Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Truth Shall Set You Free, As Long as It is YOUR Truth!

That phrase was a favorite of an old Elk drinking buddy of mine.....

It seems appropriate as to the separation of whose "unnamed source" is used, and therefor to be believed.

We are supposed to buy, wholesale, the unnamed sources of the AP...oft proven wrong, illegitimate, or non-existent........BUT, there is a howl of outrage if the ox being gored is a liberal Democrat.....

Michelle Malkin writes at
on the topic.

Interesting stuff. Much like the continuing controversy within my email group from high school....back in Central Illinois....we graduated more than 40 years ago! We all exchange ideas, and while most o fthe group are fairly conservative, one lives in Russia and admits to Communistic beliefs....while maintaining he is still an American. His only problem with US is that we don't believe what he does.

Our current area of disagreement is the much-touted Global Warming. Not every scientist believes it is fact....but you'll not hear that from the MSM (Antique Media). They are all on board with global warming much as they were with the advent of an ice age in the 1970s!

Two new books on the topic will enlighten most to the fact that there is not near unanimity among scientists about global warming. Read about them at


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tampa, St. Pete DESTROY Their Images!

1st....St. Pete sets out to destroy any positive image they ever had by letting lose the "storm troopers" to cut up tents and remove the homeless in a nightmare scenario...

NOW, Tampa takes a 21 year old rape victim and deposits her in jail, dropping all coverage of her as a victim, due a warrant for a 4 year old charge....and then they stand by their decision as "right by our policy"....

My God, folks!

We are living in a blind, deaf and dumb police state?????

The fact is, common sense would have prevented either of these events from coming to fruition!

Ah that's it.....Common Sense....

We must order a supply of that right away before the next Winter "season" comes calling....don't want to lose those $ from the tourists!

Idiots, Idiots....everywhere......

I guess it is time to move.....


UPDATE: This morning Mayor Rick Baker, of St. Pete has unveiled a new "foundation" apparently aimed at the dual goals of actually helping the homeless....and, covering the axx of the idiots in charge...Baker included...who besmirched forever the name of St. Pete when they invaded the tent city. Read about it HERE!!!

Democrat's Hoof-In-Mouth Stops Pay Hike!

The Democrats managed to cost themselves their eagerly greeted annual COLA (Cost of Living) wage adjustment. How? With their own BIG mouths & a broken agreement!

Captain's Quarters Capt. Ed has the story.

Gotta watch what you do for a political win, folks....them words will come back and haunt you.....

By-the-way....THANKS GOP for making it happen. Our Congressional delegates are not exactly starving!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Mr. Reid, DEM In Charge of....PROFIT!!!!!

Good ol Harry Reid, the man who represents the party to eliminate the "scum" of profit-taking by GOP members......OOPPSSSSS!

Harry may have profited a REALLY LARGE AMOUNT himself.....

Check it out at Capt. Ed's PLACE & LEARN!!!

The Dems who sought office to stop the greed are also involved....BOY-O-BOY are they!


Ice Chunk Explained....Car Destroyed!

I was really inquisitive about the ice chunk that obliterated that Mustang....

So, I emailed a friend who would know.....he retired a year or two ago from United where he was a Senior Captain flying 777s for United.

Here is his emailed answer....which assuaged my fears of "dirty" water dumped from the plane.....but still left some room for "blue" water....

"This happens from time to time. I think that it most often occurs when one of the valves used to fill the water systems on the airplane (both the clear drinking water and the blue toilet flushing water) is not properly closed when the service panel is closed. If the valve is not tightly closed it can leak. No big problem until the airplane is at high altitude and below freezing temperature....then a big chunk of ice forms on the door seal. Eventually it breaks off and falls to the ground. The ice is composed of clean water leaking from the storage tank and not any waste. This clear ice was drinking water....sometimes you hear of blue ice which would also be clean water, but designated for the toilet system.


I guess the blue water would possibly not be the best, but certainly makes the water less "bad"...except, of course, for the small matter of a 50 pound chunk landing at REALLY high speed.....particularly if it hit a person.


How Our National Guardsmen are "NOT" Guarding The Border!

The facts are coming out. Border engagement rules for our National Guard, set by FEDERAL officials...not the Guard, are apparently for the Guard members to NOT engage, arrest, or shot at illegal immigrants..... YES That is what is happening.

While the bleeding-heart liberal Dems from the area are agreeing with the position, I am wondering why we have the guard there at all? Building roads and fences (NOT)......?

Fox has the REPORT HERE!

I have questions.

Just what kind of charade is this? The guard, sent there to "protect" the border are being instructed NOT to do so?

If they are there to make phone calls to Border Patrol, why did we replace civilian volunteers? I have a serious problem with this one as civilians can call the Border Patrol, and were doing a great job of alerting them before the National Guard arrived.

This entire thing S-T-I-N-K-S........No, it R-E-E-K-S!

I am ashamed that i voted for a President interested only in keeping the spigot of illegal, cheap labor coming to the a HUGE cost to we taxpayers, and benefiting only businesses which would pay less for wages, less for taxes, etc. AND THEN we are asked to include these "scabs" in Social Security...after they pay in nothing.

Thanks George W. Bush.....for....well, I cannot say "nothing" as he has given us a labor to replace our own payer costs for education, Social Security, healthcare, etc. for a group who view this country as a place to siphon money back to Mexico...and perhaps to even become a new expansion of Mexico!!!! After all, you cannot ask these illegals to take up our ways....the liberals again want their Mexican heritage/Language to be protected...all at a cost to US!

