Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bush's Achilles Heel - The Border!

In March I posted on Bush's stance, or lack thereof, on the Mexican this piece.

I felt then this was a possible mess for Mr. Bush. Now it appears the mess is growing and might break out as a full-fledged situation for 2006.

Mickey Kaus, over at Slate, writes:

"Yes, I am coming for the Bush amnesty program." That's what one illegal immigrant reportedly told a U.S. border patrol questioner in a survey the Bush administration understandably failed to complete. About 45 percent of those questioned "said that 'amnesty rumors' influenced their decision to cross the border illegally," according to WaPo's report. ... True, just because illegal immigrants try to get into the country in time to qualify for a proposed amnesty (or semi-amnesty) doesn't mean they'll still try to get into the country after the amnesty deadline passes and our official policy becomes "no more amnesty." But it does show they are responsive to the formal legal rewards and punishments they think await them in the United States. And I'd have more confidence in immigration reformers if they didn't ignore this obvious reality and say idiotic things like the following:

"People risk their lives to come for work and to feed their families," said Douglas Rivlin of the National Immigration Forum in Washington. "The idea that they come in response to political speeches is silly."

P.S.: It's impossible for me not to hear an echo here of the welfare debate, in which liberals scoffed for decades at the idea that anybody would ever bear children or travel across state lines because of the existence or nonexistence of welfare benefits. The main difference is that in the welfare case it was hard to find recipients who forthrightly told questioners, "Yes, I came to this state for its welfare program!" ... 10:36 P.M.

Back in April, James Atticus Bowden added another dimension to the problem when he wrote on the Bush comments on the Minutemen. That was a major BAD by Mr. Bush, in my humble opinion.

I still maintain, Bush is really weak on this one, and apparently unconcerned about the buzz in the media, as well as in his own party!

I predict this will get a whole lot bigger before it goes anywhere like "away"!


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NY, NY Takes UN Buildings for Financial Growth!


How clumsy of us all to not see the possibilities. Quit thinking like a loser, and utilize the new SCOTUS rulings!

Find Donald Trump, and provide a job-expansion, increased-taxation (anything would produce more taxes) for the UN Buildings.

Eminent Domain the place.......

In one smooth move we'd.....

1. Get rid of the UN who could build in a much more user-friendly country.
2. Claim Turtle Bay back for the good ol US of A....
3. Actually produce a tax-paying location from that which now only costs us!

Darn, almost forgot.....think of the money to be saved by NY in parking tickets written, but never collected!

Ah to dream! The daydreaming did put a small smile on my face!


UPDATE: This is getting WAYYYYY to Good! Check out Little Green Footballs. They also give explanation to the possibilities of Kelo! YUM!!!!

Solutions (?) for Global Warming!

The solutions to global warming are as many as the grains of sand on the beaches...and they offer approaches decried by many as having no actual impact, or minimal impact upon the alledged problem.

A ring around the Earth, constructed by man! The options cost either 600 Billion or 200 Trillion US Dollars!

The Sierra Club has lots of ideas for business and individuals to "save" the Earth from Global Warming.

A much larger variety of options for solution comes from Climate Hot Map.

A conference earlier this month by Clean Air - Cool Planet produced this pdf as a "how to" for cures.

The problem with all this huffing and puffing is that global warming is NOT an accepted fact. Oh, it is more than is almost a religion among many liberal activists; however, among the people who give it a fair study the consensus is more and more that there is NO such thing as global warming. An interesting read by David MacRae.

Take a quick gander at Junk Science, and enjoy some revelations about this "problem".

For my money, I do not feel ANY proof of global warming has been given. The media/ecoactivist herd reaction is so very akin to Chicken Little's "The Sky is falling!" as to fail the humor test.

Reminds me in some ways of the media circus around facts, just a few words here and there from people who later retract those words....but the media takes it as fact and trumpets the call far and wide.

So goes global warming. Bah!


Monday, June 27, 2005

It's a Definite Yeah/No/Maybe from SCOTUS!

The biggest issue in SCOTUS News remains who will do what about retirement, etc. In this writer's humble opinion there will be no news today. I believe these folks would like a bit of a set-apart for their decision, and will probably make any announcement in the next few days.

As for today's decisions, I find them pretty much a wash as far as anticipated items go.

The 10 Commandments decision, which seem to say placement of the Commandments IN a courthouse is NOT OK; however, placing them near a public building IS OK!

The MSM (online, at least) are, I feel, being a bit misleading re: file sharing software developers. The usual lead is "the court decided against" the file sharing companies/people. What I read into the decision is that they simply said to the lower courts....there is enough here to go to trial. The appeals all the way up had been on decisions made by courts that no trial was needed. The issue now remands back and will probably see a trial, and I'd bet even money no jury will convict these developers.

As for other issues the announcements continue.

