NEXT: I got your Cap & Trade (TAX) right is the solution to all our trade problems. We will find the other countries trying to return the favor by KILLING us financially, but we ARE protecting our own!

THEN: I am into the STIMULUS! It is the crux of our recover the economy program. Of course it has NOT produced any jobs; of course it has failed by all the measures of any economic model yet seen, BUT Joe Biden likes it, and feels it is a success, so it must be!

NOW: I am off to bid for SH-CAW-GAH as the site for a future Olympics. Cause I can!
I am THE ONE....THE OBAMA.....

Given my preferences I am sure I can be the next leader to over-ride such hindrances as the "two-term" limit for Presidents......and make myself "Imperial Leader, Extraordinaire!"

Yassir, Yassir!