This really, really makes me angry.


Anti-War Protesters Allowed to Spraypaint Capitol!

Yes, you read that correctly......Capitol Police....blocking off protesters trying to reach the steps of the Capitol Building were suddenly TOLD to allowed PROTESTERS TO PAINT THE STEPS WITH GRAFITTI! Police officers involved were distraught when their own leaders ordered them back so the protesters could access the steps!!!


Read about it HERE!!!

The police leaders now claim they were allowing the access to stop the protesters from a confrontation with police. My question would be, since the police had effectively stopped the protesters already; WHY the retreat, if not politically motivated? The argument of appeasement is typical liberal BS.

The protesters were allowed to deface property you and I own and have erected to mark our country and its greatness.

Guess the media didn't need to cover the thousands of supporters of the war who were there the week before....and they did not need to block them as they did not do anything destructive.

Our protest friends are back to childhood....let's write on the sidewalk and steps!

Idiotarians all.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Congress Needs to Eliminate Racial Groups!!!!

Updated Below.....

I agree entirely with the concept......if we are to halt racial separation, then here is where to begin as proposed by Congressman Tom Tancredo.......READ IT!!!

I have often wondered where the "white caucus" is; and, why there is no "white college fund".....perhaps even WET (White Entertainment Television).

Get offended, then look at the perpetuation of racial separation by such organizations. The days of bringing minority folk up to our level is past.....time to truly be EQUAL!


UPDATE: In the comments below I received this...from "Afm"

The majority is white. TV is already white. College's and Human Resources already gives it to white people first, black people last. That's why affirmative action was put into place to begin with. No need for WET when that's exactly what you get on NBC, ABC and CBS. And if you think it's changed I challenge you to do a Black Like Me experiment (and if you haven't read that book you should) and go out into the world as a black man. Then tell me it's equal.

White has the power and the privilege and the obnoxiously patronizing know-it-all white guy entitlement you show in this racist post.

Recent studies continue to prove this has not changed. And your idea of equal is not helping."

I had to bring it to the top and offer my response to the comment....

"Afm (African American?),
I will not back away from this as the "I'm entitled because I am a minority" attitude is 1980s at best. I am Dutch and certainly in the minority. Time to grow up and stop looking for reasons to be offended/feel slighted/need "special treatment."

WE are Americans....there need be no special treatment beyond that already accomplished in this country. Irish Americans, Italian Americans, and lots of other groups who came, or were enticed/brought to this country have been treated unfairly...but still managed to assimilate. Most black people also have joined in and are part of the crowd.

Perpetuation of stereotype folks who need to be offended and feel slighted even to this day is caused by those who make a really nice living using the threat of offense and need for separate treatment to keep the dollars coming.

I don't buy the theme.

The single biggest threat today to our country is the MASSIVE invasion of folks here illegally...a practice being continued, NOT diminished, controlled, or in anyway dealt with by GWB & The Democratic Party which sees a giant voter base/discount worker base coming their way... much as they have proven adept at retaining a black vote for which they do little to nothing."

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Democrats Iraq Plan.....

In case you've been wondering, as have I, about the Dems plans for Iraq.....since they hate anything GWB proposes.....Here is their plan unveiled by Cox & Forkum, political cartoonists.

Ever wonder how most major Dems....just weeks ago....were all in favor of a boost to the number of troops in Iraq to cure the GWB sez, let's send 20,000 more troops and they are now ALL opposed to such increases....

Make up your minds Dems!........Please........OH, and offer us a plan (other than just plain bailing out....called by lots of other terms by you) that has some substance. This seems to be about where the Democrats fall on their faces. They are MAR-VEL-OUS complainers and naysayers, but they have NO (read as zero, nada, none) plans for solution of the problems themselves. The entire Dem credo is to rise up against anything the GOP proposes, but offer no substantive plan themselves. IF YOU DON'T PROPOSE A PLAN, THEN YOU CANNOT BE WRONG!


Kerry Takes FOR-EVER to Sign Off!

In keeping with his history as the man who could bore death to death with conversation....and, the man Dennis Miller, on FOX calls "An Easter Island Statue".....John Kerry signed off the campaign for 2008 as a Presidential contender with a Looooooooooooong Speech which is marked by

Howard Kurtz comments: Kerry began to talk. And talk.

He talked about Mesopotamia in the year 685, the tribal warfare, how people were beheaded. He trod a long, winding path to today's Iraq, then detoured to talk about Syria.

As he continued to speechify, CNN cut away, then MSNBC.

Kerry kept talking. He turned to Vietnam, then back to Iraq. MSNBC checked in again, then CNN. Would he now get to the point?

The on-screen headlines said that Kerry would announce his withdrawal, but he did not.

Finally, half an hour later, the Massachusetts senator, his voice breaking, disclosed that he would, in fact, not be a candidate for president in the next election.

A flashback to the often droning, ponderous Kerry of 2004 was impossible to avoid.

Thanks Instapundit for the item!


Illegal Immigration = HOT TOPIC! "Duh"

Yeppers folks, the folks in the Main Stream Media (Antique Media) are recognizing the importance, in the minds of we citizens, of the illegals......

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post even refers to a top blogger, Power Line, for his reference TO THIS ISSUE!

What the hell is happening here folks?????

