Thursday, January 18, 2007

Islamic Reaction to "24" is AP Delight!

The Associated Press, continuing their inexorable charge toward complete elimination as a media source with any CREDS at all, has now found a way to semi-create news.

They knew the "24" show just aired would be showing Islamic folk setting off a bomb, and doing dastardly deeds across, they simply found a few activitist, outspoken Islamic residents of America, and then watched the episode with them....

When the activitists spoke out negatively, the AP had a story!

How very, very nice.....

Here is coverage of the story as covered by Little Green Footballs.

1st six Islamics deliberately crate a furor over flying by doing any and every thing possible to disrupt a flight and then screaming they were singled out when ejected from the plane. Now AP joins in and offers the Islamic activists their own stage from which to tell of their shock....shock, I tell you....over a TV program. This does not even address the current rage of Islamic cab drivers who are choosing to be VERY selective about who can be a passenger.

How nice and convenient for the AP....sort of a Make-it-yourself news story.

The AP is dead, they just have not yet collapsed to the ground.