As I said above, the elephant in the room is still resignations/retirements. We may have a few days yet to wait.

What if the two sides ready to launch into battle over any appointments raised all the millions they reportedly have, and then NO ONE resigned.


Update: Welcome Captain's Quarters readers, and thanks Ed for the link! & Check out Ed's take on it...for more detail!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

This Bell Rings VERY Clearly!

Hugh Hewitt strikes a chord too much on line and in tune.....

He states the obvious and the obscene in a single I wish I had written, but give him full credit for producing!

Read it and believe it as have I!

How very very true......

I give us hope for the future only because of GOP efforts. However, the ramparts of freedom often bode poorly for us based upon the "devil within"....the liberal icons of the ages past....Kennedy, Kerry, et al.


Musical Disonance - CCR vs Dan Fogelberg

Over at Powerline the story of one's involvement in CCR lore..... read it here...

And it bring to mind my own involvement in music.

I grew up in, as the title of my blog suggests, Pekin, Illinois. My high school band leader later was made famous by the song of his son.......

The song....."The Leader of The Band"

The artist, Dan Fogelberg.

My bandleader in high school, Larry Fogelberg....."The leader of the band" and Dan fogelberg's father.

Larry Fogelberg was much more. As the song by Dan refers to, but does not make clear.... Larry Fogelberg was Director of the Navy Band in WWII, and he wrote "The Navy" March. Larry was also director of the Bradley University addition to my Pekin High School Band. I played in the University Pep Band at Bradley Basketball games back when the Bradley team played for championships against such as "Oscar Robertson", "The Big O", and had on the Bradley team such as Chet "The Jet" Walker.....

I was a High school junior, but we loved the chance to see the Bradley Braves play.

Oh, and Dan Fogelberg was a snot-nosed kid who came sometimes to out band practice in Pekin and at Bradley.

Dan's songs still tell a tale....most of the songs relating his own experiences.

My Favorite still, the song "Run for the Roses"....

Love my heritage in Pekin, Illinois What a grand place to place your roots!


Gitmo "Getting Better!" - HEH!!!!

The titles of all the media stories of the tour of US Congressmen/women of Gitmo is consistent!

"Things are getting better"!

Read the FOXNews online story.

What the hell does that mean?

The quote indicates that they are "getting better" from what they were "several years ago". The place has existed only 3 plus years!

The rules, as I understand them, have remained fairly consistant. I guess the ploy here is......"if you cannot find a problem, then there must have been one, but our diligent efforts disclosing same have produced results!"
Yeah, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it! What a good Congressman am I!

BS Baby.........Nothing but!


A Film to Teach Terrorists to Enter the US of A!

Yep, you read the title correctly. Al Jazeera, our good friendly MSM - Islamoterrorist type - is doing a documentary.....

Little Green Footballs, one of my favorites has details here.

As the story sez, McCain will be approached.....Wonder how he feels about being Senator for one of the most porous borders in the world? I am sure he has some nice rosy view that will walk a line between GOP & DEMO views.

This subject may yet prove to be the downfall of the GOP in 2006 if ANY form of terrorism occurs within our borders tween now and then....AND the terrorists came in thru Canada or Mexico, which would be their likely entry point!

I, for one, cannot believe the cavalier attitude of Bush & Company regarding this major weakness. Ignoring a situation will NOT make it go away.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Whiffenpoofs!

I am not a grad of the major ivy league institutions, but still find the "Whiffenpoof" song to be quite stirring!

The 1999 group is my most recent recording of the group, and they were, as are most years quite accomplished!

Enjoy the song, if you will...locate it on the web!

Enjoy the purpose even more!


Lawyers, Lawyers....How the Times Change!

Now, a major story on law firms utilizing "fake" witnesses in class action suits over the past 20 years!

Abraham Lincoln spoke: "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser - in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume II, "Notes for a Law Lecture" (July 1, 1850?), p. 81.

and now the day has changed in lawyerly attitude.....Captain Ed details the story.

What a sad comment on our changes in society and the legal profession....and, most certainly not the attitude of such scholarly folk amongst the blogosphere as Instapundit and Ann Althouse.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Judge" this priority! - USA 0 - Minor News 1

I am in the mode of UNBELIEVABLE!

Today the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) found that we do not really own our homes.....we just hold them until the local power people find a better use for the property!

That is an abomination, and is also the subject of rants by myself and my son here!

Now, I check to see how the MSM is reacting to this "critical to our society" event.... and "what to my wondering eyes should appear....but a miniature ARUBA and at least 8 tiny stories of a judge arrested in the disappearance of a lovely young blonde......"

YEP....MSM has no idea the Supreme Court met....let alone they may have decided the issue which may bring down the republic!

Check out ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN.....they ALL LEAD with the Aruba story.....