The VAST majority of voters are ready and willing to vote to send the 10-12-14 million (depending upon your source) illegals back and to FUND A FENCE/WALL/WHATEVER TO STOP THEIR INTRUSION FROM MEXICO....

Why cannot we elect folks who are opposed to this illegal invasion?

Well.....1st and foremost, is the Democratic version that the illegals are going to vote Democratic....if only we give them the vote......Then there is GWB whose support for these folks is so far out-of-focus as to be really, really scary....."take jobs we won't"????? That was debunked when an entire plant was left bereft of employees when it was raided and the employees, en masse, were sent packing as illegals.... The following hiring was a deluge of folks who demanded minimum or better wages....but they were there to take the jobs.....

Liar, Liar, Bush! The folks here are being displaced by illegals who know that is your goal GWB.....wonder why your support ratings are in the cesspool????

Goollee! Just a guess would be your betrayal of the voters of this country who signed on for your post-9/11 strategy, and as a result have given birth to another round of bringing illegals in for their Democratic vote....and the "lower cost" for employers......ignoring the HUGE cost to we, the taxpayers.....SHAME ON YOU GWB!!! SHAME ON US FOR BUYING YOUR TRIPE!...

I guess we are victims of the syndrome of NO ALTERNATIVE.....Who the hell would want John Kerry as President.....

It is TRULY time for a third party dedicated to WE, the TAXPAYERS!

Too bad the idiotarians who head the Libertarian Party are so very, very out-of-touch!


"Grey Moment"....Or, Just Too Funny!

This morning the Duchess and I shared one of "those" moments.....

We awoke at our usual time, got up and followed our usual routine.....I off to my bath and then the kitchen to make coffee. She, shower and dress to head for her water aerobics class....

We meet in the kitchen for morning juice and pills, then to the table for coffee and paper. Duchess returns to the bedroom for her forgotten eyeglasses. She returns standing in the doorway with one eye covered and comments on her blurry eye.

At the table we divide the paper as usual....she begins with the funnies....I, with page 1 followed by sports. I noticed after a minute she was staring at her paper, and again covering her eye.

She said, "I cannot read anything with my left is all blurry no matter where I look (progressive lenses). I begin to get worried......"Perhaps you slept on that eye, dear."

Then she again adjusts her glasses and in a check move tries to wipe the lens.....THERE is NO lens!

We found the lens beside the bed where it had fallen out....and I reinstalled it with my glasses repair kit.......

In the process we both laughed long and loud. Just a little thing, but a part of the happenings at the DeLand household on our first "cool" Winter morning (48 & drizzle).......

Life goes on, and it is nice to enjoy it with someone you love so much. Laughter adds to the fun.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OH NO! - Kerry Won't Run in 08!

Now who the hell are we going to find to provide so-o-o-o much fodder for the guns of blog-journalists?

I mean this guy, in his 04 campaign was a real stitch! He had such great moments from the "I voted for/before I voted against" to the "Magic Hat", and just volumes more......

Oh yeah, wait....there will be "Shrillary" with her lack of emotion, and complete lack of understanding of the know, PEOPLE!

AND, then of course there is going to be Obama who seems now tied to explaining his kindergarten class ideals........

OH, and there is Edwards....the perfect lawyer who knows how to win a case....of, er what....lawsuits????

& Let us not forget the man who brought us complete campaign finance/free speech idiocy....John McCain!

Stop to think about it, this will be a season of Presidential primary/election rife with BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL opportunities for the bloggers......

Bring it on election fans!


Nifong Gathers New State Bar Charges!

The Lacrosse DA Nifong has been slammed with at least four additional charges by the NC State Bar Association.....before his 1st hearing on four charges initally filed by the Bar.

Check details HERE!

I am a strong believer this idiot should be disbarred, criminally charged for his use of the situation to create an artificial case which used race, lying, and political maneuvers...many get himself re-elected DA.

The sad part is the continuation while the NC AG reviews the entire thing...and then, I feel confident, he will drop charges against the three players.

The glad part is going to be the many lawsuits which will succeed against Nifong; the local police department, Duke University, and several of the Duke Profs who wrongly put their views ahead of even charges being filed.....guilt until proven innocent.


UPDATE: Over at the blog "Durham-In-Wonderland", by K C Johnson, this professor has the real story with references.....and it is MUCH MORE SERIOUS for Nifong. Me thinks this time the Nifong and apparently his chief investigator Mr. Linwood (who also has a poor record on good investigations) are in the doo-doo!

The Missing "I" Word from Bush/Democrats!

Where was the reference in last night's State of the Union & Democratic response to who the terrorists really are?

Asked Neal Boortz: "AND WHERE WAS THE "I" WORD?

George Bush and the Democrats were together on one thing last night. Neither would attach the word "Islamic" to the word "terrorism." Democrat Senator Jim Webb repeatedly used the phrase "international terrorism," but never identified the terrorists for who they were ... Muslims. All of them ... Muslims.

Ditto for Bush.

Once again, folks ... and this really is not all that hard. We are not fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. The war is against the people using the tactic ... Muslims. Islamic fascists. Islamists. Islamic radicals .. jihadists. Call them what you will, but the word "Islamic" is essential when you are identifying the enemy. Neither Bush nor the Democrats have the courage to identify the enemy for what it is.

How in the hell do these people expect our country to successfully defend itself from Islamic terrorism when we're so gunched up by political correctness that we won't even dare speak the name of the enemy?"

