Friday, January 19, 2007

Hillary Sliding Out of Contention?


Sounds impossible, and perhaps I am a bit premature...... but look at the facts:

Hillary is now BEHIND John Edwards in Iowa by double digits!


In some other "early" states for primarys, she is faring little better...either not leading or only by the skin of her teeth.

Of course, the Clinton machine has not yet kicked into high gear (though it is reportedly going there even now due the influence of Obama & Edwards), but then let us also remember the anti-Clintonistas have not yet begun the revisit of Travelgate, Phonebillgate, et just carrying around Bill', "dirty laundry" will insure no votes from the conservatives and loss of many middle-of-the-roaders.

This may be getting interesting already.

Of course, the GOP is not immune. McCain and his support of bills which have begun control of 1st amendment rights place him out with many conservatives, and beliefs of both Giuliani and Romney seem to be deterents.

Any really exciting, new candidates hiding out there?


UPDATE: The Hildabeast has announced formation of her committee to "explore" her opportunity......and said at the same time she was "in it to win"..... My feeling is this is an accelerated announcment brought on by the surge for Edwards/Obama, etc....... The common feeling among pundits is that she finds herself in an unusual position...BEHIND! This one now will get to be fun as Hillary throws all kinds of dirt on Edwards....but most-importantly she will dig-dig-dig for dirt on Obama......with a current report of his Islamic heritage already being attributed to her camp by many.