MSM is "OUT TO LUNCH", which, I guess, is pretty much what the American people feel judging by their support (or lack thereof) of the MSM in the believeability category!

I am a bit nauseated......wonder why?


Mi Casa - Su Casa! Yeah, right!

My House is Your House! so translates the above, and boy-o-boy is that ever right! The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) has ruled that people's homes can be taken from them to give to other private owners....Boiled down, that is what the much-more-complex ruling means.

Your house is not yours! You only get to own it until someone with more clout/$/etc. comes forth and "needs" your property for "whatever!"

Read here 1st.

Then get over the Michelle Malkin who, as usual is spot on with lots of reference points.

The primary point.

YOU HAVE NO PROPERTY RIGHTS! You can own your home for DECADES, and you can be displaced at thre whim of a politico, a corporation, or another citizen. You have no defense for this.

Of course, you will be paid for the property....who knows how that will pan out.

However, the Supremes have sung a 5-4 decision against individual property owners.

Anyone out there know why I am incensed that the Bush "conservative" judicial candidates have not been PUSHED? Anybody finding a nice warm spot in their heart for McCain, and his 6 little traitors?

The ONLY saving grace, and it is very small folks, is that this basically leaves it up to the various states to decide how to control eminent domain.

Anyone out there got any REAL confidence in your state legislature to curb the politically-fixed or the powerful corporations?

This so far overshadows the many topics currently boiling along in the MSM that it is not even in the same class. What do you imagine the liberal media will have to say?

I am not excited about the prospects.

A sad day for My America.....Truly!


UPDATE & ADDITION from Little Duke:

Son, Little Duke (he's 42, for heaven's sake!) has a very solidly stated position....while I don't find the "experimental society an answer.....I like the idea of options, and find his analysis of our society's decay to be pretty spot-on!

Read it:

The Enemy Within

With one ruling today, the Supreme Court did more damage to this country than terrorists could do with a couple of nukes. They have decided that Government can take your property for any reason that Government thinks is important. Oh sure, they will pay you for it, but it’s value will be decided by the same class of people that no longer find it necessary to actually believe in the Constitution.

Yes, the Judiciary in this country has stabbed us all in the heart. When historians look back on what killed this country, this "Greatest Experiment Ever Created", today will mark the beginning of the end. All this time, we have been focused on terrorism. Who could have thought that the most dangerous thing we could end up facing would be our own Supreme Court. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It was just a while ago that this same court overturned free speech by not striking down "McCain / Fiengold" Actually, its all in the same vein. Freedom of speech is really nothing more than another property right. The freedom to use your property, be it voice, money, or any other material possession is what Freedom of Speech is all about. With today’s ruling, they just put the final nail in the coffin... Each and every one of our "Rights" is in one form or another, a property right and today, we lost our most basic.

Property rights are no longer recognized at the Federal level. The only hope may be The Free State Project. This is a project that involves many Liberty minded people (20,000) to move to a state and exert enough influence to steer the state toward more freedom. Once that state takes off and the rest of the country sees how well it works, other states will follow. I don’t know if it has a chance, but it beats the alternative.
What is the alternative? And I quote"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Please do not misunderstand me. I do not advocate this. In fact, I feel that if it ever were to happen, this entire world would slip into another dark ages. The US is the only thing holding the world together right now and if we were to suffer a civil war, I would not want to see what chaos this planet would be in.
I wish I could end this post on a high note, but I can find nothing good to say about today. I fear for my Daughter and her children.

Little Duke

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UN Problems, I Don't See No UN Problems!

The UN is such a fine organization!

FOX initiated a wonderful piece this week on how Alexander Yakovlev managed to be the trifecta!

He was in charge of much UN purchasing; managed to obtain a TOP shelf job for his son, and was the "father-confessor" to the Volker commission all at the same time....

How do you spell NEPOTISM?

Now, as stated in my article below, Yakovlev has suddenly resigned....This follows by days the original story by FOX News online!

However, given FOX's status as "persona non grata" among the elitists of MSM, the story of the Yakovlev resignation; hell the story of his apparent nepotism, is being solidly ignored by the other media (MSM Types!)....

No mention of the resignation by; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN.....need we say more?

I guess not!


More UN Nepotism...Plus, Plus!

ED Note: Updates at end of the story folks!

Mr. Annan and his son.......

Now a new Father-Son combo at the UN.

The original FOX News story is covered by Captain Ed here.

However, there is an additional level of involvement for this new father. In his high post in the UN heirarchy, he was one of the top sources for Paul Volker's investigation.

That is sort of letting the fox guard the henhouse isn't it?

I have the distinct impression there will be much more from Turtle Bay before the worm stops turning......

Anyone else feel it is Bolton time at the UN?