If you want to read his entire look at the State of speech check it

I did not watch, and find my lack of interest justified as I would have probably thrown things at the screen as Bush once again advanced the cause of general amnesty to illegals who now constitute the largest criminal class we have ever had in this country....both as to their illegal entry and residency, and via the crime statistics in the USA which indicate they as a class are more criminal than the general population...or any segment of that population by several times!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Does Immigration Mean To US???

Take a few minutes and;


IT will be you're NEW perspective.......

Let me know what you think!


The State of The Union Speech We Should Hear....

Jules Crittenden gets beyond the usual Presidential/Congressional blather and gives us what we SHOULD BE HEARING!

This one is going to be so unlike the above that i plan to not even be listening...thus avoiding massive nausea! We have a tone-deaf President and a Committee of Thieves for all sucks pretty badly!


Monday, January 22, 2007

HILLARY'S IN!!!! The Main Stream Media Gush!!!!

However, there are different incarnations available as Neal Boortz recalls some of the Hildabeast's less-than-fine moments and positions!

This woman is scary.....she is WAY-WAY-WAY beyond Bill in terms of the potential for lying, deception, etc.....WAY BEYOND!

I am afraid for 20008!


OH NO! Not The Dreaded Lower Gas Prices! But Florida Insurance is Coming Down!

Never thought I'd actually be in favor of continued higher gas prices.

However, the spin Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) gives the idea makes it appealing indeed!

At least one General Motors executive AGREES!

The problem is the same as with most other crisis approaching..... Social Security..... Healthcare..... etc. Until the problems are glaring, impossible and prohibitively expensive to repair both we and our legislative bodies sit on our hands and wait for the pot to boil.

The folks here in Florida went bonkers over insurance hikes (the Duchess & I faced a 250% hike in one year in our state-provided home regular companies write in our proximity to major water!) and, the legislature heard it loud and clear. In special session they yelled, shouted, maneuvered, and took credit for vast effort. THE REALITY? Their 25% rollback will just nudge the terrible hikes we already saw.

Life in these United States seems to be a series of government by crisis.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Politics In Weather.....NOooooo!

Tell me it isn't so......I mean we have politicians in weather (Gore), and LOTS of scientists getting grants to tell us global warming is so......but now a weathergal wants to make global warming a required theme!!!!!

Neal Boortz puts this to rest nicely....(and please read the links inserted - both her blog to show politics in weather, and the link to the weatherman calling for more than politics in weather):


Perhaps the most bizarre story of the week comes from Weather Channel Meteobabe Heidi Cullen. Apparently she hosts a show called "The Climate Code."

Let's all bask for a moment in the extremely clever play on "The DaVinci Code" popularity.

OK .. That's enough. Back to Hysterical Heidi. Cullen wants the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the group that certifies TV weathermen, to decertify any weatherman who dares to question the "fact" that man is causing catastrophic global climate change.

Note, please, that the phrase "Global warming" is no longer really in vogue. After all ... ice just destroyed much of California's citrus crop. So the word now is "climate change."

Here's what Cullen had to say on her blog:

"If a meteorologist can't speak to the fundamental science of climate change, then maybe the AMS shouldn't give them a Seal of Approval. Clearly, the AMS doesn't agree that global warming can be blamed on cyclical weather patterns. It's like allowing a meteorologist to go on-air and say that hurricanes rotate clockwise and tsunamis are caused by the weather. It's not a political's just an incorrect statement."

To Cullen the "fundamental science of climate change" is that global warming is being caused by man. She completely discounts cyclical weather patterns which have been proven by science. The earth has been this warm in the past .. warmer .. many times. Cullen doesn't explain why. By the way ... it has been pointed out that hurricanes do rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere -- but why be picky.

Here's another blog you might be interested in. The Weather Blog. This is from AMC certified Meteorologist James Spann. He says that he does not know of a single TV Meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype. (I added the emphasis!) There are some excellent comments posted to Spann's blog. A good read.

Yes, I know this is my second link to Boortz today, but you have to admit they are juicy thought-provoking stories!


"Ate up With The Dumb Ass!"

That wife claims it was her folks when someone made a big a pretty good description of Michael Vick in his most recent escapade.....

Neal Boortz wrote it a lot better than could I:


OK ... Who among us doesn't know that you can't carry a bottle of water through an airport security check? OK .. maybe if you've never flown on a commercial airliner, and you have no plans to do so in the future .. you might not know. That is if you don't read newspapers and don't have a radio or a TV. In other words ... If you were raised in a shack in the Everglades without electricity and no contact with the outside world you might not know you can't carry a bottle of water through an airport security check?

But what if you are a highly-paid, college "educated" nationally known NFL quarterback who is constantly jet-setting around the country? Then --- you know.

So, tell me then. Why would the aforesaid highly-paid, college "educated", nationally known NFL quarterback obtain a water bottle with a clever little compartment behind the label where one can hide stuff -- marijuana, for instance -- and then try to get it through an airport security check? Further --- why would you throw a fit when they tell you you have to throw the water away? The security screeners know that you can buy another bottle of water on the concourse ... so you don't think they're going to get suspicious when you act like they're trying to castrate you when they take your precious water?

So --- why would someone do this? Simple. Because they're a dumb ass, that's why.

I guess having massive amounts of money does not bestow smarts on anyone....


Hillary Sliding Out of Contention?


