Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NY, NY Takes UN Buildings for Financial Growth!


How clumsy of us all to not see the possibilities. Quit thinking like a loser, and utilize the new SCOTUS rulings!

Find Donald Trump, and provide a job-expansion, increased-taxation (anything would produce more taxes) for the UN Buildings.

Eminent Domain the place.......

In one smooth move we'd.....

1. Get rid of the UN who could build in a much more user-friendly country.
2. Claim Turtle Bay back for the good ol US of A....
3. Actually produce a tax-paying location from that which now only costs us!

Darn, almost forgot.....think of the money to be saved by NY in parking tickets written, but never collected!

Ah to dream! The daydreaming did put a small smile on my face!


UPDATE: This is getting WAYYYYY to Good! Check out Little Green Footballs. They also give explanation to the possibilities of Kelo! YUM!!!!