UPDATE: FOX is reporting that the father in the UN story above, Alexander Yakovlev, has resigned his post. Further details on the why, etc. not yet available....12:42pm

UPDATE 2: Now 1:50pm and no other MSM that I have found has touched the resignation of Yakovlev from the UN not... ....ABC...CBS...CNN...NBC!!! Guess it is a non-story which they didn't want to cover in the first place so his resignation just saves them the trouble til this boils over in the blogosphere...then it will be "Right wing bloggers", even on this FOX story!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BASH-BASH - Those GITMO Folks Sure Know How!

Sorry, but this writer needs a time-out (Laugh track,,,,,,,,)

The facts are in folks, as delivered by
Michelle Malkin....via others......

The GITMO tirades by Democrats, MSM, etc.....ARE NOT working!


What Fun!

Tell me more again, Mr. Dean.....Oh Please, Mr. Durbin.....let me have the facts and the FULL innuendo!!!!!!

These guys simply are OUT-OF-TOUCH!

With America, with their own people, with the world!

But, please, please......Do Not Tell Them!

Duke the "Pleased"

UPDATE: Durbin has offered his version of the infamous non-apology apology.....What a creep! No need to say much about this as Michelle Malkin covers the waterfront in Durbin Watch: The Tears of a Clown. A really good compilation of reactions.

Oh, and for those apologists for Durbin who think he jumped ship....uh NO! Mayor Daley of "Shh-cog-ah", the primary force behind Durbin's machine, spoke out and called Durbin out yesterday saying the Senator was WRONG!

Do You See A Duck, I Don't See No Duck!

From the first week of June comes this quote.....

"The Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people. They're a pretty monolithic party. They all behave the same and they all look the same. It's pretty much a white, Christian party."

then there is this one from last week.....

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime—Pol Pot or others—that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners."

a third quote is.....

"Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians,"

Now the game......Who said what?

Well, 1st was John Dean, Chairman of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

2nd was Senator Durbin of IL, of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

3rd was Rep. John Hostettler of IN, a REPUBLICAN!

Some statements, some uproar produced........

One retracted their inappropriate statement.....


There is no difference between the parties.....the GOP trys to stay within bounds....the DEMs find Nothing wrong with their statements.....of course, it was Rep. Hofstettler who retracted. Dean and Durbin see no wrong in their obscene statements!


What a furor last night in the House when Hostettler made his remarks. Many Democrats rose up immediately and demanded a retraction.

The public simply CANNOT be so stupid as to miss this difference!

Or can they?


Monday, June 20, 2005

The Bolton Nomination Fails Filibuster Challenge!

Well, it has happened folks (apparently, and according to headlines).

Bolton's filibuster continues.

What now?

That is THE resounding question!

The GOP has led since being given a much larger majority in November 2004. They have led in NAME and VOTES only!

They cannot to-this-day deliver a majority to President Bush.

WHY have a 55-44 majority?

What good is it!!!!!!!

What do we gain?


This GOP, from the GOP Senate/Congressional leaders to the pressure NOT applied by Bush speak of WEAKNESS!

This President will never name a Supreme Court Judge with HIS view of the law!

He has not the power, nor the people supporting his MAJORITY in BOTH houses of Congress, who can force any issue. The Democrats, on the other hand, are DOING WELL! They stop the Bush movements at will....They avoid being chastised for their intransigent remarks!

Bush.....YOU had better wake up and let lose the BASKING in your vote of authority, and FORCE it to work!

Otherwise 2006 will be a nightmare!

Man-o-man, what a fiasco!


The infamous Veg-a-Matic???? (w/fruit)

Today the potato farmers of the UK, lacking anything really constructive to do, demonstrated to have the term couch potato stricken from the dictionary. Seems it is an insult to (perhaps degrading as well) the wonderful veggie and may actually hurt its image! You can read the slice and dice of this story at

The whole thing, while almost interesting and indicating that Great Britain needs to find something more for its potato farmers to do, provided me "food" for thought!

I guess we have a veritable slew of defamatory reflections upon fruit and veggies that need to be addressed.......

"string bean" - a slender tall fellow when I was growing up

"pear shaped" and "apple shaped" - used by my wife to describe various types of female anatomy configurations.

"rotten apple" - the bad guy in the crowd.....and of course its related....

"rotten to the core" - which while not naming the apple leaves little to the imagination!

To be a bit more risque we could venture to:

"look at them melons!" - a descriptor not needing explanation for the males I know, and probably for most females as well.

"like two fried eggs" - WHOOPS!!!! where the hell did that come from.....?????

Oh well, nuff said on that topic, and I guess I must need something more to do also!

Have a great day gang...and join me in enjoyment of a lighter moment provided for your reading pleasure by the potato growers of England.

Duke (a "chair potato" as I sit before the PC too damn long each day!)

Bolton Approval During Recess?