Sounds impossible, and perhaps I am a bit premature...... but look at the facts:

Hillary is now BEHIND John Edwards in Iowa by double digits!


In some other "early" states for primarys, she is faring little better...either not leading or only by the skin of her teeth.

Of course, the Clinton machine has not yet kicked into high gear (though it is reportedly going there even now due the influence of Obama & Edwards), but then let us also remember the anti-Clintonistas have not yet begun the revisit of Travelgate, Phonebillgate, et just carrying around Bill', "dirty laundry" will insure no votes from the conservatives and loss of many middle-of-the-roaders.

This may be getting interesting already.

Of course, the GOP is not immune. McCain and his support of bills which have begun control of 1st amendment rights place him out with many conservatives, and beliefs of both Giuliani and Romney seem to be deterents.

Any really exciting, new candidates hiding out there?


UPDATE: The Hildabeast has announced formation of her committee to "explore" her opportunity......and said at the same time she was "in it to win"..... My feeling is this is an accelerated announcment brought on by the surge for Edwards/Obama, etc....... The common feeling among pundits is that she finds herself in an unusual position...BEHIND! This one now will get to be fun as Hillary throws all kinds of dirt on Edwards....but most-importantly she will dig-dig-dig for dirt on Obama......with a current report of his Islamic heritage already being attributed to her camp by many.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Minimum Wage Hike Payback for Dem Supporters!

Posted by Little Duke

So Queen Pelosi and her minions have made good on their pledge to raise the minimum wage by 2 dollars over the next couple of years. Much has been made of the damage this will do to our economy as well as how useless this exercise is as far as the poor are concerned. (See the Duke post below that points to Real Clear Politics.) We have also seen that Pelosi cares about everyone who’s poor except the ones that live in American Samoa. We know that the fact that Star-Kist Tuna operates in American Samoa and is headquartered in San Francisco is just one of those HUGE coincidences.

Let’s add one more look at this issue and offer a solution. Many union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. This means the democrats are granting a raise to their best supporters and I don’t think anyone is accusing union members of being in the "poor" category.

I have an idea. If Pelosi really just wants to "help" the poor instead of lining the pockets of her union pals, she could exempt unions from using this increase in the minimum wage to jack up their wages. "But Little Duke", some would say, "That would be the Government interfering with a valid contract settled between two entities (The union and the employees). Government has no authority to interfere with that contract". I have news for those thinking that way. Any wage paid by an employer and accepted by a worker is a contract and nowhere in the constitution is the Imperial Federal Government allowed to interfere in that contract.

Obviously, this exemption won’t happen and I believe that exposes the true agenda of Pelosi and the Democrats. The Democrats are pushing a "feel good" piece of legislation that also happens to give aid and comfort to their Big Labor cronies. Please note that the MSN will not notice or hold the Queen’s feet to the fire. It’s going to be a long two years.

Little Duke

Note from Duke: I posted on the wage a different spin HERE!
Whatever the read, the facts as explored are.....the hike will do little....except pay back some beholdens by the Dems....but then that is what they use for most legislative activity!

Islamic Reaction to "24" is AP Delight!

The Associated Press, continuing their inexorable charge toward complete elimination as a media source with any CREDS at all, has now found a way to semi-create news.

They knew the "24" show just aired would be showing Islamic folk setting off a bomb, and doing dastardly deeds across, they simply found a few activitist, outspoken Islamic residents of America, and then watched the episode with them....

When the activitists spoke out negatively, the AP had a story!

How very, very nice.....

Here is coverage of the story as covered by Little Green Footballs.

1st six Islamics deliberately crate a furor over flying by doing any and every thing possible to disrupt a flight and then screaming they were singled out when ejected from the plane. Now AP joins in and offers the Islamic activists their own stage from which to tell of their shock....shock, I tell you....over a TV program. This does not even address the current rage of Islamic cab drivers who are choosing to be VERY selective about who can be a passenger.

How nice and convenient for the AP....sort of a Make-it-yourself news story.

The AP is dead, they just have not yet collapsed to the ground.


"PorkBusters" Succeed...Bloggers Responsible!

Yeppers, folks....bloggers....We, as a group...or herd, or team or whatever you wish to label us, have had a major impact upon the disclosure by Congress of "Pork" they pack into bills....

No longer will it be hidden, if bills now pending are passed and signed by GWB...

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, has long been a leader in providing exposure to blogger efforts, and now he provides this report on success!

About time Congress was held accountable.....Let us keep the fight going folks....It is truly a non-partisan effort aimed at both parties and independents as well!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Minimum Wage Issue Is All "Fluff"!!!!

Democrats are expounding upon their constant shriek about helping the poor by hiking the minimum wage from $5.15 to more than $7 per hour.

There is just one small problem with their completely PR motivated action....The hike in minimum wages WILL NOT help most poor, and could actually HURT them!

Robert Samuelson has a complete look at the facts at Real Clear Politics.

If you are not a daily reader of Real Clear should be. NO, it is not a conservative-centered site, but rather one that gathers pieces from around the country from all sides of the issues, and displays them along with a good number written by RCP writers.....Check them out at: Real Clear Politics. It makes a great digest of the sides of top issues daily....even having morning and afternoon lists.


Iraq News Covered...From The Front Line!

After several years of news coverage from Iraq in which the Main Stream Media (Antique Media) has claimed coverage of the Iraq war...but done so from their "safe zones" using quite suspect locals as their on-the-ground news sources.

