Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama CZARs get NO Vetting!!!!

Well, there you are then....Obama has avoided those pesky Congressional processes, and his "special folk" (The CZARs) get NO vetting!

Reported from Patterico...

Let me see....we can appoint ANYBODY to ANY POST & they can be Communist/Socialist/Criminals/whatever????

That seems to be the SHA-CAW-GAH Boy's (Obama's) theme.

"We don't need no education....we don't need no thought control!"

OOPS we DO need thought control. Do NOT oppose "The One's" ideas!

This gets more and more smelly as we live it folks.

No wonder the middle & many more are jumping ship.....Not just on ObamaCare, but also on ANY additional debt-producing legislation.

WAKE UP CONGRESS! Smell the "anti-spending coffee!"