The possibility exists that John Bolton could be given a "recess appointment" by President Bush to the United Nations post. The thought has already been in the minds of various media folk who are following the Democratic foot-dragging on the Bolton nomination.

There has been no confirmation from the Bush camp, with Condi Rice giving a non-commital answer when asked.

The Democratic delays now center on questions which the Senate committees have already considered, and both Dem and GOP members felt confident of. The primary question now for the Dems is; Do we deal with the nomination and bring it to a vote in the next two weeks, or do we wait and watch as Bush gives Bolton the post thru this year?

Either way they lose.

Bolton will be our UN Ambassador.

Once named, it would be really impossible for the Dems to filibuster a seated Ambassador next year, particularly one favored by the public as well as a majority of the Senate. Given a chance to perform for most of a year, I am confident the UN will already feel the impact of Mr. Bolton.

Without power, the Dems are engaging in foot-dragging as a pretend "strength".

I simply love it!


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Discoshaman's Return!

Just when you feel you know a great blogger.....Doscoshaman, who is mostly known for his wonderful blogs thru the crisis in Ukraine, FROM Ukraine, suddenly returns from a well-deserved sabatical with a spot-on look at US Education. His piece, refers to a Jeff Jacoby piece, read it all: Celebrate Diversity - Support School Choice<. Man he hits the National Education Association for its negative impact on true diversity.

Some excerpts:

"The current system is a pedagogical Yugoslavia -- a cobbled, unhappy pseudo-nation held together by the big guns of the National Education Association and their millions of dollars in campaign donations.

This might be justifiable if these were excellent schools. But their performance is about as impressive as a Yugo. We spend more money per capita than any nation, and for a vastly inferior product."


"It's ironic that those who claim to 'Celebrate Diversity' and speak most glowingly about pluralism and multiculturalism are the ones most opposed to actual pluralism and multiculturalism in our educational system. Because that's exactly what school choice and vouchers would bring. The entire spectrum of American religious, ethnic and intellectual life would be represented freely.

The opponents of Choice are in the unpleasant position of arguing FOR monopoly and stifling homogeneity in education. Oh, and in favor of a failed and hideously expensive status quo that traps inner-city students in academic hellpits."

Neal Boortz will be giving this a ride, of that I am sure.....

& If you are not reading Discoshaman at: Le Sabot Post-Moderne, then you'd better begin!


The "New" British Memos May be FAKE?

Now Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters has the a very pronounced case of Ratheristic proportions!

Too much, but oh how the ubber-liberal MSM seems to be eating it up, despite the facts now emerging that the reporter involved "retyped" the memos and "destroyed" the originals.....Yeah, and I've got a special place for these stories that must be true, even if the documents are is called the waste basket!

There is no shame and no end to the MSM bias.


Friday, June 17, 2005

"Where's The Apology?"

Much is being written, and EVERYTHING is being challenged in the Terri Schiavo case once again. Just because two professional Medical Examiners have determined lots of things regarding this unfurtunate young woman does not inhibit the "I just know its true" crowd from chanting their public mantras.

The best statement I have seen so far is contained in today's WaPo article by E. J. Dionne, Jr..

Read it!

It IS time for the individual GOP loudmouths who stood up and "knew" the courts in Florida, the medical examiners, the doctors, the specialists who had even been hired by the Governor of Florida were all wrong!

Now it is time stand tall, accept your mistaken approach and speak out!


No, go ahead......we're listening!

nada, non, nyet, nothing.......Imagine that!
Why, whoda thunk it?

Maybe one of my biggest surprises is that the screaming MSM, long trying any trick they can to nail G W Bush on something, have not bannered this into a Bush-bashing.


UPDATE! Our GOP Governor, Jebbie-Baby Bush, has now called upon the State's Attorney in Pasco County to "investigate" the lapse in time from when Terri was found until help was called. This guy just cannot let this thing fade away!

ALL of the case has been investigated, re-investigated, and examined again over the 15 years since it began in 1990.

In all those checks NOT ONCE has Michael been faulted by anyone except Terri's family and a few outside do=gooders who spoke with no actual case knowledge.


Too Funny, and On Point!!!

This week's Carnival of Comedy is up right here.

One of the entries is way too much on point, even in its smiling simile!

Read this piece by Nickie Goomba.

I'm beginning to feel we need to apply some reverse-attack efforts on these idiots who meander so far afield from truth and logic.

Surely we can do something equally silly.....but then we'd also lose our standing as cogniscenti!


Martinez Mushes Another One!

Good ol Mel, our leading candidate for a 1 term Senator from Florida, has done it again......

TWICE this week he has developed foot-in-face problems!

Over at the soapbox in townhall here is the story: A good read!

Mel seems bent upon self-destruction. His statements, positions, re-positions, etc. all smack WAYYYY too much of pandering to the polls!

Spineless catering to the current wind direction and speed.....