Now we finally begin to see an actual picture of the a Blogger! After several challenges to her, and other conservative bloggers' coverage of the war, Michelle Malkin joined a couple of other bloggers and went to Iraq where she has been at the front...embedded with U.S. troops as they conduct day-to-day activities.

Finally a true picture of what is.....not what the Antique media wish was....Here's Michelle's 1st "Hot Air" piece from Iraq....WATCH IT AND LEARN the truth!

There will be much more by her & others. Get to her site here!.....Often!

It is time the bloggers remind the agenda-driven old media just how war is covered; Not by finding the most horrendous items for showing every night, but by depicting the war in real-life stories of what is good-bad-ugly in the vein of some of the reporters of WWII, Ernie Pyle, for instance.

Thanks for the straight stuff Michelle!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Koyoto Has Left The Building!

The hugely-marvelous; completely-journalisticaly-correct; always professionaly-edited; and more often than not WRONG...Associated Press, once again goes off like a rocket on a topic they: a) don't understand, or, b) wish to wax poetic-with-a-bias upon.

AP Writer (????) Jim Crane has developed hoof-in-mouth disease as he writes how the United States, under George Bush of course, has WITHDRAWN FROM KYOTO. (Hint...we never BELONGED)

You can read Crane's screed

If a blogger had sent out such a line the MSM (Read: Antique Media) would have been all over them about professional journalists and their constant checks and balances for truth and the American way...

Bet ya 5 to 1 we never see any correction from the AP which may just re-write history to insure they are correct.....I bet they have a source in The White House named Jamail Hussein!

Pathetic, AP....Just pathetic! (HT: Instapundit)


Monday, January 15, 2007

Joyce Foundation....Check Their Creds Here...

The Joyce Foundation.....I believe I crossed paths with them 30 years ago....I could be wrong, and I shall explore, but they are now going to the Instapundit reports....

I am but a small fella in the blogosphere, but I do feel I came across these folks in an earlier "life"....

Let you know when I follow the trail....



Really......check it out at The Gay Patriot!

My belief exactly.....

My apology for the lack of blogging for the past few Sister is still rehabbing from a stroke following bypass surgery & the hospital is a minimum of 70 minutes from here.......more than 2 hours during drive time. Spending a lot of time in my car.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has a poll you need to visit.....if you are GOP/Middle-of-the-road, etc.

Check it out . It evens has a special place for "Trolls"....


Ruh Roo! - Demo Ideals Opposed by....DEMOCRATS!

So much for the Democratic ideals of saving us from the horrible GOP....

This is just TOO RICH....Instapundit has details, and they are really eye-openers!

The theme of Demo recovery from the GOP idiocy of spend-spend-spend....despite their voted directive is thus.....Vacant space in the least!


AP's "Six Burned/Mosques Destroyed" Story Takes Another Hit!

AP will just not admit anything wrong, and now the worm has turned even more....

Check it out at Confederate Yankee!

This story, about which I have written before, grows and grows with AP standing by their story/reporter, et al. This now in the face of apparent multiple problems including a lack of substantiation of the stories; lack of confirmation of sources; and, apparently now allowing names to be changed by the "tipper".....That, my friends, is strictly forbidden among the Journalists, AND is included in APs own reporting rules and guidelines.

Time for them to come clean while they still have a shred of believability left.

Time also for the lefty bloggers to stop trying to circle the wagons on each and every AP statement like a pack of yapping puppies.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Global Warming Hysteria Continues!

Unfortunately, the folks who brought you the 80s "We're bringing on an ice age!" idiocy, are also still promulgating hysteria about global warming....

One of my regular Tampa reads.....Big Pauly.....posts on it today!

The problem is entirely that these folks wish to judge actual millennium changes by yesterday or last week!

Tain't fair folks....nor is it at all scientific.

NOAA announced last week that global warming was in force in 2006:

"SALT LAKE CITY - The year 2006 was the warmest in the contiguous United States since record keeping began 112 years ago, due in large part to an unusually warm December, US government weather forecasters said on Tuesday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) preliminary forecast released in mid-December forecast 2006 as the third warmest year on record.

NOAA said in a written statement that no state was colder than average last month and five states had their warmest December on record -- Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

The average temperature in the United States in 2006 was about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2.2 degrees (1.2 degrees Celsius) above the average temperature recorded from 1901 to the end of 2000.

The warm start to the winter was tied partly to the "rarity" of Arctic outbreaks across the country because of El Nino, NOAA said.

El Nino, which is Spanish for "the little boy," is an abnormal warming of water in the Pacific Ocean every three or so years that can wreak havoc with global weather patterns. It usually brings warmer weather to much of the United States.

Weather forecasters said another factor in the record warmth was a long term warming trend some have linked to increases in greenhouse gases.

"This has made warmer-than-average conditions more common in the US and other parts of the world," NOAA said. "It is unclear how much of the recent anomalous warmth was due to greenhouse-gas-induced warming and how much was due to the El Nino-related circulation pattern."

NOAA began keeping records in 1895."


Journey over to another agency of the government and the tale is the opposite:

"Global And NZ Temperatures Are Cooling, Not Warming

Figures just released by the U.S. National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) show that mean global temperature for 2006 was 0.24 deg C cooler than it was in 1998.

The seven years 1999 to 2005 were also cooler than 1998.

Unlike air temperature measured by thermometers on the ground, NSSTC data comes from highly accurate measurements by satellites, correct to one tenths of a degree C.

