Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama Turns to OBAMA!!!

I am just laughing my ass off.....(LMAO in short-speak for the web) as it becomes clear that in the crucial week of ObamaCare consideration, our marvelous PrezBO, known in liberal circles as "The One", is turning to......CAMPAIGNING!

The Fox headline sez it all: "Obama Turns to Obama on Healthcare"

This man, bereft of any real managerial skills.....excepting thuggery, control, and absolute despotism, is going to still be campaigning as he tries so very hard to pass the "Government-Run/Owned" Healthcare bill.

He is failing. He will fail, and his dogged persistence in trying to cover his Liberal coattails will cost him the same as it did the Clintons....Everything.

The Democrat faithful are jumping ship.

The man knows no shame, and actually believes he can smile, issue dulcet tones and give "that look" and win the battle just as he fooled the voters in November.

The King Has No Clothes!