Man, I dislike this guy. He sells out the GOP any time it fits his poll needs. While i did not agree with him on the Schiavo position at first, the obvious lack of conviction on his positions is really too much!


You are NOT a Senator, Mr. Durbin

Email has been sent to this idiot of a senator whose sense of propriety and understanding of his own people is beyond belief.....The email reads:

Your outrageous, unbelievable comments regarding comparisons of the soldiers at Guantanamo to some of the most vile regimes of the past 100 years....perhaps ever....are an insult to the nearly 1,000,000 veterans of Illinois; as well as the millions across the nation!

As a retired National Staff Officer for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary (Lt. Commander), I am even more offended than as a citizen.

You speak much like one of the outrageous terrorists so often exposed openly by the liberally-biased media.

You also deserve the anti-Durbin movement which you have spawned thru your idiocy!

Paul "Duke" DeLand, BC-MSN, Ret - USCGA

Michelle Malkin heretells the story better than i ever it and then email this idiot yourself!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Florida's Attorney General should revisit School!

Crist and Business 101

So, Charley Crist, Florida’s Republican Attorney General has released the findings of his YEAR-LONG study of Florida’s gas prices. In it, he has found that the oil companies broke no law, but "Maximized profits by minimizing inventories". Thank you Mr Crist.

This year long study cost how much? No one is saying, but would somebody tell our esteemed AG that the local Community Collage has a business 101 class that could have told him that most businesses "Maximized profits by minimizing inventories" As I remember that class from so long ago, holding inventories is expensive. I believe the phrase was "Just in Time" I’ll bet attending a business 101 class would have cost the taxpayers a little less money than a year long study.

No where, in what I’ve seen of the study, is the shortage of refinery space mentioned. It’s not stagnant refinery capacity. It’s not increasing world demand. No, in the eyes of an AG running for Governor, it must be the evil oil companies.

Charley, do us a favor. If you want to ingratiate yourself to those Florida voters that like the "Get the evil oil companies" rhetoric, please do it with out spending so much of our tax dollars. At least, next time, try taking a basic business course first.

Little Duke

NOTE: Lets welcome son-of-Duke who offers his first post above. I am confident we'll be seeing much more from him in the future.....

Some additional thoughts on the above from Duke....Crist oft times seems to be a part of the RINO group. Claiming GOP for his party while acting like a Demo in using more and more tax dollars doing basically redundant work.

Thanks for the post Son!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo was in a PVS !

"The brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain. ... This damage was irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."

Thus spoke Jon Thogmartin, Medical Examiner who did the autopsy on Ms. Schiavo.

He also said the woman's body showed no signs of the oft-alledged abuse.

This should end the story. There was NO life there!

Terri Schiavo's pain had ended in 1990. The pain carried forth from that time on was the pain felt by Michael, Terri's parents, and a few others. That pain was intensified, magnified, and shoveled into the mix by a gang of naysayers and publicity hounds who pushed, shoved, and prodded for ANY wrong they could imagine to be found.

No wrongs have been found.

RIP Terri.


Our Blog Leads ABC Online Story!

How very refreshing! Not only to be mentioned specifically by in a story, but to have their story led by reference and quotes from a blogger!

The interview I did last week with Rose Palazzolo, a producer for has been included in their new story unveiled today on the Condi-for-President movement, and our own website.

You can check the Condi story, and our lone comment inserted from a 20 minute interview, at

I am disappointed that some of what I felt were my better comments were not used, but all publicity is good for this cause.....and should not hurt our Condi-for-Pres BLOG. Check the site and watch as we begin some more active efforts for Condi....the person I believe we need in 2008. We need her most for her views and her charisma which will improve our image overseas (where she is VERY popular among both politicians and the general public). However, having her as the candidate sure would put a dent in Hillary's base!


Koffi's Lies Unraveling?

Now there are two memoes available to tie Koffi Annan to the Oil-for-Food program's primary vendor.....Details offered at Captain Ed's.

Sounds to me as if the Volker committee will have to "rethink" and reopen their investigation into the connection of Annan and his son to the "license to steal" issued by the UN.

I'm all for it, and it certainly becomes more and more urgent to get John Bolton to the UN as our representative so the waters can be stirred a bit more!


Monday, June 13, 2005

WHOA Michelle!!!!

I am in a state of SHOCK!!!!! Boy am I.....

I was reading about the Jackson "Not-Guilty" and checked Michelle find...the following!

Check the last line!

"Maybe L.A. won't burn today after all. But you never know with these people..."

My God Michelle, from you?????

I am standing and open-mouthed wondering about your statement!....

"THESE PEOPLE!" You rock my boat, and you hurt my image of you!

MAN do you hurt my image of you!

Tell me some sort of truth to make this OK.......Please!!!!!