NSSTC is a research organization partnership between NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama universities, US federal agencies and industry. click here

"This data suggests global warming might have stopped eight years ago, in line with what might be expected from the natural cycles of warming and cooling that are common features of climate" (my emphasis added!) said Professor Augie Auer, chairman of the scientific panel of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

"It comes two days after the statement by the NIWA National Climate Centre that New Zealand can expect cooler but drier than average conditions over the next three months. This prompts the question: how much more cooling will have to occur before NIWA will admit that global warming is not happening.

"We know that emissions of carbon dioxide are still occurring, which prompts a further question: for how much longer can NIWA support claims by the present government that CO2 causes catastrophic warming, and needs to be curbed by the imposition of special taxes or emission charges. Surely it's now time to put a stop to these sensationalist claims, which are not supported by verifiable scientific data" said Professor Auer."

All said and done, the question is AT BEST very much up in the air, and it will take a century or two to find anything of real significance to report!


Monday, January 08, 2007

What if????

You went the Tampa International and found that taxi drivers: Refused to transport seeing eye dogs, gay couples, women with uncovered heads, anyone possessing liquor, etc.?

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters is all over the current bruhaha at Minneapolis' airport where Muslim taxi drivers are trying to dictate who gets a ride.....You have to

How about that? Think the Muslims are NOT trying to influence all Americans to live according to their laws? Guess again......

& Don't give me the bleeding-heart sob story that it is a few....then why do we not hear voices of reason from the others who are supposedly "not radical"?



UPDATE: I am not the only Tampa blogger to tackle this one.....Larry Fasano at Tampa Taxi Shots also waded in with a fine article including notes on other cities wherein such Taxi capers are underway. This may be more pervasive than I anticipated!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Orleans Murder Rate Higher Than Iraq's?

Read that headline again.

You will not be seeing it in our marvelously-delusional Main Stream Media (MSM).

Gateway Pundit tells it like it is!

When one considers the constant diatribe from the MSM about the horrendous death toll in Iraq, and the daily reports on anything EXCEPT something positive (You mean since we sent to Iraq we have done nothing positive???) would believe it was a really poor place to live.

Now New Orleans, that bastion of Nagin Noodling, is seriously considering a curfew! This is just too much.

I don't feel sorry for the NO folks...they re-elected Nagin. I do, however, still have a soft spot for the wonderful folks around the country...particularly Houston... who tried to help the citizens of NO when Katrina swept through. Instead of being recognized for their niceness, they now have a huge increase in crime and murder in the areas where the marvelous citizens of NO resettled.

I still think the place should be leveled and we could build a new town on higher ground. Just don't move any of the current NO residents to the new place....give it half a chance anyway!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

They're Lying or They're Stupid!

by Little Duke...

The Democrats are pulling a fast one on the American people and hoping we don’t notice. I’m talking about the Democrat House passing a rule requiring tax cuts to be offset by spending cuts. On the surface, this may seem like a good idea, but Politicians are counting on the American people to ignore two key facts about this hollow rule.

The first idea they want us to forget about is that they call tax cuts a type of Government spending. Put another way, Government sees your income as theirs and allowing you to keep more of what you earned is “spending” in Washington speak.

The vastly more important issue that Politicians are hoping you don’t realize is that tax cuts don’t cost the Government any revenue. For every tax cut in the last 50 years, we have actually seen the tax revenue go up. It was true for Kennedy, Reagan and now true for Bush. The dirty little secret is that tax cuts spur the economy and cause tax receipts to explode. Any budget problems we have are caused by politicians spending too much, not a decrease in tax monies. The Democrat led house is hoping the American people are unaware of this fact because it doesn’t allow them to play the wealth envy card. Or maybe they are painfully ignorant of the facts. Either way, when it comes to this House rule they’re lying or they’re stupid.

Little Duke

(NOTE from Duke: For those not familiar, my son sometimes posts on this site, and this is a great piece I really liked!)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Pig Races....Next to a Mosque....Ya Gotta Love It!

The Muslims seem bent on making "Our" way of life foreign to even us. Why? Cause then they WIN!

In Texas they tried, and lost to the PIG RACES!!!!

Just read about it HERE!!!

I am opposed to any form of "dhimmi" enforcement.....come to my neighborhood and try to get me to live by YOUR STANDARDS....and YOU will lose!!!! Gar-un-teed!


Social Security for Illegals Retroactive????

YES, the Prez....GWB hizzelf, agreed with Mexico in 2004 to allow the illegals in this country, SHOULD THEY BE MADE LEGALS, to be able to apply their illegal employment time to Social Security.....


In other words.....THOSE who are here illegally, will be able to gain SS coverage for their illegal time....IF they are made legals under new rulings.....something that is pre-ordained by the new DEM conference, and GWB's complicity.....

WE....YOU & I....Are going to pay SS to those who paid NO taxes, and who also get the other benefits of the needy....despite paying NO taxes, and being here as criminals in the 1st place...

Wonder how our unemployed folks feel about this?????


National Guard "Overrun" at Mexican Border!

This is apparently not a joke folks!

Channel 12, Phoenix, is reporting on their web site that a National Guard Unit in a U.S. control point were attacked by gunmen from Mexico who crossed the border.

The story is not attributed to any news person, however, it is quite clear...if brief and lacking in extensive detail.

No, cannot be, these are just Mexican folk looking to cross over to do work "we won't do" smuggling massive amounts of drugs perhaps?

