Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Saturn Autos Are History!

Let me see.....what could the reason be?

Perhaps the failed deal with Penske....?

Read 1st FOXNews report!

Perhaps the fact that Saturns were produced at plants that were NON-UNION?

Of course not....a little thing like union involvement would have NOTHING to do with GUM (That's Government/Union Motors) running things.

Good bye Saturn......once again the unions are saved by the DEMs. Give-em a LOT of money and let them assume control of the auto manufacturers, and we'll see what happens.....

Rosy skies, glorious songs of "Dear Leader" in schools, and probably in our auto factories....and
MORE BAILOUTS as the auto manufacturers cannot compete with the rest of the world.

DEMs will provide.....they NEED your union votes!