Whoa! - NAACP weighs in on Jackson????

I'm sorry, but the NAACP has absolutely NOTHING to do with the results of the Jackson molestation trial!

Here in Tampa, the local Fox outlet (Channel 13) drops off to the NAACP headquarters after the verdict for a "reading" on the reaction........

My God, what pandering!

The NAACP has nothing to do with Michael Jackson, except as an attempt to build their own image!

If he had been guilty the choices, which I am sure they knew full well, and had planned for... and addressed by the then appropriate vernacular!

How very NAACP of where was Jesse? Probably waiting to see how to address the result...

What a magnificent group, and what a magnificent leader for the minority population.....

Sorry gang, but I am part of the Bill Cosby school of thought!


Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Beat Goes On - Demos fight Bolton!

The Democrats are still escalating the game re: Bolton's UN described at (Captain's Quarters).

Ed has it right as I see it, and the game will go on one-by-one from this point forward UNTIL the GOP grows some "ATTITUDE" as the majority party and gets their troops back in line, forcing the Dems off their posturing. If they have to shut down the Senate until Bolton is Voted Upon then, so be it!

Time to force the Dems hand........shut down would also eventually force the Cabal of Rogue GOPs to make a choice and be GOP or true RINOs voting Dem.

Time to P-U-S-H!


Friday, June 10, 2005

ABC Interested in 'Condi for Pres' Blog?

Over at my Condi blog....

Posted this on my dealings with ABC online:

ABC News (Online) Interviews...
Received an email while on vacation from Rose Palazzolo, apparently a producer for ABC News online ( to do an interview re: why we had a blog for Condi to be President.She called yesterday (Thur) to do the interview. We covered the gamut of items from why did we start the blog to why Condi would make a good candidate to her strengths.Of course the tone seemed more one of trying to drive to at the Hillary vs Condi situation.I'll be interested in what actually comes of this online....if anything.The story is supposedly to appear from today thru Sunday sometime.I'll report back when (if) it does.

Interesting to see what they really are aiming at, and what will come of the conversation...I'll let you know!

Son, Little Duke, and I actually established the blog to hold it for a few months from now when the Condi for Pres effort begins in earnest.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know!"

I have sent an email to

My email inquires about their opinion of how a Bible should be treated, and provided to detainees in Islamic countries.....see below.....

This, sir, is a serious inquiry......I really wish to know, and find that many of my people would also like to know!

What is your response to a question of what do readers and believers in the Quran say about those of us who are Christian and have Bibles?

Should our Bibles be as protected and sacred as your Qurans?

Are we expecting that Christians in prisons, camps, etc. in your Islamic countries should be afforded the same access to their Bibles as the Guantanamo detainees are being provided?

Should the same rules of honoring the holy book be demonstrated by the Islamic people?

This, sir, is a serious inquiry.....

I am a communicator in my country (USA), and have my own web location for expressing opinion and investigations.

Thank you, and I do hope for a reply.....

Duke of DeLand

I have the feeling I will not receive a reply......but, should I, it might be quite interesting to see the justification of such a kerfluffle over the Quran, while not seeing the same respect necessary for the Bible.

We'll see folks, and I will let you know should I receive a reply!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pekin "Chinks"......WHAT????

Well this post is a sort of "fess up" message which also contains more truth than most would like...Particularly my liberal friends.

I am a graduate of Pekin Community High School.....Pekin, Illinois....proud Class of 1961!

The fun part is that Pekin High's sports teams and thus their students are today known as "Dragons", actually a rather natural name given the name "Pekin" which supposedly was short for "Peking", the Chinese city which was supposed to be half way round the Earth from Pekin.

In 1961....and for many years prior to that and until 1967 or so.....we were the Pekin Chinks.

No lie!......Our radio program broadcast by students, including Moi, five days weekly, was Inside Chinkland, and we wrote, produced and spoke the words of the 15 minute daily show on a local station. (eventually led to my 8 year radio-TV newsman stint!)

Each year we elected the Chink and Chinklette who appeared at sporting events and welcomed the other their Chinese costumes and coolie hats!

I look back today, in this time of "political correctness" and am amazed we did it.....

We interpreted Chink to be a term meaning "worker", and we were proud "workers" for Pekin High.

I still have the glasses, letter sweater, etc. proclaiming our heritage.

Know what?

Inspite of the renaming of the team, and the era of political correctness.....we are still

Pekin Chinks

and shall be forever........

In fact, in the right small shirt shop in Pekin, in a back room to which access is controlled, you can still purchase bright red tee shirts that proclaim Pekin Chinks; and, of course, I have one! Next year, 2006, I plan to attend our 45th year reunion in Pekin, and join my fellow Chinks as we enjoy our heritage.

At the Friday night social we'll all be wearing memorabilia from PCHS!