What is strange to me is the lack of any other news source.

UPDATE: FOX, of course, has picked up the story HERE!

I'll be watching.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Duke Students..."Invited Back"....


Excuse the strong word, but this stinks so bad the vultures are probably circling!

The University which denied its own, dropped them like a hot potato, is now asking the remaining two Duke students back (the 3rd graduated last year!)

How very, very nice.....IDIOTS!

Let us consider the fact that Duke acted like they had been harboring the Devil Incarnate when the three Duke LaCrosse players were charged last year. They even talked of the problems of their own students in the situation.

Now, as the facts indicate the team, and the members, were innocent all along and THIS FACT WAS KNOWN by prosecutor Nifong, the Duke U. stance on the issues becomes quite plainly W-R-O-N-G!!!!!

Thanks for your support of your own Duke U.....may you suffer 50% reduction in students interested in applying to your glorious institution!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Wife...My Lover...My Out-a-here!

The polls have it folks......


My God....what a trip!

I guess I am NOT surprised!

The fact is, given my life of three mates.....(wives).....I am one who does not know what makes things work.....


I am now sure of my bride and of OUR life together.

There are, of course, many who "feel" they are connected...BUT find they are NOT!

Sad....just Sad!


Your Guzzler or Mine?

Time to count the savings of the "green team".....

Lookie here......IT IS FABULOUS!


Guess we gotta find a new cause Elizabeth!


An Iraq Perspective - War Beats Peace?

This one puts things much more in perspective than any "Antique" Media (Main Stream Media) story you will find.

It is actually a lot safer today in Iraq...BY THE NUMBERS...than it was to be there under Saddam Hussein.

Don Surber has the story.

In addition the facts as they are seem today to always be given short shrift under the need for today's media folk who do not "report" as newsmen did when I was among their number 30 years ago, but rather they "build" a news story, crafting their agenda attitude from the spare parts they find and twist til they fit the bias used.

That, perhaps, is why today's MSM (Main Stream Media) are believed about 27% of the time by the latest survey....a number that continues to shrink as their agenda-driven-news becomes more and more obvious.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Noah's Flood Created Grand Canyon????

This one is too rich for my blood.....and among the most stupid items I have read in years.

Our Park Service know, the ones WE pay, can no longer talk geology about how the Grand Canyon was MIGHT offend SOMEONE!

I didn't think you'd believe that, so here IS THE LINK!!!

This country is going to apologize itself out of existence.....SAD!


Florescent vs Incandescent Bulbs

I have been experimentingin our home for the past three years, with the new curly-topped florescent bulbs. While certainly less-than-scientific, the experiment has actually been more about how the bulbs work/don't work in different applications around the house. My efforts began when I saw the considerable savings offered by the longer-lived bulbs as they burn up to eight times longer while consuming up to 75% less energy.

WalMart is now working to make the curly bulb the norm for most folks an effort not meeting with complete success! (HT: Instapundit)

That dry fact being said, let us proceed to my results....

+ I first tried all my applications which were either a) hard to reach and/or b) where bulbs seemed to give up the ghost quickly. These included my front porch light....a dual lamp fixture of enclosed glass with metal venting. The bulbs there burned out at least two to three times yearly. Note: I burn my porch lights all night. Result: the new lamps did as well as the old in light providing, and in my three years I lost only one lamp....not sure why it failed. Downside...the fixture still collects bugs which die and leave a mass of bug-bodies which must be emptied at least annually.

+ Lamps for my bathroom fixture, a four-lamp setup behind frosted glass. Result: Wonderful! The original bulbs are still burning. Note: Duchess, meanwhile, still employs the old type in her bath....she uses a dimmer which does not work with florescents, and the curly bulbs give a side effect of almost all florescents....they distort color and are bad for makeup application.

+ My office fan. The three antique-type glass holders shield the new bulbs from most viewers. They have all lasted the three years. Result: They are great as one of the killers of incandescent bulbs is vibration and the florescents seem immune. Downside: (Minor-annoyance variety) The curly bulbs in my fan take about a full 1 to 2 seconds to light when turned on. For some reason this annoys me. At first I thought they were not going to light and would flip the switch a couple of times. Now I am used to it, and I still find myself annoyed that I am part way into the room before the lights catch up. Funny what annoys us.

+ I tried them in my back porch patio lights which are coach lights. I thought they looked kind of cool. Result: Duchess helped me see the error of my anti-esthetic ways, and thus we returned to the ever-popular "flame" or rippled-surface bulbs.

+ Work light installation. I don't use my work light as much as I once did, however breaking bulbs in a work light is a regular event. I found my new florescent to be much more impervious to shocks and breaks.

Summation: I find that many applications are great for the little curly-tops. Some simply do not work well. I have wondered why someone has not yet come up with a round-bulb enclosure of glass for a florescent bulb to make it appear as a standard incandescent? That just might take away the stigma of those who find curly tops to be less-than-attractive. (OOPS! Someone has! & and they are in lots of shapes!)

All-in-all I am a strong advocate. You know you will save money, and you know you will change fewer bulbs. What's not to like? Try a pack......most places sell them in 2 to 6 packs. I keep several on hand. Given their life span you do not need many spares!


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Today the "blogosphere" turns 5!

Read about it where it happened! At Daily Pundit!

Just as a your author also turns 64 years of age!

Somehow it seems no different......might not feel that way next year when the magic number is 65!