Duke of DeLand.......A Chink Forever!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tampa Tribune shows their MSM Membership!

Saturday's Tampa Tribune front page had the headline in the top right.....

"Pentagon Confirms Abuses of Koran" the subtitle reads.....
"Inquiry Report Details 5 Incidents"

They are using the Eric Schmitt story from the NYT. I'll not bother to repeat it as it has appeared in several major blogs already. Suffice it to say they use multiple paragraphs to detail each incident.

The fun part, after half a page 1 column and another third of page 13 to complete this story in raving detail on all five "incidents", the story concludes with the following brief paragraph which quietly fesses up to the 15 incidents commited by "detainees".....

"The report also found 15 incidents in which detainees mishandled the Koran."

Anyone else notice some lack of detail about these 15 incidents?

I have commented back to the Trib online with my assessment of their MSM bias showing. If they use my bleat, I'll detail it here.

Even in Tampa the bias is horrendous.......Oh, and did I mention that today's followup piece on page 4 of the Tampa Tribune, by Deb Reichmann of the AP, is headlined:

"Koran Abuse Report Puts Pressure Back on White House"

This story uses Joe Lockhart, Clinton's former press secretary for warm and wonderful comments such as:

"I think on this issue, they fell into a trap..." referring, of course, to the White House.

The MSM continue to stumble along in the darkness.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tell me Capt Ed!

So now the GOP Senators, under a writing from Frist, seek my buck.

I have found that so far the Capt. Ed position (Captain's Quarters Blog) has been reasonable...

What do you feel about this Ed?

Let me and lots of other GOPers know.....

Duke of DeLand

HERE IT IS: (the request which I received by email)

Dear Friend,
I need your help.
I ask that you immediately make an online contribution of $25, $50, $75 or even $100 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).
To make a contribution on their secure server, please
click here.
As Senate Majority Leader, I want to assure you that, if the Democrat's campaign of judicial obstruction resumes, I will not hesitate to use the Constitutional Option.
We must ensure that President Bush's qualified judicial nominees get the up-or-down votes they deserve.
That's why we need to counter the Democrat's attacks and misinformation - including the multi-state, multi-million dollar advertising by liberal special interest groups like and People for the American Way.
I have asked the NRSC to spearhead Republican efforts to support President Bush's judicial nominees as we bring them to the floor of the Senate for fair up-or-down votes.
To prepare for these battles, NRSC Chair Senator Elizabeth Dole has set a goal of raising $50,000 for the month of June from fellow online Republicans.
This money is essential to our efforts to fight back against the obstruction of Senate Democrats, led by Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, and John Kerry.
And so I urge you to support the NRSC immediately with a contribution of $25, $50, $75 or even $100. To make a contribution, please
click here.
We need your support today!
June will be a defining month for President Bush and the Republican Senate Majority.
I have asked the NRSC to be prepared to support President Bush's nominee if there is an appointment to the Supreme Court.
We must be prepared to support the President's nominee to the Supreme Court should a vacancy open.
I am counting on you to help the NRSC prepare for what is likely to be one of the toughest and most consequential debates in recent memory.
Help us deliver on the principle of up-or-down votes for the President's judicial nominees.
Our need is urgent and our cause is just.

Bill Frist, M.D.Senate Majority Leader
P.S. To support the NRSC and make a contribution of $25, $50, $75 or even $100 today, please
click here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Capt. Ed for a followup on this post....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What is this age thingee?

So a few questions occur to me......

I am 62.......and some truths also come to me.....

Truth....I know where the hair went that left the top of my head! It now grows in my nose and ears! (Laugh, you devil, you'll be 62 some day.)

Question?....What happened to the thin, handsome, redhaired devil nicknamed "The Legend" for his escapades in Joliet, IL? Well...wait a minute, I left Joliet in 1973!!!! 32 years ago? My God where has the time gone?

Truth....I still love most of the things I did those many years ago, but it seems I am either not physically able, attractive enough, nor inclined to such escapades! Life is good, life is sweet, and I am incredibly happy.....The Dutchess and I have been married 11 years (nearly); we have five kids and, as of 4 weeks ago today, 9 grandkids. Obviously our kids pre-date the marriage! Young Duke is 42, for gosh sakes!

Question?....How long will we be able to enjoy and experience without the incapacities of old age?
Oh, if we only knew.......Hopefully an RV and retirement loom large in our future. Dutchess is due out in April of 06; yours truly August of 06.....However, the employer is already seeking a contract with me to continue some operations....nice retirement bonus!

Truth....Given five kids and nine grandkids there will be NO TWO alike! That, in and of itself is almost magic! We love it....but find some of the kids and grandkids to be a challenge!

Life and Love......

Glad we're here my lovely Dutchess! Look forward to the future.....

A paraphrase: "come, grow old along with me, for the best is yet to come!"


Duke of DeLand